We often fear the darkness. Sometimes we stay away from the darkness because we feel that it may contaminate us.

This is nothing more than ignorance.
How can you fear the darkness when you are light?
In fact I believe it is important to find yourself in places of darkness every so often. This is because you will bring light to that place. Why should the area or people in it influence you? Why should the darkness have a impact on you? Why can you not have an effect on the darkness?

No darkness can contaminate the light. In fact all the darkness in this Universe will never snuff out the light of a single candle.
Light is the element which will absorb all the darkness and transform it into light.

Never fear the darkness. Transform it.

Many of us have decided to only be a candle and light up a small room. This is okay…. BUT in truth you are the sun and can bring light to the entire world.

Be the light in a world that is covered in darkness.

Bless you.

Mohan H Surujbally
Visit: www.hiteshsurujbally.com