Life is a journey, or is it? If life is a journey then it means we are moving from one location to another. The problem with that is that we believe we have to go somewhere, do something and be with someone. My understanding is that this is not the case, as there is nowhere to go, as you have already arrived. Wherever you are meant to do, you are already doing, and whoever you are meant to have in your life, you already do. I doubt many would argue with the truth that you are exactly where you need to be, for if you needed to be somewhere else then you would be somewhere else; is this not true?

So then, if we have already arrived, is Life then a destination? To reach a destination means we have reached the end. Life has no beginning nor end, like a circle it continues to go on and on. How can you end when you do not even know when and how you had begun anyway?

If life is neither a destination nor a journey, what then is life? What you are looking for is definition. You want to define life. To define a thing, is to confine a thing. It becomes this and only this, and cannot be any more than the definition.  It becomes limited, conditional, finite. We do this with relationships, love, and even God. What if life had no definition? What if life had no meaning? We are always searching for reason and meaning, to make sense of a thing or situation. What if there was none? Who is really searching for these answers? It is the mind. When it finds that answer, it will ask for the next, and then when that answer is found it will look for the next. It will go on and on in this way. All this wasted energy on thinking. We need to stop thinking. All problems exist because we think. If you stopped thinking, your problems will disappear. All your worries and your fears will go away. I am not saying do not solve challenges or be creative. I am saying stop the senseless thinking. The quieter your mind becomes, the more you listen to the music of your soul.

We want know the meaning of life, because we are in a relationship with life. If we do not understand and know someone, we do not want to engage in any kind of relationship with them. This is however not true with life or God for that matter. We have to understand ourselves, before we understand Life. You see whatever you are, life is. You are life. You give life, you experience life, you engage with life. Your understanding of yourself will determine the type of relationship with life. This will either be miserable or enjoyable.

Life is. Love is. God is.


Mohan H