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This is amazing!


Good morning!

Many of you have been following my work and my own fascination with our Universe for some time now.
Once thing is certain, and I am sure I have shared with you – is that there is connection
between everything in the Universe. Everything, affects everything else. There is no separation.
It has been my own journey to make sense of the mystery of the Universe and connect all the dots.

This is why I study everything and anything I can.
My interests have lead me to study the numbers (numerology) and understand how beautiful it is to see the numbers play such a big role in our roles. I have also since a very young ages been intrigued by Astrology and am still in wonder at how we are in such amazing symphony with the planets.

If you have not had a numerology report done my me, please drop me a message OR if you have not
had a chance yet to speak to my very good friend and Master Vedic Astrologer Pt Ameesh Sharma, then drop him a message for a complimentary mini report –

The best part of my journey is that I get to meet some of the most amazing people on the planet. People, who just like me, have spent years even decades studying these various art forms.

I recently met a wonderful soul, who lives in Canada. Her name is Michelle and she is a Placidus House Astrologer. She has over 30 years of studying Natal Astrology Charts and the cycles that occur in our own lives.  with the emphasis on cycles of opportunity and challenge, timing, synastry (the astrology of two charts together for love or business) and historical overview of socio-economic macro cycles.

While she is not “psychic”, she is highly intuitive and I really enjoyed what she had to share with me.
I have never seen another person interpret the dance of the planets the way she has.

Her strength, if I have any for this is timing, and compatibility. (how charts with affect/play off each other for love and business)

She can see periods of time where meeting someone is more likely. As well after the person has been met, in some place either formally or informally. She can compare the charts to see what affect they will have on the main chart. Michelle use’s asteroids for timing, -the question she always asks is did you meet them because you were supposed to meet
them or because you are ready…

We know that things get better but in the worst of it knowing the astro-clouds will clear in 3 weeks or 3 months can help us hang on…

I would like to share Michelle’s gift and skills with you, and offer you an opportunity to let her look at your Life Blueprint. She uses a mixture of numerology and Western and Chinese Astrology to give you a very unique report.

You will have to submit your full name, date of birth, time or birth and place. You can ask 3 questions and ask about birth data for second person for business or love or even family conflict/issue.
All of this for $8 (R100) Payment is made via paypal. If you would like me to make a payment on your behalf, I can assist you, but the payment will then be R150. (bank and paypal charges + my time).

Please contact Michelle via email:

You will thank me a thousand times for sharing this with you!

Mohan H

It’s beautiful to Fall


I wonder when it was, that you learned to feel shame. It had to be somewhere between the ages of 0 and 7. When was the first time you felt embarrassed because you slipped or just tripped over something. Why did you feel that shame? Why did you go all red?

Answering those 2 questions are easy. You feel ashamed or embarrassed because you wonder what other people would say about you or even think about you. You worry you would be judged and labelled as silly or clumpsy or a little crazy or perhaps that they may even laugh at you.

Answering the very first question at the beginning of this message may be slightly difficult to answer and will take some time to uncover. It really doesn’t matter anyway.

What matters is that you feel this way.
You have trapped yourself into a prison without bars, which makes it harder for you to know that you are trapped. You cannot dress as you wish, you cannot say the things you want to say, you choose to not be yourself because someone else may think that who you are is stupid.

When did you take it upon yourself to believe slipping over an untied shoelace and falling to the ground was a shameful act? You surely learned this. Ignorance is bliss to the point that you know too much nonsense. Too much useless information that is hurting you rather than helping you. I have said repeatedly, that there is nothing to learn in life, but rather unlearn.

Falling down is okay. In fact what if falling down was beautiful? Who decided falling on your face was a terrible thing?
The beautiful thing about falling is that you open yourself up to be supported to get up again. And if there is no one around at that particular time, you learn that you are strong enough to pick yourself up!

Choose to no longer feel embarrassed or carry shame if you are weak, if you fail, if you lose, if you fall…

The weight of shame will hold you and keep you stuck where you are. It is far too heavy. Shame is not meant to be carried.
Let it go and be free. Whatever shame you are holding on to, it’s time to set yourself free from this self imposed prison.

Mohan H

Infinite Energy Within


Within your finite body, exists is an infinite source of power.
Exactly how this body is designed to keep such a vast amount of power without completely imploding on itself, never seizes to amaze me.
What does amaze me though, is how human beings can have access to this infinite, abundant source of great energy and power, yet do nothing to tap into it and harness that power to live great lives.

It is akin to having your bank account filled $10 million, yet each day, you spend counting the cents to buy a single meal.

Before you can access the “money” – you will have to first become aware that it is there in your bank account. To be aware is to be conscious, to be fully present.
Then, when you know this very truth, you can either accept that it is true or you can deny it. If you deny it, you may go to the “bank” and report an error in your account. Once the bank has confirmed that the money indeed is yours, you have to then withdraw the funds. At this point, you will need to know your personal identification number (PIN). This is assuming, you have your bank card with you, and know where to find an ATM.

The process to access your money that is rightfully due to you, may be quite a lengthy and laborious one. It can take effort and may require some patience as well.

The process to tap into the infinite source of energy that exists within you, takes much effort and requires the practice of many modalities. However, just as you may perhaps think that the person who has $10 million in his bank account, would be a fool to not claim his wealth, would you also not be a fool to access that energy that is available to you?

When you have access this infinite power, your life begins to kick into over drive and each moment becomes more beautiful than the next.
Know that you are the source of all things, you are the center of very creation.\


Mohan H

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