The message is more important than the messenger


When the FedEx guy delivers a parcel do you worship him? Do you invite him inside for lunch and have a chat with him? Do you buy him gifts and express joy and happiness? The answer to these questions are NO.
You are more interested in the parcel or the message being received.

Why then when a spiritual master shares a message, our focus is on the master rather than what is being delivered by the master?

You do not have the same guy deliver your parcel each time do you? Each message or parcel comes with a new delivery guy. The parcel however can remain the same. Similarly many masters came each carrying the same message. No delivery guy is better than the other. No master is better than another.

The statement that “My religion or master is far superior than any other…” can only come from an ignorant, uneducated, brainwashed moron. There is no other way to describe such a person, as this defination is perfect to use in this scenario. You can only make that statement if you have never took the time to study any other spiritual or religious scripture. If you are Christian, read the Holy Quran or Bhagwath Gita. If you are muslim, read the Holy Bible or Bhagwath Gita. If you are hindu, read the Holy Quran or Holy Bible. Remember one thing though. Never believe everything you think, hear or read. Use your given intelligence to figure out what is God written and what is man written. How does one tell the difference? God written will make you feel love, accepted and joy. Man written will make you feel fearful, judged and rejected.

Let’s take 3 teachings that Master Christ is quoted for.
1. The Kingdom of heaven is within you.
?#?This means heaven exists within you. You are already standing at the gates of heaven, why do you think you will end up in hell?
2. I and our Father are one. Our Father and you are one.
?#?He never said MY father. It was only our father. Master Christ did not have and EGO. He didnt need to claim anything as his. This teaching also means that I am with the Father always in all ways. I am never separated from him. So even if I go to hell, I go with God.
3. Even the least among you will do even greater things than I have done.
#This shows that Christ was telling us that he is as we are. He came to show us the true reflection of who we are. To help us remember who we are.

Heaven and Hell both exist within us.
We can choose which to experience.
Do you need to win a Golden ticket to go to your parents home? No. You are welcome without reason. So why do you need to earn a place in Fathers Kingdom? You are always welcome.

Open your heart. Open your mind.

Mohan H

You define your own experience


There are 3 concepts that exist. There is the experience, then there is the person experiencing and finally there is the unique experience of the experienced event. If I have lost you already, I do apologise. Let me express it a little differently. There is an event, there is you who is experiencing the event and then there your perceived understanding of what you had just experienced.

So what we have here is an inside and outside and a window which separate these two worlds. The event or the experience does not exist without you or your own perceived understanding. This means that without your input there is no output. The outer world is created by you through you.

10 people can participate in the same event or experience and all 10 will tell you 10 different stories of that 1 event. This is actually very true, as at any given moment there are an infinite number of realities being experienced. Each person will claim to have the truth, but no truth is truer than the other. All truths are true but none is truer. It is important to understand this.

We develop our own perceived understanding through our thoughts, beliefs and stories. The highlight of those 3 are our stories. We have a story about the event and this defines our experience. Let’s take a powerful example. You see a drunk man walking on the road. Immediately you remember your dad used to drink when you were little. When he did this, he would fight with your mum. Your dad never used to contribute to the home and used on his money on alcohol. So, you immediately the judge the man on the road, as a useless, good for nothing bum who cannot take care of his family. You feel annoyed, irritated and extremely angry. Your mood for the entire day is spoiled. Jake, your best friend was standing next to you. He recognises this man, and remembers overhearing him telling his dad, how he had been retrenched from work and that his wife had just ran away from home. Although Jake does not condone the man drinking, he can understand why this man is in his current position. Jake feels sad and a tear roles down his cheek. The man’s wife who ran away was standing next to Jake knows why this man began drinking, and the reason is…

Now I could tell you this reason, and I could tell you how this man’s wife is feeling. But I could also tell you the story and feelings of the 12 other people standing on that road that day. I am sure by now you understand what I am getting at.

Your story defines your experience. Change your story about what is happening and you change your experience of what is happening. Change your story or your truth or the way you are looking at something and suddenly your entire experience of that is changed. Does the story have to be true? Well, as already mentioned, all truths are true, but none are truer. Ask yourself this important question though, is your story supporting you in feeling peace, joy, love, contentment or bliss? If not then change your story. The story leads to an interpretation, the interpretation leads to a set of feelings, the feelings lead to your experience. It does not matter what is happening on the outside, if you engage with the outside with a new set of rules on the inside. Experience is not what happens to you. Experience is your how you respond to what happens to you. You choose your experience at any given moment. It has nothing to do with the outside world. The outside world only exists because you and your story exists. In fact the outside world only exists because your senses are stimulated by the various stimuli that exist. Remove all 5 senses and the external world collapses. It fails to exist to you. Are you experiencing the world by its various stimulations or are you defining each moment by your story? The answer is both. However the latter will define your end experience.

This entire message can be summarised by one of my favourite quotes. “You do not see the world as it is, but rather as you are.” Unknown.

Mohan H

I am. I have.


I put together a little book called, I AM, many years ago. If you do not have it, you can download it here:http://bit.ly/MvpDB IT’S FREE

This message will explain why I put together that book. 
Our life is architectured by the words we use. There are 2 sets of 2 words that when used together followed by the suffix, act as cement to create this structure we know as life. 
The first set, you have already been introduced to. They are I AM. 
The second set of words are I HAVE.

Whenever you use these words you are creating you life and manifesting using the words mentions. It’s a kinda magic. Your words become your wand!

Let me give you am example of the words used. I will use them in the negative sense. See if you identify with these. 
I am broke. I am sick. I am alone. I am useless. I am hurt. I am tired. I am stupid. Let’s become aware of what you are saying. If I asked you who you are, you would respond, “I am <name>!” In other words, you are declaring to the world that this is what and who you are. If you were Mohan, then saying I am Mohan, means you have a definition of this name. You may define yourself as this 1.67 meters tall, 30 something year old, author, who enjoys reading and writing, and is honest and caring. That for me is a short definition of Mohan. Let me ask you this, are you a ‘broke’? Are you a’ tired’? Are you a ‘alone’? Firstly that doesn’t make sense and secondly, you are none of those things. Unless you honestly and truly believe it, then who am I to question your opinion about yourself?

Let’s use a few examples of the second set of words. Again, let’s use it in the negative sense. 
I have a problem. 
I have no money. 
I have no partner. 
I have an illness. 
I have no car.

If I had to ask you what phone you have, you may reply, “I have an iPhone.” This message with would be true. You do own this device. This is exactly what the words I HAVE mean. It shows ownership of something. When you own something, it belongs to you. That which belongs to you generally seen as a part of you.

Let me ask you now… 
Do you own the illness? Are you claiming it as yours? Do you own the problem? Are you signing the contract to make it yours? Now it gets tricky. There is a flaw in the English used. How is it possible to have that which you do not have? According to you, it’s possible. You believe it’s possible to have no money. Can you really possess no money? Can you own a partner you do not have? This is garbage talk. The Universe is a giant computer system. Garbage in. Garbage out.
Are you pleased to declare all the things you verbally declare you have? 
If you claim to have power, joy, freedom, abundance, love… Then I applaud your riches. But why claim to have things you do not like or want? Would you claim an unidentified luggage at the airport that has a bomb in it? Of cause you wouldn’t! Then why do we walk around with baggage in our lives waiting for our lives to explode? You do not own a problem or illness. It is not yours. Perhaps you have stumbled across it found it on your path, but it isn’t yours. The Law of the Finds, doesn’t apply here.

Become aware of when you use the words I AM or I HAVE. Then pay careful attention to what follows, because the words that follow create your destiny.

I am Free. I am Love. I am light. 
I am happy. I am Joy. I am God.

I have opportunities. I have money. 
I have perfect health. I have courage.

Mohan H 

There’s nothing wrong with you


Here’s your biggest problem… 
You think that’s there’s something wrong with you. You think you need improvement or mending. There’s not a single thing wrong with you.

You have spent your entire life conforming to what the world defines as right or good. If you or your own life didn’t match the said template then ‘oh, there’s something wrong with me! “
I say this is your biggest problem because such thinking can only lead to lack of self value and self appreciation. The lack of such, leads to the crumbling of your life.

What have you, ‘supposed’ to have had or done with your life by now? 
I supposed to have completed that degree. 
I supposed to have had gotten 9 A’s. 
I supposed to have been married. 
I supposed to have had a million dollars in my bank account. 
I supposed to be positive everyday. 
I supposed to have completed this project. 
I supposed to have been driving this car, living in that house.

Says who? 
If we know who, then by what authority do they have to say this to you? What makes 
them the expert in your life or life for that matter?

If none of your “supposes” have manifested then you label yourself as a failure or perhaps just having badluck or even call yourself stupid or useless. 
You think life is about accumulating accolades and accomplishments. You think life is about achieving and conquering and travelling lengthy distances. This is the bs story you have been made to believe is true.

There’s no where to go, you have already arrived. You search but have not realised you have already found.

There is nothing wrong with you. Never has, never will be. Refuse to live according to a standard mold. No 2 books in a library tell the same story. So why do you expect your life story to be like anothers? Each story is different and has its own genre, plot, characters and twists. 
I’m going to be real with you. You may never get the girl or boy, live in the mansion or drive a Ferrari, or be the best at everything you do.

I can tell you a few really real things that are guaranteed though. 
You can be happy. 
You can be at peace. 
You can laugh. 
You can love 
You can smile. 
You can enjoy each moment… 
regardless of what you achieve, accumulate or conquer, regardless of attaining anything.

Since you enjoy playing the “suppose” game. Let me give you a suggested list of supposes to consider. 
What if your life is just supposed to be as it is? 
What if you are supposed to be single right now? 
What if you are supposed to experience this challenge right now? 
What if you are supposed to endure the hardship? 
What if you are supposed to only be financial free at 45?

If the above was declared normal and ‘okay’ then you would not be feeling miserable and sad about your life. 
So now I ask, Why not declare it then? 
You are the only person that has authority and power over your life. You can set the rules and live by them, or follow the rules and die by them.

The choice is yours to make. 
There’s nothing wrong with you or your life.

Mohan H 

The Shadow is ME as well


As I walked down the driveway at 23:30 pm last night to lock the gate, I made special notice of my large shadow that formed in front of me, courtesy of the sensor light. 

We are usually afraid of shadows. It is dark, and mysterious. We generally fear the unknown. The shadow is seen as bad or negative. Buddha stated that we should never fear shadows, as it simply means there is light nearby. This is a spiritual and physical truth. 
Though, here is something you may not have thought of or even realised. 

The shadow only exists because light exists. In fact out of the light, the shadow is born! The shadows comes from the light. In truth, all things come from the light – though you label them good or bad accordingly by your limited perceptual view or through your various filters (see NLP). 

Understand this point. Meditate on it. Then move on to the following point. 
The shadow was given existance because you existed. So, in the beginning there was light. Nothing else but light. The moment the light was blocked. The shadow appeared. 
As long as light is blocked from passing through you, if you resist light or love from flowing through you, then, and only then will darkness appear in your life and you will label it misery. 

Shadows are nothing more than blocked light. Do not fear them. The shadow you see of yourself is not you. It is a mere illusion. Your problems begin when you think you are the shadow or darkness. 
No my child, you are also born of the light and are light and shall return to the light. 

Bless you, 
Mohan H 

Follow your Flow


Does a raindrop struggle to reach the ground? Does a seed force itself through the ground to grow into a plant?
Does your heart struggle to beat? Does each beat require every ounce of your strength and concentration?
Does the sun procrastinate in the morning to rise? Does it need to use all it’s energy to do so? Does a river find it difficult to flow from one end to the other?

All of the above is done with the least amount of effort or energy. It does so with absolute ease and flow. Everything is natural. Nothing is forced.

When your life follows a natural flow, that is effortless then life is beautiful.
You should never be forcing anything to happen, whether it is a business, a relationship or anything else in your life. If you force an egg open to release the chick, it may die. Anything forced will eventually either fall apart or bring you much pain, or will turn out to be something other than what you imagined it to be.

This is not to say that you should not persevere in your dreams or something you are passionate about, and overcome all challenges and obstacles to achieve a specific outcome. Always give your best in each moment. If something is not working in one way, try something different. Things in life happen when are are ready for it to happen, not simply because we want it to happen. Use your energy in other ways that may bring you the result you seek.

The definition of success is waking up in each morning with peace in your heart.

Follow your flow.
Follow your heart.
Follow your love.

Mohan H

Inventions that stopped a beautiful human experience


The Umbrella.
What is more beautiful than the soft little droplets falling on your face. Cleansing your spirit from the inside out. Rain is the river of the heavens overflowing onto earth. Nothing is as beautiful as a rain dance. Nothing is more magical than being kissed in the rain.

When you let the sole of your feet kiss the earth then your soul connects to spirit instantly. Why do we need to stand on dead animal skin or lifeless plastic? Walking bare feet is a rarity and a treasure known only to a few.

I am not sure who invented a lie, but whoever did broke the human spirit since that day. Much worse than lying to others, we lie to ourselves. Convincing ourselves that we are less worthy, less deserving, less capable of being great. We live this lie.

We think we have have. We think we have enough time. We think we can manage time. Why was time invented? Oh no. Why. There is no more time. You should really do, say, be…what you always wanted to, now.

Mobile devices.
We spend more time connecting to wifi than connecting to each others hearts. Curse this thing. Facebook keeps our Faces down. We forgot what it is like to look into the eyes of another human being. We replace looking at a person with a smiley. Saying I love you, is much better than typing I love you.

The old hypnosis box. The thing that tells you how to feel, who to hate, what food to buy, who is good or bad, who you should support… It is a control box. It’s killed free will. It’s killed choice.

Microwave Oven.
The perfect gift for the one you hate and wish would die. Yet, which home is without one? If you want to live, throw yours away.

Whatever is out there, your body can fight. Vaccinations are not keeping you safe. They are a way of keeping the population safe. Have you ever questioned whats in these things? I will never allow my kids to be vaccinated. They are now looking at locking up parents that stop their kids from being vaccinated. I wonder why hey…

Do we really know what it means to be really human? Are we even human? We are at a time when many of us have lost what it means to be human.

If you cannot be a human being.
Then perhaps just focus on being human.
Mohan H

We are Connected. We are One


When a tree is cut down in the Amazon jungle in South America, the pain is felt by a blade of grass on the Himalayan mountain in India. 
Earth is one body. Just as you are one body. If you receive a paper cut, you feel it. As small as it may be. 

Human beings are the same. We may we wireless, but we are connected. Perhaps you may argue that some are clueless and brainless, but that is for another post. Every thought is picked up and you are affected by it in some way. You are actually like a mobile device. The moment you send a message it is instantly received across the world in real time. Whether the message was a loving message or hurtful message, it is received. The system does not discriminate on the type of message. It is just sent. 

Anytime another human being is hurt, suffers, is in pain or killed unnaturally, we feel it. We know something is wrong. Just as a mother knows her child is in trouble, that intuitive link exists between all beings. However we remain unconscious to this. We have closed our hearts and our connection to God and to Life. It is like having an arm amputated. It is done white you are put to sleep, while you are unconscious. When you wake up, you believe your arm is still there. But the reality is it is not. If you had to have your arm amputated while conscious, then you would definitely know your arm is gone. 
This is very graphics example, but also well understood. 

For how long will we hurt ourselves and each other and blame ignorance? For how long will we say, “I didn’t know!” For how long will we remain unconscious to the pain we cause to ourselves, human beings, all beings and our planet. Ignorance and unconsciousness are no longer valid excuses. 
When one hurts we all hurt. 
When one cries, we all cry. 
When one suffers, we all suffer. 

Stop thinking of yourself as separate. 

When you love, the world is loved. 
When you support, the world is supported. 
When you serve, the world is served. 
When you are joyful, the world is filled wirh joy. 
When you are at peace, the world will be at peace. 

Bless you all with unconditional love.
May your heart remain conscious and connected to mine, may you feel every heart beat, and may you feel how much I love you. 

Mohan H 

My Journey My Story


My journey.
My story.

Every journey begins for any of the following 3 reasons.

1. An invitation.
2. A search for someone or something.
3. A desire to be with someone or go somewhere.

My journey includes all 3 reasons.
I was invited by my Guru.
I would like to share with you the true definition of Guru, which is a sanskrit word. ‘Gu’ is darkness/ignorance and ‘Ru’ is remover. Guru is therefore one who facilitates you moving from darkness/ignorance into light/love/truth.
This may be different from your standard western definition of teacher or master.

I know not what I search for. I only follow the inner guidance of my spiritual heart (not the emotional heart) and Trust completely in that this is what I need to do. Follow your heart, it will take you home. I would add though that I do search to evolve my consciousness to greater levels of awareness and presence and love. But isn’t that what we all want?

I also desire to be in the physical presence of my guru and bath in his love. I want this more than anything.

This journey has come togther miraculously. In fact it just came togther in the nick of time. It would not been possible without the love and support of some amazing people. Thank you for supporting my dream and my vision and for helping me live each day in my purpose. Those that did not support me have also supported me in dreaming bigger and pushing harder and developing deeper faith. I love you equally. The most important person that needs to believe in your dream is you. In the end, there are those that cheer you on and those that are just there to observe. Either way, give them the show of their lives!

I honestly wish I never had to return to SA, and I leave with an intention to find out if I can stay indefinitely. My work needs global attention to grow and in a space or place that is thirsty for the wisdom. I will decide based on what happens on my retreat and the revelations I experience. The Himalayan mountains calls me now…

Thank you for walking beside me.
I love you unconditionally.

Until we meet again,


2 realities


“At any given moment there are always 2 realities running concurrently. The first reality is what is happening. The second reality is the meaning you attach to what is happening. The reality you choose, determines your experience.” Hitesh Surujbally

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