How many of you wake up to an ALARM?

I just heard my brothers alarm go off and you would think Amanzimtoti had a Tsunami warning.

Is your life such a crisis, that you wake up, to an alarm? You open your eyes to a brand new day filled with infinite possibilities to an alarm???

Before you even start the day, your body is filled with adrenaline and cortisol.

The language we use is stress inducing. We should call Alarm Clocks – Opportunity Clocks; because then you can say:

“There goes the Opportunity again, I better take it!” RATHER than…

“Is that the alarm??? Aaaarg 5 more minutes!”

So look at your Opportunity Clock. You wouldn’t want to miss the opportunities this day brings do you?

What other “Alarms” do you have in your life?

Short & Sweet. Over & Out.