10 World Beliefs We Should Probably Drop

Whatever you believe to be true about the world, will be proven to be true in your world.

The world without (the outside) is an exact hard copy of the world within (the inside), or the soft copy. Beliefs are core programmesthat run in the mega computer known as The Mind. The magnitude of the power of a single thought is a drop, compared to the power of a million similar thoughts which become as commanding as the ocean. When many similar thoughts come together, they bond and form what is known as a belief. This belief is then anchored securely into the subconscious mind and becomes responsible for the reality you then experience. Thoughts become beliefs, beliefs then drive your behavior, behaviors turn into habits, and the summary of your habits dictate your destiny.

There are no good or bad beliefs, nor are there right or wrong beliefs. Beliefs are just beliefs. Fire is just fire, neither good of bad, but do you use it to cook a meal or light up a cigarette? In fact all beliefs are lies. The word lie exists within the word belief!
The question is though, which belief or lie would you want to live?
The answer to this question, can be found by answering another question – Is the belief I choose to hold onto, supporting me in living an extraordinary, incredible, inspired life filled with love, joy and beautiful possibilities, or it is destroying every dream I have and driving me to  live a meaningless, powerless and ordinary life? If your belief supports you in the former, keep it and share it. But if it supports you in the latter, thenit is time to let it go, and begin a new and amazing life.
I have identified 10 World Beliefs that should be dropped if you wish to live an empowered, inspired and extraordinary life.
To support you further, I have divided the beliefs into what I know to be the top of the list in the categories of: Health, Wealth, Relationships, Spiritual, Social, Vocational, Mental, Business, Family, & Emotional, based on the clients I have worked with. Each belief is followed by a Mini Solution to breaking free from the belief.

 1.  I usually get the flu about twice a year. 
It is not normal to be sick. Health and wellness is your natural state. Hospitals and emergency rooms should really only be used for physical trauma to the body. However, we have programmed into our mind the belief that it is okay to be sick. Physical illness begins in the mind. The symptoms you experience in your body, are the final manifestation of the dis-ease you have experienced in your mind. No 2 bodies in this world are made the same, just as no 2 models of cars are the same. Each car model will have strong and weak parts, as will your body. The earlier your identify your weak part, the earlier you can support that part which is weak.
Mini Solution: Drink at least 3 liters of water a day. This will flush out toxic waste. Keep your body in an alkaline state by eating alkaline foods (fresh fruit and vegetables, especially greens). No virus or bacteria can survive in an alkaline environment. Stay away from sugar, wheat, and red meat as much as possible.

2.  Money is not that important.
There is a simple Law around attracting wealth and having money – It is: Money flows to those that value and appreciate it. If you believe that money is not that important, then you are really saying that you are not that important. The reason that this is true, is because if you are providing some value to the world, then the world will value you – and hence you will be paid (money). The more valuable you believe you are, the more opportunities to make money, become available to you.
Mini Solution: Write down 100 reasons why you believe that you are of value to the world. Keep writing until you are left with tears of gratitude.


3. I keep meeting people that end up hurting me.

Up to the age of 7, we pick our core beliefs from our parents and from the people that are closest to us. We learn from them what love is, and what a relationship is supposed to be like. Unfortunately, we don’t always grow up with the best of teachers, and we end up learning how to sabotage our own relationships, repeatedly; until we either truly value, love, and accept ourselves as we are, the way we are, or realize that the belief we held around relationships no longer serves us.
Mini Solution: Identify the people in your past that represent the current challenges you have in your relationships. Once you do that, keep asking yourself, if what you learned was really true, or merely an untruth you perceived as truth. Once you have done this, forgive yourself for learning the relationship sabotaging belief and commit to a new belief that mirrors the relationship you want to experience.


4. Why is God doing this to me!

Understand that nothing is happening to you, but really only through you. You are experiencing the world through your own filters of beliefs and perceptions. No one is doing anything to you, and no one will do anything to you. In fact, the truth is, no one does anything to you, that you have not done to yourself, or to others, either consciously or unconsciously.  The only victims in life, are the ones that put this label on themselves.
Mini Solution: Move into knowing that all that happens to you, is happening to support you in moving back into love and power. It must serve you in some way, and therefore it is happening. So, quickly understand the life lesson and move on to your next life challenge.


5. I cannot find friends that I can trust.

You can only find in the world, that which you are. The Universe is nothing more than a reflection of everything you are. You cannot find people that you trust because you simply either do not trust others or do not trust yourself. The root cause of this belief is in the latter. Until you really learn to trust yourself in every way, you will keep meeting people that reflect this inner state of distrust. Trust has it’s own root in fear. What fear are you holding into that is is disguising itself as distrust?
Mini Solution: Learn to trust and be confident in your own life decisions. Be prepared to stand up to whatever challenges show up from the choices you make. Trust in yourself that the choices you make, lead to the revealing of the powerful being you are. There is nothing to fear, but only to explore and grow.

6. It is too late to go after my dream and do what I love, & love what I do.

Sadly most people believe that a dream is a destination. An end result that must be completed like a goal to lose weight or make a million dollars. The truth is, that the pursuit of the dream actually brings more joy and satisfaction than the realization of the dream itself. It is the journey, not the destination that makes an extraordinary life. When you are in pursuit of your dream, than each day becomes fueled with enthusiasm and inspiration. If you keep focusing on the end result, you will miss the beauty of what lies right in front of you. Success is not about getting there, but rather, about waking up each day with joy in your heart.
Mini Solution: Find out what you would want to do, if money, people, resources and time did not matter. Once you have found the answer to this, then take 7 steps each day to make this dream a reality.


7. I cannot change the way I think, I was born this way.

The cause of all pain and suffering in the world is ignorance. If the world chose to understand more, rather than than be understood, then we would evolve at the level of consciousness exponentially. When we are born, our minds are like a blank canvas. We are the artists and we decide what the painting of your life will like look. Each stroke of the brush is a thought. You do not stop painting until you take your final breath. If you simply understand that the mind is yours to create with and rule over, then you will become a master of your destiny. If you believe that someone else is painting your picture, then you will become and remain a victim of your history. Each and every moment, you get to choose the thoughts you think, and therefore choose the life your live.
Mini Solution: If you wish to develop new thoughts, you must paint over the old thoughts. We do this be repeating phrases that are aligned to the reality we wish to experience. We call these mantras or affirmations.


8. I am just not a sales person.

You are an infinity of divinity – you are everything – you are all things. When you say to yourself that you are “not” something, you are limiting yourself and shrinking yourself. You say you are not a sales person, because you actually have a fear of rejection or a fear of what other people will say about you. You place more value on the opinions of other people about you, than your own opinion of yourself. Rejection is nothing more than the clue that you are getting close to an acceptance. The more times that you are rejected, the more closer you are to success. When you put aside your fears and step outside your pretty and perfect comfort zone, then the great adventure of life really begins.
Mini Solution: All words that come after the phrase “I am” will determine your destiny. Pay attention to each time you use the words I AM in a sentence either to yourself or to others, because in that very moment, you are creating you own reality.


9. I am always treated like the black sheep in the family.

Are you different or are you just extraordinary? Do you stand out or are you outstanding? Are you the black sheep or do you just like the color black? All of the greatest minds and genius of the world were called crazy, mad, or just plain loony. But the truth is, that these people were beyond their time and were misunderstood. They saw the world in a way that no one else could, and because they did, they changed it! If you are the black sheep in the family, I would actually call you special in many ways. You are pushing buttons and getting people to see themselves through you! Congratulations, you are more valuable than you realize!
Mini Solution:  “Change the way you look at things, and the things you look at change.” – Wayne Dyer. If you begin to look at your beliefs with a new and fresh perceptive, you may be surprised at what realizations follow!


10. I will be happy when I get  __________.

If you are waiting to be happy, you will always be waiting. If your emotional state is determined by something, person, or event on the outside, then you will become a puppet and your life will be owned by the people with whom you interact with you. I once read that, that you should never put the keys to your happiness in someone else’s pocket. I found this extremely profound, until I had the epiphany that the door to happiness is always open and no keys are needed. We spend so much of our lives, needing permission to be happy, when we can simply choose to be happy if and when we want. If you can manage your own emotional state, you are on your way to mastery on every level.
Mini Solution: Make a list of the people, things and circumstances that you have in your life that bring you happiness. Now imagine if they were gone. Would your happiness disappear too? If you answered yes, then you are living a life that is based on pseudo-happiness. True happiness is when you are happy regardless of what you have or don’t have.
If you don’t know that you don’t know then you are excused, but if you are know that you know, then what is your excuse? Now that you know the beliefs that are stopping you from living a truly great life, what are going to do? Carl Jung said, “Until we make the unconscious, conscious – you will label anything that happens to you as bad luck.”
Now that you are aware; now that you are conscious, it is time to take the necessary steps towards greatness.

Hitesher Gef
Inspirational Speaker, Author, Life Coach

Hey! This will make you rich! It’s so easy!


Before you sign up for any multi level networking product…

I want to say at the forefront that I am not knocking off any company. Whether you have joined Earth Ventures and market travel or joined Pamway and market pots or even if you are marketing a health juice called Wango. These are all legitimate and good multilevel networking companies with real and life valuable products.

What this is addressing is to bring to your awareness certain truths before you join these or any companies.

Multilevel Networking is an incredible way to build your wealth. It works on the principle of leveraging. This is using other people’s time, energy, skills or money to make money for yourself. The end result is a passive income. If you can get involved in any way to do this, DO IT.

HOWEVER… before you join, consider the following.:

1. It is called networking, not netsleeping. The key word is WORK.  There is no such thing as getting rich while you sleep. The sleeping part comes in way later after the work is done. Do not expect that you will easily make money or make it quick for that matter. Each one of these companies all have an earnings disclaimer on their website, in very small print. In summary it says, “we do not promise you will actually make what we dance and sing that you will.”

2. If the people you recruited fall away, you are back to square one. All that time and energy you put into finding people goes to waste.

3. You must have a network. There are only so many family and friends you know. In fact the average person has 7 people they call friends. I think the average person has an average of 5 people in their family. I am excluding your parents and siblings. So theres about 12 people you could reach immediately. Thereafter? What do you do? You have to go find people. Understand this. You WILL have to find people.

4. Not everyone has R6000 to startup or can afford R600 a month. There are plenty companies that offer less startup fees and less monthly fees. Invest with what you are willing to take a risk with.

5. If 2 people invite 2 people invite 2 people invite…. Up to 10 levels you would have 1024 people on your team. If you are getting just $10 from each one you would earn a cool $10240 a month! This unfortunately doesn’t work so well in reality. It can take up to 5 years or longer. It can take 5 days. But understand you have to really be out there pushing.

6. We all want to be rich and live the lifestyle they show us. But it’s a sad reality that 78% of people that join MLN companies fail. That’s a statistic they don’t tell you at the party. Look, wealth is an internal thing. It is 80% inside. You can’t expect to take 80% action and be wealthy if you have poverty consciousness. It does not matter how good the company or product is, you will fail if you don’t get the inside right. Listen, if you attend one of these presentation evenings you will be sold. They are trained to handle all rejections. They are not bad people. They are salesmen. They are doing their job. Learn their techniques! It will help you succeed. Salespeople rock!

7. Dream big but start small. Set yourself realistic targets. Work at a pace and set yourself goals. Work towards an extra R2000 a month after 1 year. Then R4000 after 2 years. Work towards R5000 after 3 and half years. Be real. Don’t expect to earn R15000 in 3 months. Is it possible? Hell yes! Is it probable? Hell no!
Rather have 5 businesses making R5000 a month than having an expectation to make R50000 a month from one and then give up when you don’t get there. In other words, don’t put all your eggs into one basket.

Im summary know this, people who succeed at multilevel networking are:

1. Those who are already doing well financially. They have an abundant consciousness. Investigate the background of those doing well. You will find they were already millionaires.
2. Those who have large network. If you are a celebrity or know 100000 people or have access to that email database you are 80% on your way to jackpot. People are the money. No people no money.
3. Those who work their ass’s off. If you are determined and willing to do whatever it takes… The late nights, the marketing offline and online you will succeed simply because of your sheer will and desire to.

If you do not fall onto these 3 categories you will fail. That’s the bottom line.

I wish you love and wealth.

Mohan H

Do you have Vision?


What if I told you that everything you desire is right in front of you?
We cannot have access to the thing we desire for 2 simple reasons:

1. We make up stories that we do not have it.
2. We close our eyes to seeing it.

Let’s say you wanted to experience a sunny day. You make up a story that your blinds do not open or that you cannot find the key to your front door. Eventually you manage to get over your stories and you open the blinds but now you close your eyes. In both cases, the end result is that you do not see the sun.

The same principle applies for Love.
It is always available to us, but we close our heart to experiencing it. We label love differently – romantic love, motherly love, divine love, brotherly love – Love is one, however perception and reception of it is many. Your ability to receive it or willingness to receive it will determine the love you experience. Any time there is a prefix to the word Love, you are only getting a piece of Love. A slice of pizza is not the pizza. It is only a single piece. Love is the whole, the entirety, the completeness. There is no difference between the way your mother loves you and the way your partner loves you. How you interpret that love is defined by your own stories and filters. Which leaf of a tree is loved more by the tree? You cannot say. Each is loved equally.

Whether it is Love you desire or anything else that you wish to experience, it is all the same. Open your eyes or open you heart, your arms your self to seeing it and receiving it! This brings you to Vision. “Without Vision, the people will perish.”
If I showed you a seed in my hand, what would you say I hold in my hand? To the ordinary person, it’s just a seed, to the extraordinary person with vision, it is a forest. To a business minded person it may be a new furniture store. I am still only holding a seed in my hand, but it’s your vision that transforms it.
What else, today, in this moment is standing literally in front of you that you either do not see or take for face value or see no value. My vision for my work has always been Information-Inspiration-Transformation. You take what is given, it ignites a fire within you, you shift and magic happens.

There are any infinite opportunities that make themselves available to us every minute of every day. But if we are too busy being too busy, or just lack the vision then you will never notice them. Just because you have the gift of sight does mean you have vision.

Trans-form is to change the form. To make it something other than what it is.
To bake a cake you transform flour, butter, salt, egg, milk. To make a success* you transform opportunities, people, resources, ideas, skills, time and energy.

The answer is simple. But the cake isn’t baking itself. Neither does success just show up. Get to it! Get to work. Get going. Begin. Go.

Mohan H Surujbally


*Success to me is waking up everyday day with peace in your heart knowing you do what you love and love what you do. It is independent of money. Money will flow as a byproduct of your success. It is not the measure of success.

Success Question


We are asking the wrong question.
It is never “Will I be a success?” but rather…
“How badly do I want to succeed? ”

Make success an obsession.
Be possessed by the love of your purpose.

I love my shorter daily messages, hope they inspire you.

From the south west corner of my heart…


What have you created today?


‘Not only am I the face in the mirror, but I am also the mirror as well.’ Rumi

Whatever is, you have created. You see that which you are, you get that which you are. You create that which you are.
It’s not rocket science. It’s that simple.

Change you. Change your world.


Be open to receive all that is yours


Good morning,

A man died and found himself in heaven with St. Paul. He was getting the grand tour when they came cross a pile of Royle Royces. He promptly asked St Paul who they belonged to. St Paul replied, “Oh, those were all for you and were scheduled for delivery but you refused to accept them.” The man was dumbfounded! He would never reject such gifts from God. “Oh yes you did,” said St Paul, “Remember all the times you dreamt of owning a Royle Royce, but instead just asked for enough money to fix your 1965 Beach Buggy? Or the time you finally decided to buy a new and concluded you could only afford a cheap second hand one?” St Paul continued giving him more proof of his refusal. The poor man held in head in disbelief. How he wished he had done things differently.

It is too late for him. But not for you! You are still here. You are still alive. God or The Universe wants to give you all you could ever imagine and more! Will you deny yourself such gifts? Are you even open to receiving? Do you think that you are deserving? Can you accept a compliment? I have told many ladies, “My word, aren’t you beautiful today!” The reply I usually get is something along the lines of “Are you mad? My hair is all over the place!” In that moment I know almost everything about that person. I know what their bank account looks like, I know the type of relationships they have and I know if they enjoy their career.

They are gifts waiting for you. When will your open them? We often think that we ask of God too much, but the problem is that we ask of God too little. You can never burden God or trouble God. God is your unlimited supply to all you could ever desire. But the mistake we make is that we think God works for us, but rather God works with us. God can only give that which you are ready to receive.

Sometimes the most beautiful thing could be right in front of us, but we reject it because we feel we have to sacrifice or give up something in order to receive that very thing. If it feels perfect go for it! Life gets better not bitter… if you open your heart to receive these precious gifts.

Here is a 2 step process to asking.
Let’s use an example for a car.

1. I AM the owner of a BMW M3 coupe.
Use I AM in your asking.
2. Thank you for my BMW M3 coupe which I have received.
Give thanks as if you have got what you wanted.

Try it. The delivery time of getting what you want depends on your ability to let go of your order. At no time do we ask for the money or dictate how we must receive. We simply focus on what we want.
Life is meant to be easy. God does the hard bit. All you have to do is LET GO.


Actually, I don’t know the key to success


“I do not know the key to success, but I do know the key to failure, and that is trying to please everybody” Bill Cosby

What type of person are you? Are you the type that focus’s on pleasing yourself and others? Are you the type that pleases yourself only or are you the type that’s always trying to make others happy?

Let’s be frank. It is really a task trying to satisfy everyone with a decision you make or an opinion. Well you might think that you are right, they will think you are wrong.

What makes a right right? And a wrong a wrong?

Right and wrong are both philosophical polarities that have been interjected into our belief systems by our parents, the church, our peers and society.

Have you ever taken the time to think about how your actions may be right or wrong?

If I told you that if I could send you back into time to save all the victims from the tragedy of the Titanic would you do so?

“Well of course yes I would Hitesh. Why is that even a choice?”

So you go ahead and you save them all and this is what happens:

Your mother might have fallen in love with one of the survivors and married him instead of your father. You would not have been born.

One of the survivors on that ship went on to become a serial killer and a rapist.

Because of your heroism you became famous and of course with fame come wealth. You do wish to return back your present time and leave your wife and kids with no husband and father.

Herein lies the secret to success


When we are born, from the time we are just an infant, we know our life purpose. We know what we were put on earth to do the very first breath we take.

However most of us, majority of us, never go on to realize their dreams. They never go on to live a purposeful life and a life of inspiration.

Why not?

Human beings will tell you a millions things as to why they cannot to something. Whenever somebody asks you, “why you cannot achieve a dream?” The answer that follows suit is an excuse and not a reason. –I’m not smart enough, I’m not rich enough, I’m too fat, I look like a little boy- These are all false beliefs. They are know widely was negative affirmations or LIMITING BELIEFS.  Limiting beliefs are the reason people fail.

There are as real as trying to walk through a brick wall. You will not walk past it!

Let me give you a summary of how this works.  Again, as you would know, it all starts with thoughts.

You first undergo an experience or hear about how someone as failed or had been hurt. Your thoughts would be “If I do this I would be miserable!”

This thought then becomes your values and beliefs about your life and this situation. Your values and beliefs determines how your act towards the situation. Your actions bring about emotions and feelings about what you are doing. You actions create your experience.  You experience determines your reality.

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