10 World Beliefs We Should Probably Drop

Whatever you believe to be true about the world, will be proven to be true in your world.

The world without (the outside) is an exact hard copy of the world within (the inside), or the soft copy. Beliefs are core programmesthat run in the mega computer known as The Mind. The magnitude of the power of a single thought is a drop, compared to the power of a million similar thoughts which become as commanding as the ocean. When many similar thoughts come together, they bond and form what is known as a belief. This belief is then anchored securely into the subconscious mind and becomes responsible for the reality you then experience. Thoughts become beliefs, beliefs then drive your behavior, behaviors turn into habits, and the summary of your habits dictate your destiny.

There are no good or bad beliefs, nor are there right or wrong beliefs. Beliefs are just beliefs. Fire is just fire, neither good of bad, but do you use it to cook a meal or light up a cigarette? In fact all beliefs are lies. The word lie exists within the word belief!
The question is though, which belief or lie would you want to live?
The answer to this question, can be found by answering another question – Is the belief I choose to hold onto, supporting me in living an extraordinary, incredible, inspired life filled with love, joy and beautiful possibilities, or it is destroying every dream I have and driving me to  live a meaningless, powerless and ordinary life? If your belief supports you in the former, keep it and share it. But if it supports you in the latter, thenit is time to let it go, and begin a new and amazing life.
I have identified 10 World Beliefs that should be dropped if you wish to live an empowered, inspired and extraordinary life.
To support you further, I have divided the beliefs into what I know to be the top of the list in the categories of: Health, Wealth, Relationships, Spiritual, Social, Vocational, Mental, Business, Family, & Emotional, based on the clients I have worked with. Each belief is followed by a Mini Solution to breaking free from the belief.

 1.  I usually get the flu about twice a year. 
It is not normal to be sick. Health and wellness is your natural state. Hospitals and emergency rooms should really only be used for physical trauma to the body. However, we have programmed into our mind the belief that it is okay to be sick. Physical illness begins in the mind. The symptoms you experience in your body, are the final manifestation of the dis-ease you have experienced in your mind. No 2 bodies in this world are made the same, just as no 2 models of cars are the same. Each car model will have strong and weak parts, as will your body. The earlier your identify your weak part, the earlier you can support that part which is weak.
Mini Solution: Drink at least 3 liters of water a day. This will flush out toxic waste. Keep your body in an alkaline state by eating alkaline foods (fresh fruit and vegetables, especially greens). No virus or bacteria can survive in an alkaline environment. Stay away from sugar, wheat, and red meat as much as possible.

2.  Money is not that important.
There is a simple Law around attracting wealth and having money – It is: Money flows to those that value and appreciate it. If you believe that money is not that important, then you are really saying that you are not that important. The reason that this is true, is because if you are providing some value to the world, then the world will value you – and hence you will be paid (money). The more valuable you believe you are, the more opportunities to make money, become available to you.
Mini Solution: Write down 100 reasons why you believe that you are of value to the world. Keep writing until you are left with tears of gratitude.


3. I keep meeting people that end up hurting me.

Up to the age of 7, we pick our core beliefs from our parents and from the people that are closest to us. We learn from them what love is, and what a relationship is supposed to be like. Unfortunately, we don’t always grow up with the best of teachers, and we end up learning how to sabotage our own relationships, repeatedly; until we either truly value, love, and accept ourselves as we are, the way we are, or realize that the belief we held around relationships no longer serves us.
Mini Solution: Identify the people in your past that represent the current challenges you have in your relationships. Once you do that, keep asking yourself, if what you learned was really true, or merely an untruth you perceived as truth. Once you have done this, forgive yourself for learning the relationship sabotaging belief and commit to a new belief that mirrors the relationship you want to experience.


4. Why is God doing this to me!

Understand that nothing is happening to you, but really only through you. You are experiencing the world through your own filters of beliefs and perceptions. No one is doing anything to you, and no one will do anything to you. In fact, the truth is, no one does anything to you, that you have not done to yourself, or to others, either consciously or unconsciously.  The only victims in life, are the ones that put this label on themselves.
Mini Solution: Move into knowing that all that happens to you, is happening to support you in moving back into love and power. It must serve you in some way, and therefore it is happening. So, quickly understand the life lesson and move on to your next life challenge.


5. I cannot find friends that I can trust.

You can only find in the world, that which you are. The Universe is nothing more than a reflection of everything you are. You cannot find people that you trust because you simply either do not trust others or do not trust yourself. The root cause of this belief is in the latter. Until you really learn to trust yourself in every way, you will keep meeting people that reflect this inner state of distrust. Trust has it’s own root in fear. What fear are you holding into that is is disguising itself as distrust?
Mini Solution: Learn to trust and be confident in your own life decisions. Be prepared to stand up to whatever challenges show up from the choices you make. Trust in yourself that the choices you make, lead to the revealing of the powerful being you are. There is nothing to fear, but only to explore and grow.

6. It is too late to go after my dream and do what I love, & love what I do.

Sadly most people believe that a dream is a destination. An end result that must be completed like a goal to lose weight or make a million dollars. The truth is, that the pursuit of the dream actually brings more joy and satisfaction than the realization of the dream itself. It is the journey, not the destination that makes an extraordinary life. When you are in pursuit of your dream, than each day becomes fueled with enthusiasm and inspiration. If you keep focusing on the end result, you will miss the beauty of what lies right in front of you. Success is not about getting there, but rather, about waking up each day with joy in your heart.
Mini Solution: Find out what you would want to do, if money, people, resources and time did not matter. Once you have found the answer to this, then take 7 steps each day to make this dream a reality.


7. I cannot change the way I think, I was born this way.

The cause of all pain and suffering in the world is ignorance. If the world chose to understand more, rather than than be understood, then we would evolve at the level of consciousness exponentially. When we are born, our minds are like a blank canvas. We are the artists and we decide what the painting of your life will like look. Each stroke of the brush is a thought. You do not stop painting until you take your final breath. If you simply understand that the mind is yours to create with and rule over, then you will become a master of your destiny. If you believe that someone else is painting your picture, then you will become and remain a victim of your history. Each and every moment, you get to choose the thoughts you think, and therefore choose the life your live.
Mini Solution: If you wish to develop new thoughts, you must paint over the old thoughts. We do this be repeating phrases that are aligned to the reality we wish to experience. We call these mantras or affirmations.


8. I am just not a sales person.

You are an infinity of divinity – you are everything – you are all things. When you say to yourself that you are “not” something, you are limiting yourself and shrinking yourself. You say you are not a sales person, because you actually have a fear of rejection or a fear of what other people will say about you. You place more value on the opinions of other people about you, than your own opinion of yourself. Rejection is nothing more than the clue that you are getting close to an acceptance. The more times that you are rejected, the more closer you are to success. When you put aside your fears and step outside your pretty and perfect comfort zone, then the great adventure of life really begins.
Mini Solution: All words that come after the phrase “I am” will determine your destiny. Pay attention to each time you use the words I AM in a sentence either to yourself or to others, because in that very moment, you are creating you own reality.


9. I am always treated like the black sheep in the family.

Are you different or are you just extraordinary? Do you stand out or are you outstanding? Are you the black sheep or do you just like the color black? All of the greatest minds and genius of the world were called crazy, mad, or just plain loony. But the truth is, that these people were beyond their time and were misunderstood. They saw the world in a way that no one else could, and because they did, they changed it! If you are the black sheep in the family, I would actually call you special in many ways. You are pushing buttons and getting people to see themselves through you! Congratulations, you are more valuable than you realize!
Mini Solution:  “Change the way you look at things, and the things you look at change.” – Wayne Dyer. If you begin to look at your beliefs with a new and fresh perceptive, you may be surprised at what realizations follow!


10. I will be happy when I get  __________.

If you are waiting to be happy, you will always be waiting. If your emotional state is determined by something, person, or event on the outside, then you will become a puppet and your life will be owned by the people with whom you interact with you. I once read that, that you should never put the keys to your happiness in someone else’s pocket. I found this extremely profound, until I had the epiphany that the door to happiness is always open and no keys are needed. We spend so much of our lives, needing permission to be happy, when we can simply choose to be happy if and when we want. If you can manage your own emotional state, you are on your way to mastery on every level.
Mini Solution: Make a list of the people, things and circumstances that you have in your life that bring you happiness. Now imagine if they were gone. Would your happiness disappear too? If you answered yes, then you are living a life that is based on pseudo-happiness. True happiness is when you are happy regardless of what you have or don’t have.
If you don’t know that you don’t know then you are excused, but if you are know that you know, then what is your excuse? Now that you know the beliefs that are stopping you from living a truly great life, what are going to do? Carl Jung said, “Until we make the unconscious, conscious – you will label anything that happens to you as bad luck.”
Now that you are aware; now that you are conscious, it is time to take the necessary steps towards greatness.

Hitesher Gef
Inspirational Speaker, Author, Life Coach

There is Pain in Wanting


I can guarantee you of one thing. That one thing is that all the pain you feel has its root in wanting something. Pain can only be experienced in the presence of a want. If you cease wanting then pain goes away.

It does not matter which area in your life you are working on or what the desire is. As long as you want something, then the absence of the thing over a period of time brings pain. Whether you are sick and want to be well, whether you are lonely and want a relationship, whether you are broke and want money, it does not matter.

Your happiness seems to be dependent on something that you need to have. Happiness is not a collection of things. The more you have does not necessarily mean you will be more happy. The richest man in the world is not the one who has everything, but the one who wants nothing.

In wanting nothing, pain disappears and is replaced by peace. You are at ease with what is. You accept what is and nothing is needed to change your internal state.

This does not mean you should not desire and dream and wish for things. It simply means the things you wish to own, do not own you. Having the item is an option not a necessity.

Are you in pain? Perhaps it’s time to let go of wanting and step in peace. Get to this space and you no longer have to want, because everything you need will be simply given to you.


Bless you.


In memory of Robin Williams


One of my greatest mentors died on Monday. He was Robin Williams. He, like me, was an artist. But he was a great artist. Brilliant at his craft, a master of masters. A legend.

He committed suicide. He had many demons which he fought – depression and drug addiction. These are some of the darkest demons a human being can face.
In the end he lost. But his death has created much awareness, especially around depression, which I am certain has saved many lives already.

I want to share with you a principle about human beings.
Pay careful attention to what people give and share with the world, as the thing they give is what they most need themselves.
Robin gave the world laughter. He needed that more than anyone.

Look at what people in your life are sharing. It will tell you alot about who they are, and about the demons they face. By paying attention, you can give to them what they may not be able to give theselves. This does not mean they are weak, it means all human beings need support.

Inspirational and motivational speakers struggle with negative thinking and a challenging life. They teach what they teach to rise above the adversity. What they teach is what they need the most.

People who are laughing all the time generally are the ones crying when no one is looking. Laughter is their survival mechanism.

People who are too quiet, have alot to say. If you go into their head, you will think you are at a party with a thousand people. Perhaps you should make time to listen to them.

People who are loud, just want to be seen, as when they grew up no one gave them the attention and love they needed. So they created this persona to finally be seen.

People who are angry aren’t really angry. They are just dissapointed with their experience of life so far. I know without conviction that no matter what is making you angry right now, if I put a million rand into your hand, you would be at at least 90% less angry. I am not saying money solves anger issues, I am saying the source of our problem is rarely the cause of our problem.

People who are hard are generally like unsettled jelly on the inside.
People who are soft are generally hard as rock on the inside.
People are give too much, cannot receive well.
People who take too much, rarely have anything to give.

The key is finding the balance.
Not too hot, not too cold, just right.
Do you really think the 3 bears story was about an annoying naughty girl who broke into a house, vandalising everything?
NO! It really was teaching you about balance.

Bless you my friends.


What happens when we say Thank you


Good morning!

Words have power. Words have meaning. Words have energy. Growing up, mum always taught us to say please and thank you.

‘Thank you’ are magic words. Rhonda Bryne even titled her sequel to the book The Secret, ‘The Magic’ ; which is a book about gratitude. What exactly happens when you say thank you? Earlier today I wanted to say thank you to someone for some support and help they were giving me. They were busy and so I just sat with the thought until I had the opportunity to verbalise this. As you know, if you keep a thought in your mind for more than a 7 seconds it activates a feeling which leads to an emotion. I suddenly became conscious of every sensation in my body. This is what I noticed happens when you say ‘Thank you’ :

1. You open your heart centre and you feel connected to God and everyone with whom you come into contact with.
2. This feeling of gratitude unlocks the love in your heart.
3. You are humbled and know that you are not meant to go through life alone. Everyone needs support, no matter how powerful they think they are.
4. You become aware of a thousand other blessings in your life. Suddenly your life seems amazing. Cos it is! When you are grateful for what you have, you will have more to be grateful for.
5. Serotonin is released from your brain and your body goes into healing mode. Not only that, but you also have a feeling of happiness flood your every cell.
6. You now have strong desires to want to pay it forward so to speak. You want to also do things for other people. Like a plague, you want everyone to get the ‘thank you’ bug.
7. You get out of your head and into your heart. You are ruled by love and not by ego. (EGO is Edging God Out) Every decision you make is aligned with Source. 8. The ‘miracle switch’ located in a still unknown location in your body is flipped on. Stand by for miracles…
9. You feel like dancing and cannot stop smiling.
10. You feel present and are only in the now. Nothing else matters.

There you have it. The next time you say ‘thank you’ consider all that ia happening when you do. Of course you have to sincerely mean it. It cannot be mechanical.

I love you… And thank you!


What I want to be remembered for


Good morning,

So I had the thought of “if I should die today” what would I like to be remembered for? As there is a health challenge and this was a very real thought I had. 

Anyway, I came up with a few things. It may not be that inspirational, but I believe we should all aspire to this. This is all very personal.

If I should die today…

I don’t wanna be remembered for what I did, but rather what I dared to do

I don’t want to be remembered for who I loved, but rather that I was never afraid to fall in love

I don’t want to be remembered for the dreams I realised, but rather for having the courage to dream

I don’t want to be remembered for the money I had, but rather for how much I gave away

I don’t want to be remembered for the times I succeeded, but rather remembered for the times I failed and never gave up

I don’t want to be remembered for how far I traveled, but rather for how I began that journey

I don’t want to be remembered for how difficult it all was but rather for the truth that I followed my heart

I don’t want to be remembered for what I stood for, but rather that I stood for something

I don’t want to be remembered for how many times I was rejected or hurt, but rather for the times I dared to say, I love you

I don’t want to be remembered for the times I was said yes too, but rather the times I was told no, and made it happen.

I don’t want to be remembered for the books I wrote, but rather for the hearts I touched.

I don’t want to be remembered for being a human being, but for being a legend.


Honor thy body


Good morning! So yesterday I decided to be a Superhero – No I did not run outside in my red underwear again. You know you take off your pants once in public, and suddenly ladies queue up for you…what is this world coming too. I had actually decided to change a light bulb in the flat. Of course the super hero bit comes in as I tried to do it in the dark – well yeah, hence the need to change the bulb at that hour – EPIC FAIL. I somehow managed to cut my thumb so bad and deep that it bled profusely! I thought I needed stitch’s and I found myself saying “OH GOD!” That thought made me think of Jesus – and then I remembered him saying “Food is thy medicine, medicine is thy food” So I raced to the kitchen, and grabbed by turmeric (or Hurdhee as some of you may know it) and put some on the wound. I pressed down on it and held it for about 5 minutes. After 5 minutes, I removed the pressure and noticed the bleeding had almost stopped. I looked at my thumb and I become very conscious of what was happening.

I did what very few people would do, I went into meditation on my thumb. I began to see how much my body loved me. At that moment in time, my body was healing itself. I could feel my white blood cells hard at a work. Doing all it can to “save” me, by repairing my thumb so I do not bleed to death (Okay, I sound like a drama queen here, but stick with me, there is a lesson in this, I promise). I continued to think – How beautiful and wonderful this body is to be able to heal me. It cares for me so much for 24 hours a day, it serves me. It looks after me. It loves me. No matter what I put into it, (the junk, Mcdonalds, Fat, Wheat, Sugar, occasional Aftershock and Amarula) it detox’s itself and keeps going. Even when I am too stressed or am sick – it fights of virus’s and bacteria. Even if I cut myself, it heals me. I realised at that point that my body loves me unconditionally. No matter what I did to it, it loved and and served me. I thought, “Is my body God?”

I further realised that my body needs to be honored. It needs to be respected and treated the way it respects and treats me. It is my duty to give it the proper nutrition it needs. Good nutrition, Wholesome nutrition, Spiritual Nutrition. If I take care of my body, my body will take care of me EVEN BETTER. \

So what can you do to honor yourself?

1. Breathe. Deep, slow breaths to your abdomen. It is been said that you can survive thousands of years just by breathing. The air itself contains all the minerals and vitamins the body needs.

2. Exercise. At least 3 times a week, take a run or visit your gym

3. Follow a vegetarian or vegan diet.

4. Eliminate eggs, flour, sugar and oils from your diet.

5. Substitute VEGETABLE OIL for Olive Oil or use GHEE (Pure Butter)


7. If you eat chocolate, SHARE. But go for the darker type.

8. De-stress. No that does not mean drinking alcohol on the weekend. It means take a break! You deserve it.

9. Let go. (I have covered this)

10. Drink water. (not water with vodka) JUST WATER- 2 litres a day.

Here are some affirmations that you could use as well

I honor my body by giving it all it needs to be health

Wellness and Well being is my birthright

Every cell in my body is vibrating with health and vitality

I am Energised when I am Exercised My body is my Temple and God lives within it


In the words of Spock: Live Long and Prosper!

Love, H

Declaration of Empowerment


Good morning Spiritual Beings who are having a physical experience!

This morning I have a declaration for you to sign. Please only read if you wish to take this oath.

Declaration of Self Empowerment:

I___________solemnly swear, that from this moment on, I shall always be there for myself. I shall respect & honor myself at all times.
When it appears that there is no one there for me, I will bethere by my side, for I know the Laws of the Universe state that I can ONLY be rejected and abandoned when I do it to myself first.

I promise to never let anyone force their values, beliefs & opinions onto me and I promise to never expect anything from others, for expectation only results in disappointment. I will allow what is, to be, and what is to be, is perfect and in divine order and is for my highest good, and serves one and all.

From this moment on, I live for me, I make myself the most important person in the Universe. I do not care what people say, but the sun Does go around me. This is not to say that I have an EGO, but to know how important and loved I am by the Universe.

I promise to love and serve myself first before I love and serve my family, friends and God. For it is in loving and serving myself, that I automatically love my and serve my family friends and God. Charity starts at home, and home is where the heart is. Heart is where God lives, family and friends live. So I START WITH ME.

From this moment. I declare to the universe that I am a mighty and powerful being! I am capable of doing great things. Things that I cannot even imagine. Nothing is impossible to me and every one of my heart’s desires will manifest.

Here is to the new well. No, here is to the real me! The most magnificent and significant person in the Universe.

(Your name)

It’s your birthday!


Good morning my friends,

Its been a while since my last inspirational message. I been enjoying CT n plan on not returning to DBN. But that’s another story for another time…

As u well know, your life begins at the moment of conception. The truth is u were made from love. Your parents made love or at d very least LOVED the experience!

So if u were made from love, by love – then u must be love! Not only are u love, but you are loved. Unconditionally. How often do we forget this? Do you know that your birthday is not once a year but everyday?
Birth-day is Be-earth-day – Be-here-on-earth-day. The moment u open your eyes every morning, you are conceived. As you become conscious of the very first breath u take, life n energy fills your being, n so does inspiration n enthusiasm – these 2 words both greek derived mean GOD WITHIN. Another day to share, love, serve, laugh. WOW! I hope u are as excited as I am!

I’m alive today! I’m ALIVE! Tears fill my eyes writing this. My hearts filled with love n gratitude. I get to say I love u to u today. I get to hug my friends. I get to see the sky the mountain, the clouds, the ocean, the sun rise n set!

The universe thought u were a great idea! Go ahead n allow urself to be great!

Have a splendid day!

I love u

What if ? ? ?


The words “what if” have been used a lot from a negative or fear based perspective. For example: “what if this goes wrong? Or what if I fail? Or what if it does not work out?” I have had many people tell me to remove these 2 words from my vocabulary and at that time, I had thought that this was GREAT advice! However, some days later, I was contemplating this advice that I was given. I am not someone who just takes advice. I always listen first. If it sounds good, I implement it, but I also think about it much more.  If I had listened to everybody’s advice of the last 29 years, I would be really confused by now! No matter what you hear or read for that matter – keep an open mind and decide for yourself. That way, 2 things happen – 1. You make decisions by yourself and 2. You take responsibility for your life & therefore cannot be a victim of someone else’s bad advice if something happens to go wrong down the line.

Parenting: Taking a fresh look at an old issue


Parents claim to love their children. But quiet frankly do they? A parent is parent until a child is able to think and made sound decisions on their own. There comes a time when a parent loses that role and then the child becomes an adult. There is no parent to child relationship anymore but a person to person relationship.

Let’s start by defining what a parent is. A parent is someone who nurtures their child, instilling good values, beliefs, ethics and morals into them. As well as providing for the basic needs of the child, visa food, shelter, education, clothes and love.

Once this role of a parent is over, all that is needed to be given is love.

Parents sometimes give a little too much their desire to “love” or give becomes over excessive and this turns into spoiling. The parents’ want to prevent their child from getting into danger becomes over protectiveness and interferes with their need to explore the world.

This is more a case of being in control and becomes overbearing in the latter years of the child as they become independent. The parent wants to resume this role of being PARENT. So they continue to try to protect, control and force what they feel is right over the child. They want their child to always want their help.

“Whether you’re 8 or 80, I’m still your mother and I know what’s best for you!”

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