10 World Beliefs We Should Probably Drop

Whatever you believe to be true about the world, will be proven to be true in your world.

The world without (the outside) is an exact hard copy of the world within (the inside), or the soft copy. Beliefs are core programmesthat run in the mega computer known as The Mind. The magnitude of the power of a single thought is a drop, compared to the power of a million similar thoughts which become as commanding as the ocean. When many similar thoughts come together, they bond and form what is known as a belief. This belief is then anchored securely into the subconscious mind and becomes responsible for the reality you then experience. Thoughts become beliefs, beliefs then drive your behavior, behaviors turn into habits, and the summary of your habits dictate your destiny.

There are no good or bad beliefs, nor are there right or wrong beliefs. Beliefs are just beliefs. Fire is just fire, neither good of bad, but do you use it to cook a meal or light up a cigarette? In fact all beliefs are lies. The word lie exists within the word belief!
The question is though, which belief or lie would you want to live?
The answer to this question, can be found by answering another question – Is the belief I choose to hold onto, supporting me in living an extraordinary, incredible, inspired life filled with love, joy and beautiful possibilities, or it is destroying every dream I have and driving me to  live a meaningless, powerless and ordinary life? If your belief supports you in the former, keep it and share it. But if it supports you in the latter, thenit is time to let it go, and begin a new and amazing life.
I have identified 10 World Beliefs that should be dropped if you wish to live an empowered, inspired and extraordinary life.
To support you further, I have divided the beliefs into what I know to be the top of the list in the categories of: Health, Wealth, Relationships, Spiritual, Social, Vocational, Mental, Business, Family, & Emotional, based on the clients I have worked with. Each belief is followed by a Mini Solution to breaking free from the belief.

 1.  I usually get the flu about twice a year. 
It is not normal to be sick. Health and wellness is your natural state. Hospitals and emergency rooms should really only be used for physical trauma to the body. However, we have programmed into our mind the belief that it is okay to be sick. Physical illness begins in the mind. The symptoms you experience in your body, are the final manifestation of the dis-ease you have experienced in your mind. No 2 bodies in this world are made the same, just as no 2 models of cars are the same. Each car model will have strong and weak parts, as will your body. The earlier your identify your weak part, the earlier you can support that part which is weak.
Mini Solution: Drink at least 3 liters of water a day. This will flush out toxic waste. Keep your body in an alkaline state by eating alkaline foods (fresh fruit and vegetables, especially greens). No virus or bacteria can survive in an alkaline environment. Stay away from sugar, wheat, and red meat as much as possible.

2.  Money is not that important.
There is a simple Law around attracting wealth and having money – It is: Money flows to those that value and appreciate it. If you believe that money is not that important, then you are really saying that you are not that important. The reason that this is true, is because if you are providing some value to the world, then the world will value you – and hence you will be paid (money). The more valuable you believe you are, the more opportunities to make money, become available to you.
Mini Solution: Write down 100 reasons why you believe that you are of value to the world. Keep writing until you are left with tears of gratitude.


3. I keep meeting people that end up hurting me.

Up to the age of 7, we pick our core beliefs from our parents and from the people that are closest to us. We learn from them what love is, and what a relationship is supposed to be like. Unfortunately, we don’t always grow up with the best of teachers, and we end up learning how to sabotage our own relationships, repeatedly; until we either truly value, love, and accept ourselves as we are, the way we are, or realize that the belief we held around relationships no longer serves us.
Mini Solution: Identify the people in your past that represent the current challenges you have in your relationships. Once you do that, keep asking yourself, if what you learned was really true, or merely an untruth you perceived as truth. Once you have done this, forgive yourself for learning the relationship sabotaging belief and commit to a new belief that mirrors the relationship you want to experience.


4. Why is God doing this to me!

Understand that nothing is happening to you, but really only through you. You are experiencing the world through your own filters of beliefs and perceptions. No one is doing anything to you, and no one will do anything to you. In fact, the truth is, no one does anything to you, that you have not done to yourself, or to others, either consciously or unconsciously.  The only victims in life, are the ones that put this label on themselves.
Mini Solution: Move into knowing that all that happens to you, is happening to support you in moving back into love and power. It must serve you in some way, and therefore it is happening. So, quickly understand the life lesson and move on to your next life challenge.


5. I cannot find friends that I can trust.

You can only find in the world, that which you are. The Universe is nothing more than a reflection of everything you are. You cannot find people that you trust because you simply either do not trust others or do not trust yourself. The root cause of this belief is in the latter. Until you really learn to trust yourself in every way, you will keep meeting people that reflect this inner state of distrust. Trust has it’s own root in fear. What fear are you holding into that is is disguising itself as distrust?
Mini Solution: Learn to trust and be confident in your own life decisions. Be prepared to stand up to whatever challenges show up from the choices you make. Trust in yourself that the choices you make, lead to the revealing of the powerful being you are. There is nothing to fear, but only to explore and grow.

6. It is too late to go after my dream and do what I love, & love what I do.

Sadly most people believe that a dream is a destination. An end result that must be completed like a goal to lose weight or make a million dollars. The truth is, that the pursuit of the dream actually brings more joy and satisfaction than the realization of the dream itself. It is the journey, not the destination that makes an extraordinary life. When you are in pursuit of your dream, than each day becomes fueled with enthusiasm and inspiration. If you keep focusing on the end result, you will miss the beauty of what lies right in front of you. Success is not about getting there, but rather, about waking up each day with joy in your heart.
Mini Solution: Find out what you would want to do, if money, people, resources and time did not matter. Once you have found the answer to this, then take 7 steps each day to make this dream a reality.


7. I cannot change the way I think, I was born this way.

The cause of all pain and suffering in the world is ignorance. If the world chose to understand more, rather than than be understood, then we would evolve at the level of consciousness exponentially. When we are born, our minds are like a blank canvas. We are the artists and we decide what the painting of your life will like look. Each stroke of the brush is a thought. You do not stop painting until you take your final breath. If you simply understand that the mind is yours to create with and rule over, then you will become a master of your destiny. If you believe that someone else is painting your picture, then you will become and remain a victim of your history. Each and every moment, you get to choose the thoughts you think, and therefore choose the life your live.
Mini Solution: If you wish to develop new thoughts, you must paint over the old thoughts. We do this be repeating phrases that are aligned to the reality we wish to experience. We call these mantras or affirmations.


8. I am just not a sales person.

You are an infinity of divinity – you are everything – you are all things. When you say to yourself that you are “not” something, you are limiting yourself and shrinking yourself. You say you are not a sales person, because you actually have a fear of rejection or a fear of what other people will say about you. You place more value on the opinions of other people about you, than your own opinion of yourself. Rejection is nothing more than the clue that you are getting close to an acceptance. The more times that you are rejected, the more closer you are to success. When you put aside your fears and step outside your pretty and perfect comfort zone, then the great adventure of life really begins.
Mini Solution: All words that come after the phrase “I am” will determine your destiny. Pay attention to each time you use the words I AM in a sentence either to yourself or to others, because in that very moment, you are creating you own reality.


9. I am always treated like the black sheep in the family.

Are you different or are you just extraordinary? Do you stand out or are you outstanding? Are you the black sheep or do you just like the color black? All of the greatest minds and genius of the world were called crazy, mad, or just plain loony. But the truth is, that these people were beyond their time and were misunderstood. They saw the world in a way that no one else could, and because they did, they changed it! If you are the black sheep in the family, I would actually call you special in many ways. You are pushing buttons and getting people to see themselves through you! Congratulations, you are more valuable than you realize!
Mini Solution:  “Change the way you look at things, and the things you look at change.” – Wayne Dyer. If you begin to look at your beliefs with a new and fresh perceptive, you may be surprised at what realizations follow!


10. I will be happy when I get  __________.

If you are waiting to be happy, you will always be waiting. If your emotional state is determined by something, person, or event on the outside, then you will become a puppet and your life will be owned by the people with whom you interact with you. I once read that, that you should never put the keys to your happiness in someone else’s pocket. I found this extremely profound, until I had the epiphany that the door to happiness is always open and no keys are needed. We spend so much of our lives, needing permission to be happy, when we can simply choose to be happy if and when we want. If you can manage your own emotional state, you are on your way to mastery on every level.
Mini Solution: Make a list of the people, things and circumstances that you have in your life that bring you happiness. Now imagine if they were gone. Would your happiness disappear too? If you answered yes, then you are living a life that is based on pseudo-happiness. True happiness is when you are happy regardless of what you have or don’t have.
If you don’t know that you don’t know then you are excused, but if you are know that you know, then what is your excuse? Now that you know the beliefs that are stopping you from living a truly great life, what are going to do? Carl Jung said, “Until we make the unconscious, conscious – you will label anything that happens to you as bad luck.”
Now that you are aware; now that you are conscious, it is time to take the necessary steps towards greatness.

Hitesher Gef
Inspirational Speaker, Author, Life Coach

Never fear the darkness


We often fear the darkness. Sometimes we stay away from the darkness because we feel that it may contaminate us.

This is nothing more than ignorance.
How can you fear the darkness when you are light?
In fact I believe it is important to find yourself in places of darkness every so often. This is because you will bring light to that place. Why should the area or people in it influence you? Why should the darkness have a impact on you? Why can you not have an effect on the darkness?

No darkness can contaminate the light. In fact all the darkness in this Universe will never snuff out the light of a single candle.
Light is the element which will absorb all the darkness and transform it into light.

Never fear the darkness. Transform it.

Many of us have decided to only be a candle and light up a small room. This is okay…. BUT in truth you are the sun and can bring light to the entire world.

Be the light in a world that is covered in darkness.

Bless you.

Mohan H Surujbally

Are we Artificial Intelligence?


From the early 80’s of the Terminator movies to more recent Avengers movie. We see how machines are taking over the world and even controlling the world.
A simple thing like a smart phone, if left at home or dies, puts our life into one of chaos. Can you imagine what far more smarter machines could do?

We have been warned that these machines could develop the ability to think and even feel. To be able to make decisions on their own, creating their own path or algorithms.

I’m sure that if we asked a machine, “What does it feel like to be a machine?”
Surely the answer may be “I am not a machine.”

I wonder, if we – human beings – were once machines. If we were once human beings 1.0 #
Where we then were upgraded to human being 9.0 with an exoskeleton that feels soft amd smooth? Are our body parts simply the product of sheer genius engineering?
If I showed you an iPhone 50 years ago you would have been blown away by the inner and outer design. You would tell me that it is impossible and that no human being could have created such a thing! Yet, today these designs are expected and even better phones are envisioned. Do we not say this about the human body to? That it is so beautifully designed and constructed. Trillions of calculations and reactions taking place in a nanosecond. Remember the first computer fitted in a large room and required many people to make it do a few calculations that took hours. Now that same computer fits on your finger tip and self functions billions calculations in a second. This was a about 40 years ago.

Are we the Artifical Intelligence that is now able to think and feel for ourselves? We have the ability to replicate ourselves. Complex computer viruses can make duplicates of itself and spread.

You may wonder about the soul then.
Well my smartphone can last days on ultra power saving mode. Can we not last years? No one can see the electricity in my phone. You can tear is apart but it is not there. But it exists. You know it has to because the phone functions.
Could it not be that there is a power that makes us function? You can call it soul or spark of divinity or atma.

Finally, the big question. GOD.
Who really was our creator? Is our “father” an engineer? Or perhaps a visionary like Steve Jobs?

Again, let’s imagine God to be electricity.
Was electricity invented? Discovered? The answer to both these questions are a no. It always was there. It just existed. The electricity in my bedside lamp does not worship a power plant at Eskom. Why would it? It is not separate from the electricity. It is one and the same. Your ego will kick on about now….
How can I compare a human to God? you ask. Well does my beside lamp function differently from a street lamp? What makes these lamps function? It’s the same. Both run on electricity. The electricity from the bedside lamp does not become one with the street lamp when it’s bulb goes off. This is crazy talk. It always was and is connected to its source.

You cannot deny that what I say could be true. That we are Artifical Intelligent beings who were created as machines and evolved over time. That we were created by a genius who was actually human. The original human. Who created us in his image.

It’s a rather interesting thought.

Open you mind.

Mohan H

Mohan H Surujbally is a South African Author and Inspirational Speaker.

Freedom Day 2015


Today is Freedom Day in South Africa.
After over 21 years of “freedom”, I have come to understand freedom very differently.

I have learned that unless my brothers and sisters are free, then how can I be free? Freedom is not reserved for one select group of people. When I say my brothers and sisters, I do not mean the people in my community or province or country or continent. I include every living being on this planet.

We have separated black from white and white from black. Yet, how can we be different? I’ve looked into the eyes of thousands of men and women from all across the globe of every colour, and I can promise you that when u look into the eyes of someone, the connection felt is one and the same. We have even created separation where there is none.
Imaginary borders separate human beings when in truth no borders exist. A line drawn in the sand does not make this half mine and that half hours. The only thing that belongs to you is the line.

The problem with this world is not hate. It’s pure ignorance. Ignorance will always lead to your destruction. If you are thirsty and you are unaware that this bottle contains paraffin and not water, it may lead to a certain death.

Education is not enough. The right education is what is needed. Incorrect education or information is just as destructive as ignorance.

However, some things, cannot be taught. If you need to be told killing another being is wrong, then you are neither human or animal. No animal kills unless it is hungry. Animals of the same species never kill each other. So what are you if you kill even that which looks like you?

Freedom can only exist when judgements and prejudices are eliminated. When no group thinks they are better or lesser than the other. When there is mutual respect and love for another’s beliefs. When we remove borders and walls, and instead build bridges between countries and bridges between hearts. When every child on this planet has access to a safe home, free education, food and water. When the rights of animals are no different from the rights of human beings. When profit is not the agenda, but love and empowerment is. When we work together towards a single vision of peace. When we pray together, irrespective of religion or caste. When every person on this planet has at least one meal in a day. If every 3 people got together to feed one hungry person, no on me will starve.

This is Freedom. Just because my shackles are removed, does not mean I am free. The most dangerous shackles are the ones that cannot be seen.

It isn’t “Happy” Freedom Day until we are all free. Until we are all free how can we be happy. But we can celebrate the journey and how far we have come and the journey moving forward.

Mohan H

I do not want World Peace


I am so excited that today I will be one of the first few thousand in the world to watch Avengers: Age of Ultron. The Avengers come together to fight their biggest nemesis yet, Ultron.

In the past, the Avengers were fighting external threats. This time, the threat is their own creation. Ultron is an artificial intelligence created by Tony Stark (Iron Man) who is programmed to do one task, and that is deliver World Peace.

However, Ultron’s methods are questionable.He believes that by annihilating all humans, there will be world peace. I want to be bold and say, that this doesn’t necessarily make him the “evil” or bad. I say this for 2 reasons. The first is that, in light of the xenophobic attacks in South Africa, perhaps getting rid of humans from this planet may be a good thing. I am definitely not proud to claim that I am part of this human race. If you get rid of all humans on this planet, there will no doubt be world peace. Secondly, Ultron is doing exactly what he was created to do, ensure that there is World Peace.

Until this morning, I never saw the flaw in wanting World Peace. Can you see it?

World Peace is not something we want, do we? What we want is inner peace or peace of mind. When we have peace of mind, when we are internally in a state of bliss and peace, then automatically, without any effort, there will be peace on the outside. If we shift from wanting there to be peace in the world, to working on developing peace within ourselves, there can be peace in the world, with us human beings in it as well.

I declare I do not wish for World Peace. I wish for inner peace for every individual in this world. The wise will see the wisdom in those words for inner peace leads to outer peace.

Now if only the Miss Universe contestants will read this message…

See you at the movies!


Mohan H

The State of the Statues in SA


“You can’t build a new building with yesterday’s cement. You can only build anew with what you have today.” Mohan H

I am no politician neither am I a history boff. I don’t know all the facts, but I am willing to sit with someone and have them share with me our heritage, our history and our journey, not just as a South African, but as a human being.

I can however share the following with you around the issue on statues in South Africa. I am certain this applies to any country in the world.

If we have no memory of pain, then how does this moment of joy have any significance? If all you ever know is sunshine, you will hold no value to sunny days. We will only fully appreciate the sunny day, if we have rainy days. The statues are a memory of pain and struggle. However, it is a powerful reminder of how far we have come. We can truly value now, because we can compare it to the past. We have a point of reference.
Instead of breaking down statues, build new statues with the old ones. Tell a new story.

It is fundamentally important to not just remember where we are going by having vision, but also to remember where we came from, by having hindsight.
That which hurts the most teaches soonest. These statues may be a reminder of what not to do. The generations to come need to know the history of the past, so it is never repeated. A real leader sees in 360 degrees. He has the ability to see ahead, but the intelligence to look behind to check that his actions are not being repeated.

I have never used a battery in a TV remote with just a positive terminal. Every battery I have ever seen has a positive and negative end. Both are needed to give electricity. Similarly, if it were not for every negative person, circumstance or government of the past, we would not be the South Africa we are today. It may be ignorant to pretend that the negative has not been beneficial in some way. It has surely served us and supported us in making South Africa as it is today.

Sadly, non of the people vandalising the statues or taking it down, have actually been involved in the “struggle”. They grew up having the majority of their life free from apartheid or having no memory of it as babies. So what is this pain they speak of? It’s really disrespectful to our great leaders, our grandfather’s and grandmother’s or our own parents who actually did endure the suffering.

Years from now, I want my great grandchildren to read a new history textbook that tells a story of heros and heroines who despite the odds, rised above the adversity and created a beautiful life. A story that speaks of people that put the past behind them and built something incredible with what they had in their present moment.

All I see are people wanting to be victims or claiming to be victims. Victims are powerless people who do not add value to their lives or the lives of others. They act out of fear and their lives and everything they touch leads to destruction instead of leading to construction of anything great and valuable.

The truth is, the agenda is not about transformation or finding peace or building anything new. If it was transformation they seek, they would follow the correct procedures to have the statues removed. If it was peace they seek, then their behaviour would not be violent or barbaric.

Transformation or change does not happen over night. It can take a lifetime. Real leaders are selfless. They think about the generations of people who will live in our country because they acted in a way that built a nation. They greatest act of love, is planting a tree, whose shade you may never enjoy.

If only the same energy of bringing down statues, we’re used to feed the hungry, shelter the homeless and employ the jobless.

Statues are impermanent pieces of metal that deteriorate by the elements.
Whereas an act of kindness and love, leaves a permanent mark in the heart of a human being that is inherited for centuries to come.

Bring down your ignorance and stupidity, not statues.

I have real work to do in my beautiful country. You may continue playing victims. Unfortunately, while you break it apart, we have to work harder to keep it together.

Mohan H

Is this you?


Do you know that some people do not know how to be happy? These people are so used to misery, they will do everything within their power to stay miserable. Misery is the only familiar thing to them and this becomes their default emotion.

These people have a set of rules which they live by and have a need to prove to the world how right they are about how their life is . They want to say to the world, “Look, no one loves me, no one cares about me, they treat me bad, I am nothing, I am treated like dirt.” They go on to say “Now can you see how I am a victim of my life? I have no choice but to be miserable!”

The expected response from the person that the story is being told to is, “Oh no, you are so right, poor you, shame!”

The moment they get this reply, the story teller receives a false sense of being loved. Pity and sympathy are confused for love, and when this is the case, the feeling of being loved, does not last and so the story telling and self sabotage must continue so that more pity and sympathy can be received.
This is a very sad case indeed. This person doing this will always create situations or even attract situations that reflect their inner thoughts and feelings. They have gotten so used to not knowing what it means to be loved, that pain becomes a drug. They become addicts to misery. In fact in some cases they may even require a daily dose of their fix. No matter how well things will be going for them, no matter how wonderful their relationships are, they will say something or interpret an event to be miserable, leaving the other person rather confused as to what just happened.

So, what do you do if you are this type of person and what do you do to deal with this sort of person?

If you are this person:
You are allowing your past to dictate your present experience. You do not have to live your present moment through the memories of the past. You can start anew now and create something incredible now. People are not out to get you. Most people are kind by default. All arguments or hurt is generally caused some misunderstanding. Instead of getting angry,try communicating and expressing yourself more. You may discover that the intentions of the other person was not vindictive in any way. Know that you are loved regardless of circumstance or what you can offer the world or someone. You are loved for you. You do not need to earn it or do anything to deserve it. You are loved unconditionally. Surround yourself by people that love you in such a way until you become the source of love yourself and your addiction to misery is cured.

If you are the person dealing with the misery addict:
Treat them the way you would treat any addict. You do not allow them to die or to destroy their life. You do not have to play their game and be dragged along for the drama. Choose to be the best friend or support structure for them. Continuously give them love. Sometimes this may have to be a bit of tough love. Constantly remind them that they are loved. You can even imagine love being sent to their heart from yours. We are all connected energetically. Your intention for them to feel loved will be felt, even on on subtle level. Do not allow them to determine how you experience your day. If you allow them to decide your mood for the day, then you are just as powerless as they are. You are letting your own happiness lie in the hands of external situation or person.

If you require support, please message me and I will be honored to support you no matter which side of the fence you are on.

Mohan H

What is your gift to the world


How long is a lifetime?

You could give me a number in years, but that isn’t what I am asking. Time is relative, and also very deceptive. If you are reading this, then it is very likely that at least a third or half of your life has gone by. How long did it take you to get to this point?

If you contemplate on that you will realise a very shocking truth. It feels likeI have no idea how I arrived to this moment in time. It almost feels like I just got here yet it’s been 30 years. If you think the next 30 years is a long time, think again.

What are you going to do with that time?
I have always believed that time management is false. No can can manage time. You can however manage what you do in that time.
I want to live in this time. To be alive is not to live. If a doctor checks a patients pulse he may declare the patient alive. This means the person has a heart beat and is breathing. This is not the same as living. To live is to love. To love is to do great things.

A great thing has got nothing to do with the size of the task. As far as I am concerned, feeding a single person is the same as feeding a thousand. The number doesn’t matter. The fact that you did something does.

Life gave you this experience of your life. What are you giving back to life?

Make sure your life is lived by making a meaningful contribution to the lives of others. Every time you help one person live their dream and step into their purpose, a thousand doors and hands will reach out to help you live yours.

Don’t waste this precious time you have.
If 2015 was your last year on earth, what would you do? How would you want to leave here? What is your gift to the world?

Mohan H

Life is not a journey


Life is a journey, or is it? If life is a journey then it means we are moving from one location to another. The problem with that is that we believe we have to go somewhere, do something and be with someone. My understanding is that this is not the case, as there is nowhere to go, as you have already arrived. Wherever you are meant to do, you are already doing, and whoever you are meant to have in your life, you already do. I doubt many would argue with the truth that you are exactly where you need to be, for if you needed to be somewhere else then you would be somewhere else; is this not true?

So then, if we have already arrived, is Life then a destination? To reach a destination means we have reached the end. Life has no beginning nor end, like a circle it continues to go on and on. How can you end when you do not even know when and how you had begun anyway?

If life is neither a destination nor a journey, what then is life? What you are looking for is definition. You want to define life. To define a thing, is to confine a thing. It becomes this and only this, and cannot be any more than the definition.  It becomes limited, conditional, finite. We do this with relationships, love, and even God. What if life had no definition? What if life had no meaning? We are always searching for reason and meaning, to make sense of a thing or situation. What if there was none? Who is really searching for these answers? It is the mind. When it finds that answer, it will ask for the next, and then when that answer is found it will look for the next. It will go on and on in this way. All this wasted energy on thinking. We need to stop thinking. All problems exist because we think. If you stopped thinking, your problems will disappear. All your worries and your fears will go away. I am not saying do not solve challenges or be creative. I am saying stop the senseless thinking. The quieter your mind becomes, the more you listen to the music of your soul.

We want know the meaning of life, because we are in a relationship with life. If we do not understand and know someone, we do not want to engage in any kind of relationship with them. This is however not true with life or God for that matter. We have to understand ourselves, before we understand Life. You see whatever you are, life is. You are life. You give life, you experience life, you engage with life. Your understanding of yourself will determine the type of relationship with life. This will either be miserable or enjoyable.

Life is. Love is. God is.


Mohan H

I am. I have.


I put together a little book called, I AM, many years ago. If you do not have it, you can download it here: IT’S FREE

This message will explain why I put together that book. 
Our life is architectured by the words we use. There are 2 sets of 2 words that when used together followed by the suffix, act as cement to create this structure we know as life. 
The first set, you have already been introduced to. They are I AM. 
The second set of words are I HAVE.

Whenever you use these words you are creating you life and manifesting using the words mentions. It’s a kinda magic. Your words become your wand!

Let me give you am example of the words used. I will use them in the negative sense. See if you identify with these. 
I am broke. I am sick. I am alone. I am useless. I am hurt. I am tired. I am stupid. Let’s become aware of what you are saying. If I asked you who you are, you would respond, “I am <name>!” In other words, you are declaring to the world that this is what and who you are. If you were Mohan, then saying I am Mohan, means you have a definition of this name. You may define yourself as this 1.67 meters tall, 30 something year old, author, who enjoys reading and writing, and is honest and caring. That for me is a short definition of Mohan. Let me ask you this, are you a ‘broke’? Are you a’ tired’? Are you a ‘alone’? Firstly that doesn’t make sense and secondly, you are none of those things. Unless you honestly and truly believe it, then who am I to question your opinion about yourself?

Let’s use a few examples of the second set of words. Again, let’s use it in the negative sense. 
I have a problem. 
I have no money. 
I have no partner. 
I have an illness. 
I have no car.

If I had to ask you what phone you have, you may reply, “I have an iPhone.” This message with would be true. You do own this device. This is exactly what the words I HAVE mean. It shows ownership of something. When you own something, it belongs to you. That which belongs to you generally seen as a part of you.

Let me ask you now… 
Do you own the illness? Are you claiming it as yours? Do you own the problem? Are you signing the contract to make it yours? Now it gets tricky. There is a flaw in the English used. How is it possible to have that which you do not have? According to you, it’s possible. You believe it’s possible to have no money. Can you really possess no money? Can you own a partner you do not have? This is garbage talk. The Universe is a giant computer system. Garbage in. Garbage out.
Are you pleased to declare all the things you verbally declare you have? 
If you claim to have power, joy, freedom, abundance, love… Then I applaud your riches. But why claim to have things you do not like or want? Would you claim an unidentified luggage at the airport that has a bomb in it? Of cause you wouldn’t! Then why do we walk around with baggage in our lives waiting for our lives to explode? You do not own a problem or illness. It is not yours. Perhaps you have stumbled across it found it on your path, but it isn’t yours. The Law of the Finds, doesn’t apply here.

Become aware of when you use the words I AM or I HAVE. Then pay careful attention to what follows, because the words that follow create your destiny.

I am Free. I am Love. I am light. 
I am happy. I am Joy. I am God.

I have opportunities. I have money. 
I have perfect health. I have courage.

Mohan H 

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