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Hey! This will make you rich! It’s so easy!


Before you sign up for any multi level networking product…

I want to say at the forefront that I am not knocking off any company. Whether you have joined Earth Ventures and market travel or joined Pamway and market pots or even if you are marketing a health juice called Wango. These are all legitimate and good multilevel networking companies with real and life valuable products.

What this is addressing is to bring to your awareness certain truths before you join these or any companies.

Multilevel Networking is an incredible way to build your wealth. It works on the principle of leveraging. This is using other people’s time, energy, skills or money to make money for yourself. The end result is a passive income. If you can get involved in any way to do this, DO IT.

HOWEVER… before you join, consider the following.:

1. It is called networking, not netsleeping. The key word is WORK.  There is no such thing as getting rich while you sleep. The sleeping part comes in way later after the work is done. Do not expect that you will easily make money or make it quick for that matter. Each one of these companies all have an earnings disclaimer on their website, in very small print. In summary it says, “we do not promise you will actually make what we dance and sing that you will.”

2. If the people you recruited fall away, you are back to square one. All that time and energy you put into finding people goes to waste.

3. You must have a network. There are only so many family and friends you know. In fact the average person has 7 people they call friends. I think the average person has an average of 5 people in their family. I am excluding your parents and siblings. So theres about 12 people you could reach immediately. Thereafter? What do you do? You have to go find people. Understand this. You WILL have to find people.

4. Not everyone has R6000 to startup or can afford R600 a month. There are plenty companies that offer less startup fees and less monthly fees. Invest with what you are willing to take a risk with.

5. If 2 people invite 2 people invite 2 people invite…. Up to 10 levels you would have 1024 people on your team. If you are getting just $10 from each one you would earn a cool $10240 a month! This unfortunately doesn’t work so well in reality. It can take up to 5 years or longer. It can take 5 days. But understand you have to really be out there pushing.

6. We all want to be rich and live the lifestyle they show us. But it’s a sad reality that 78% of people that join MLN companies fail. That’s a statistic they don’t tell you at the party. Look, wealth is an internal thing. It is 80% inside. You can’t expect to take 80% action and be wealthy if you have poverty consciousness. It does not matter how good the company or product is, you will fail if you don’t get the inside right. Listen, if you attend one of these presentation evenings you will be sold. They are trained to handle all rejections. They are not bad people. They are salesmen. They are doing their job. Learn their techniques! It will help you succeed. Salespeople rock!

7. Dream big but start small. Set yourself realistic targets. Work at a pace and set yourself goals. Work towards an extra R2000 a month after 1 year. Then R4000 after 2 years. Work towards R5000 after 3 and half years. Be real. Don’t expect to earn R15000 in 3 months. Is it possible? Hell yes! Is it probable? Hell no!
Rather have 5 businesses making R5000 a month than having an expectation to make R50000 a month from one and then give up when you don’t get there. In other words, don’t put all your eggs into one basket.

Im summary know this, people who succeed at multilevel networking are:

1. Those who are already doing well financially. They have an abundant consciousness. Investigate the background of those doing well. You will find they were already millionaires.
2. Those who have large network. If you are a celebrity or know 100000 people or have access to that email database you are 80% on your way to jackpot. People are the money. No people no money.
3. Those who work their ass’s off. If you are determined and willing to do whatever it takes… The late nights, the marketing offline and online you will succeed simply because of your sheer will and desire to.

If you do not fall onto these 3 categories you will fail. That’s the bottom line.

I wish you love and wealth.

Mohan H

Life is not a journey


Life is a journey, or is it? If life is a journey then it means we are moving from one location to another. The problem with that is that we believe we have to go somewhere, do something and be with someone. My understanding is that this is not the case, as there is nowhere to go, as you have already arrived. Wherever you are meant to do, you are already doing, and whoever you are meant to have in your life, you already do. I doubt many would argue with the truth that you are exactly where you need to be, for if you needed to be somewhere else then you would be somewhere else; is this not true?

So then, if we have already arrived, is Life then a destination? To reach a destination means we have reached the end. Life has no beginning nor end, like a circle it continues to go on and on. How can you end when you do not even know when and how you had begun anyway?

If life is neither a destination nor a journey, what then is life? What you are looking for is definition. You want to define life. To define a thing, is to confine a thing. It becomes this and only this, and cannot be any more than the definition.  It becomes limited, conditional, finite. We do this with relationships, love, and even God. What if life had no definition? What if life had no meaning? We are always searching for reason and meaning, to make sense of a thing or situation. What if there was none? Who is really searching for these answers? It is the mind. When it finds that answer, it will ask for the next, and then when that answer is found it will look for the next. It will go on and on in this way. All this wasted energy on thinking. We need to stop thinking. All problems exist because we think. If you stopped thinking, your problems will disappear. All your worries and your fears will go away. I am not saying do not solve challenges or be creative. I am saying stop the senseless thinking. The quieter your mind becomes, the more you listen to the music of your soul.

We want know the meaning of life, because we are in a relationship with life. If we do not understand and know someone, we do not want to engage in any kind of relationship with them. This is however not true with life or God for that matter. We have to understand ourselves, before we understand Life. You see whatever you are, life is. You are life. You give life, you experience life, you engage with life. Your understanding of yourself will determine the type of relationship with life. This will either be miserable or enjoyable.

Life is. Love is. God is.


Mohan H

Do you have Vision?


What if I told you that everything you desire is right in front of you?
We cannot have access to the thing we desire for 2 simple reasons:

1. We make up stories that we do not have it.
2. We close our eyes to seeing it.

Let’s say you wanted to experience a sunny day. You make up a story that your blinds do not open or that you cannot find the key to your front door. Eventually you manage to get over your stories and you open the blinds but now you close your eyes. In both cases, the end result is that you do not see the sun.

The same principle applies for Love.
It is always available to us, but we close our heart to experiencing it. We label love differently – romantic love, motherly love, divine love, brotherly love – Love is one, however perception and reception of it is many. Your ability to receive it or willingness to receive it will determine the love you experience. Any time there is a prefix to the word Love, you are only getting a piece of Love. A slice of pizza is not the pizza. It is only a single piece. Love is the whole, the entirety, the completeness. There is no difference between the way your mother loves you and the way your partner loves you. How you interpret that love is defined by your own stories and filters. Which leaf of a tree is loved more by the tree? You cannot say. Each is loved equally.

Whether it is Love you desire or anything else that you wish to experience, it is all the same. Open your eyes or open you heart, your arms your self to seeing it and receiving it! This brings you to Vision. “Without Vision, the people will perish.”
If I showed you a seed in my hand, what would you say I hold in my hand? To the ordinary person, it’s just a seed, to the extraordinary person with vision, it is a forest. To a business minded person it may be a new furniture store. I am still only holding a seed in my hand, but it’s your vision that transforms it.
What else, today, in this moment is standing literally in front of you that you either do not see or take for face value or see no value. My vision for my work has always been Information-Inspiration-Transformation. You take what is given, it ignites a fire within you, you shift and magic happens.

There are any infinite opportunities that make themselves available to us every minute of every day. But if we are too busy being too busy, or just lack the vision then you will never notice them. Just because you have the gift of sight does mean you have vision.

Trans-form is to change the form. To make it something other than what it is.
To bake a cake you transform flour, butter, salt, egg, milk. To make a success* you transform opportunities, people, resources, ideas, skills, time and energy.

The answer is simple. But the cake isn’t baking itself. Neither does success just show up. Get to it! Get to work. Get going. Begin. Go.

Mohan H Surujbally

*Success to me is waking up everyday day with peace in your heart knowing you do what you love and love what you do. It is independent of money. Money will flow as a byproduct of your success. It is not the measure of success.

11 Relationship Myths BUSTED


This is my Valentines Day Message.

I want to tear apart a few myths about relationships this Valentines day. You are going to have to really open your mind to receive this message. I apologise in advance for bursting your fantasies.

1. Soul mates do not exist. The problem here is the thought that each person has an individual and unique soul. No such thing exists. All souls are connected. There is one soul. If I fill some ocean in a cup, is what is in the cup not ocean? The cup has an identity but the ocean is still in the cup. The soul doesn’t need a partner or mate. There is no separateness. We live though, as if we are the cup and we experience our world through the cup.

2. There is no such thing as someone being meant for you. What does happen is that we have karmic ties and soul contracts. If you have an appointment with the dentist, you will see the dentist at that particular time and place. That is all. All contracts can be terminated and each individual can be released of this karmic tie. I do know, that whatever we are experiencing we have already chosen to before we come into this body. Very similar to deciding what movie you want to watch. So there is no such thing as The One. There is only the one of many that can be.

3. The word relationship comes from the word relate. How are you related to someone means how are you connected to someone. Understand this, when you knock on the door, you are also the one opening, when you make that call, you are also the one answering. All relationships are relationships with yourself. You are connecting with you, everywhere you go. The strange thing about life is, where ever you go, there you are. Awareness of this truth leads to healing of your relationships. There is healing because there is love. All relationships reflect your own relationship with your self. You connect with what you are. Shift the relationship with self, and all other ones shift too.

4. Before we marry, we usually consult an astrologer to check our compatibility. If not an astrologer, we check ourselves to see if the 2 star signs work well together. This is important, but remember it is an external check. We almost never take the time to do an internal check. Are your values compatible? How does he spend his time, energy, money, space as compared to you? They need not match, but do they at least compliment each other? If your highest value is on family and his is on work, then there is bound to be unrealistic expectations on him to be the family guy and this leads to frustration, infedility and divorce. We don’t know who we marry because we never took the time to know their values. Our focus is on knowing favourite colours and food. Get to really know someone by knowing their values. You can then understand them or communicate to them in their values or change your values to match theirs or compliment theirs.

5. Sex is the most important thing in a relationship. I know many people who say that this is the last thing that decides if a relationship works. Firstly when I say sex, I am not talking intercourse. Sex is being intimate and sensual with another person. This is not necessarily penetration. Inti-mate: internal connection with your partner. Sensual: engaging all 5 senses in your experience. Touch is crucial. Holding hands, kissing, hugging, caressing, cuddling… Do this regularly and your relationship with last a very long time. Please do not expect anything to last if you sleep on your back and expect your partner to do the work and simply orgasm. The end of sex is not an orgasm, the end of sex is feeling whole.

6. Happily ever after is for Disney stories not real life. It does not exist. No relationship lasts forever. So why do we expect it to? People break up with each other for various reasons and sometimes even no reason. What is inevitable though is death. Either you will die or your partner will leaving one partner behind. Enjoy what is of the relationship now. People and situations always change. Expect the unexpected. Do not fantasise of a forever. This will lead to heart ache and pain. If you have loved each other for a moment that is enough. Be grateful if another moment comes by.

7. Relationships are about giving and taking. But not in the way you are thinking. It is about giving support and taking responsibility. In a relationship you always give the other person support in being the best person they can be. For me, this is the highest form of relationship love. You also take responsibility for yourself. Most people become involved in a relationship only to become dependent on the other person financially, mentally and emotionally or even physically. What you dep-end, will always end in pain. Do not rely on another person for anything. Children need parents to depend on. Are you are a child?

8. Why are you married? I bet most of you never thought about that question. I am pretty sure most of you are screaming, “It is because I love my partner!” About 0.1% of you will be correct on that. The rest of you got married because, your family said you must, you felt it was the next thing in life to do, you wanted to have kids, you wanted a joint income to live a comfortable life, society said you must, the movies make it look so wonderful, you need someone else to complete you, your family wanted to get rid of you, you fell pregnant, you made her pregnant, you thought it was a good idea, or you just want to wake up everyday with your best friend. Now you are thinking which category you fall into. Marriages have rules and regulations. It is a business contract. Break the rules and the contract terminates. Simple as that. Who defines the rules? You and your partner do based on your fantasies and expectations of each other. When referring to someone being married, we say “they are tying the knot.” This is the give away, the truth. You are no longer free. You are tied to something or someone. It does not have to be this way. It is time to change the concept of marriage into one of freedom. Only you can decide this.

9. If they loved me then (some expectation). This really annoys me. Just because someone doesn’t do what you want does not mean they do not love you. Is this person your slave? Is their love conditional? Clearly you expect their love to be conditional based. Based on a condition they meet means they love you. If love has to be proved then it is not love. If you ever find yourself saying the above, your relationship is doomed. Prepare for disaster. There is only one exception to the rule. If they loved you, they will accept you and appreciate you. That is all. Of course this can only be experienced if you accept and appreciate yourself. Do not put conditions on another person’s love for you. Let it be free. Let the person be free.

10. Chocolates make you fat. Teddy Bears are for children. Flowers are killed and put in a vase for you. Do not buy in the Valentines Day concept of the above. Don’t get me wrong. You can express your love through things such as gifts and money. But if the feeling of your love is missing, then all you doing is buying some affection. It would be cheap for anyone to say you don’t need money on Valentines Day. People who say this just don’t have the money. This is okay. We can’t have all the money all the time. However the best things in life are free. Such as walking on the beach, star gazing, cuddling, writing a letter or poem, singing a song, sending a song dedication, long drive to nowhere, dancing, sitting on a bench in a park… You get the idea.

11. No one is better than another person. You cannot say your new partner is better than your ex. Surely you dated your ex because you found something good about him/her. You were not attracted to your ex for being a total bastard/bitch. All that happened is that you saw both sides of the person and you decided you could not live with that “bad” side. No human being can be compared to another. Each has his/her own good and bad qualities. You don’t deserve better. If you did you would have it. You deserve what you currently have. If you want “better”, you have to be okay with receiving better and be a vibrational match to that which you seek.

I wish you are beautiful Valentines Day filled with love and joy. Cherish the relationship you have. If you are single, cherish the relationship with yourself. Remember to be single is to be whole.

“As long as you are in this world you are not alone. Everyone needs a friend, if you can’t find one, then be one!” Mohan H

With all my love,
Mohan H Surujbally

Who am I to speak on Love


A friend said to me last night, “What right do you have to speak on relationships and love when you are single?”

I would like to post a reply here:

1. If you think a relationship involves 2 people you are wrong. Your relationship is about you and a reflection of you.

2. No person is in a relationship all their life. You don’t sleep for 24 hours, you don’t work for 24 hours, neither do you eat for 24 hours. So why do you think all you life you could possibly be in a relationship? Even marriages takes breaks. You do not even know it when it happens.

3. The best authors on relationships have gone though divorce and messy relationships and still do. This only means they are not immune to the human experience and emotions.

4. You can’t have it right all the time, but you can have it right most of the time.

5. People are unpredictable (usually). You do not know when the next break up is coming. It is not a job. You do not have 30 days notice.

6. I said this before. Being single doesn’t “rock” anymore than being in a relationship “rocks”. There are benefits to drawbacks equally to both.

7. Single means complete. You go into a relationship to share your completeness not to become complete. I am complete.

8. I teach people how to find love and keep in love. People think this means “how to stay with someone forever.” No. It means how to be inspired. Spirit is love. To be in love is to be inspirit. Inspired.

Mohan H

The message is more important than the messenger


When the FedEx guy delivers a parcel do you worship him? Do you invite him inside for lunch and have a chat with him? Do you buy him gifts and express joy and happiness? The answer to these questions are NO.
You are more interested in the parcel or the message being received.

Why then when a spiritual master shares a message, our focus is on the master rather than what is being delivered by the master?

You do not have the same guy deliver your parcel each time do you? Each message or parcel comes with a new delivery guy. The parcel however can remain the same. Similarly many masters came each carrying the same message. No delivery guy is better than the other. No master is better than another.

The statement that “My religion or master is far superior than any other…” can only come from an ignorant, uneducated, brainwashed moron. There is no other way to describe such a person, as this defination is perfect to use in this scenario. You can only make that statement if you have never took the time to study any other spiritual or religious scripture. If you are Christian, read the Holy Quran or Bhagwath Gita. If you are muslim, read the Holy Bible or Bhagwath Gita. If you are hindu, read the Holy Quran or Holy Bible. Remember one thing though. Never believe everything you think, hear or read. Use your given intelligence to figure out what is God written and what is man written. How does one tell the difference? God written will make you feel love, accepted and joy. Man written will make you feel fearful, judged and rejected.

Let’s take 3 teachings that Master Christ is quoted for.
1. The Kingdom of heaven is within you.
?#?This means heaven exists within you. You are already standing at the gates of heaven, why do you think you will end up in hell?
2. I and our Father are one. Our Father and you are one.
?#?He never said MY father. It was only our father. Master Christ did not have and EGO. He didnt need to claim anything as his. This teaching also means that I am with the Father always in all ways. I am never separated from him. So even if I go to hell, I go with God.
3. Even the least among you will do even greater things than I have done.
#This shows that Christ was telling us that he is as we are. He came to show us the true reflection of who we are. To help us remember who we are.

Heaven and Hell both exist within us.
We can choose which to experience.
Do you need to win a Golden ticket to go to your parents home? No. You are welcome without reason. So why do you need to earn a place in Fathers Kingdom? You are always welcome.

Open your heart. Open your mind.

Mohan H

You define your own experience


There are 3 concepts that exist. There is the experience, then there is the person experiencing and finally there is the unique experience of the experienced event. If I have lost you already, I do apologise. Let me express it a little differently. There is an event, there is you who is experiencing the event and then there your perceived understanding of what you had just experienced.

So what we have here is an inside and outside and a window which separate these two worlds. The event or the experience does not exist without you or your own perceived understanding. This means that without your input there is no output. The outer world is created by you through you.

10 people can participate in the same event or experience and all 10 will tell you 10 different stories of that 1 event. This is actually very true, as at any given moment there are an infinite number of realities being experienced. Each person will claim to have the truth, but no truth is truer than the other. All truths are true but none is truer. It is important to understand this.

We develop our own perceived understanding through our thoughts, beliefs and stories. The highlight of those 3 are our stories. We have a story about the event and this defines our experience. Let’s take a powerful example. You see a drunk man walking on the road. Immediately you remember your dad used to drink when you were little. When he did this, he would fight with your mum. Your dad never used to contribute to the home and used on his money on alcohol. So, you immediately the judge the man on the road, as a useless, good for nothing bum who cannot take care of his family. You feel annoyed, irritated and extremely angry. Your mood for the entire day is spoiled. Jake, your best friend was standing next to you. He recognises this man, and remembers overhearing him telling his dad, how he had been retrenched from work and that his wife had just ran away from home. Although Jake does not condone the man drinking, he can understand why this man is in his current position. Jake feels sad and a tear roles down his cheek. The man’s wife who ran away was standing next to Jake knows why this man began drinking, and the reason is…

Now I could tell you this reason, and I could tell you how this man’s wife is feeling. But I could also tell you the story and feelings of the 12 other people standing on that road that day. I am sure by now you understand what I am getting at.

Your story defines your experience. Change your story about what is happening and you change your experience of what is happening. Change your story or your truth or the way you are looking at something and suddenly your entire experience of that is changed. Does the story have to be true? Well, as already mentioned, all truths are true, but none are truer. Ask yourself this important question though, is your story supporting you in feeling peace, joy, love, contentment or bliss? If not then change your story. The story leads to an interpretation, the interpretation leads to a set of feelings, the feelings lead to your experience. It does not matter what is happening on the outside, if you engage with the outside with a new set of rules on the inside. Experience is not what happens to you. Experience is your how you respond to what happens to you. You choose your experience at any given moment. It has nothing to do with the outside world. The outside world only exists because you and your story exists. In fact the outside world only exists because your senses are stimulated by the various stimuli that exist. Remove all 5 senses and the external world collapses. It fails to exist to you. Are you experiencing the world by its various stimulations or are you defining each moment by your story? The answer is both. However the latter will define your end experience.

This entire message can be summarised by one of my favourite quotes. “You do not see the world as it is, but rather as you are.” Unknown.

Mohan H

I am. I have.


I put together a little book called, I AM, many years ago. If you do not have it, you can download it here: IT’S FREE

This message will explain why I put together that book. 
Our life is architectured by the words we use. There are 2 sets of 2 words that when used together followed by the suffix, act as cement to create this structure we know as life. 
The first set, you have already been introduced to. They are I AM. 
The second set of words are I HAVE.

Whenever you use these words you are creating you life and manifesting using the words mentions. It’s a kinda magic. Your words become your wand!

Let me give you am example of the words used. I will use them in the negative sense. See if you identify with these. 
I am broke. I am sick. I am alone. I am useless. I am hurt. I am tired. I am stupid. Let’s become aware of what you are saying. If I asked you who you are, you would respond, “I am <name>!” In other words, you are declaring to the world that this is what and who you are. If you were Mohan, then saying I am Mohan, means you have a definition of this name. You may define yourself as this 1.67 meters tall, 30 something year old, author, who enjoys reading and writing, and is honest and caring. That for me is a short definition of Mohan. Let me ask you this, are you a ‘broke’? Are you a’ tired’? Are you a ‘alone’? Firstly that doesn’t make sense and secondly, you are none of those things. Unless you honestly and truly believe it, then who am I to question your opinion about yourself?

Let’s use a few examples of the second set of words. Again, let’s use it in the negative sense. 
I have a problem. 
I have no money. 
I have no partner. 
I have an illness. 
I have no car.

If I had to ask you what phone you have, you may reply, “I have an iPhone.” This message with would be true. You do own this device. This is exactly what the words I HAVE mean. It shows ownership of something. When you own something, it belongs to you. That which belongs to you generally seen as a part of you.

Let me ask you now… 
Do you own the illness? Are you claiming it as yours? Do you own the problem? Are you signing the contract to make it yours? Now it gets tricky. There is a flaw in the English used. How is it possible to have that which you do not have? According to you, it’s possible. You believe it’s possible to have no money. Can you really possess no money? Can you own a partner you do not have? This is garbage talk. The Universe is a giant computer system. Garbage in. Garbage out.
Are you pleased to declare all the things you verbally declare you have? 
If you claim to have power, joy, freedom, abundance, love… Then I applaud your riches. But why claim to have things you do not like or want? Would you claim an unidentified luggage at the airport that has a bomb in it? Of cause you wouldn’t! Then why do we walk around with baggage in our lives waiting for our lives to explode? You do not own a problem or illness. It is not yours. Perhaps you have stumbled across it found it on your path, but it isn’t yours. The Law of the Finds, doesn’t apply here.

Become aware of when you use the words I AM or I HAVE. Then pay careful attention to what follows, because the words that follow create your destiny.

I am Free. I am Love. I am light. 
I am happy. I am Joy. I am God.

I have opportunities. I have money. 
I have perfect health. I have courage.

Mohan H 

There’s nothing wrong with you


Here’s your biggest problem… 
You think that’s there’s something wrong with you. You think you need improvement or mending. There’s not a single thing wrong with you.

You have spent your entire life conforming to what the world defines as right or good. If you or your own life didn’t match the said template then ‘oh, there’s something wrong with me! “
I say this is your biggest problem because such thinking can only lead to lack of self value and self appreciation. The lack of such, leads to the crumbling of your life.

What have you, ‘supposed’ to have had or done with your life by now? 
I supposed to have completed that degree. 
I supposed to have had gotten 9 A’s. 
I supposed to have been married. 
I supposed to have had a million dollars in my bank account. 
I supposed to be positive everyday. 
I supposed to have completed this project. 
I supposed to have been driving this car, living in that house.

Says who? 
If we know who, then by what authority do they have to say this to you? What makes 
them the expert in your life or life for that matter?

If none of your “supposes” have manifested then you label yourself as a failure or perhaps just having badluck or even call yourself stupid or useless. 
You think life is about accumulating accolades and accomplishments. You think life is about achieving and conquering and travelling lengthy distances. This is the bs story you have been made to believe is true.

There’s no where to go, you have already arrived. You search but have not realised you have already found.

There is nothing wrong with you. Never has, never will be. Refuse to live according to a standard mold. No 2 books in a library tell the same story. So why do you expect your life story to be like anothers? Each story is different and has its own genre, plot, characters and twists. 
I’m going to be real with you. You may never get the girl or boy, live in the mansion or drive a Ferrari, or be the best at everything you do.

I can tell you a few really real things that are guaranteed though. 
You can be happy. 
You can be at peace. 
You can laugh. 
You can love 
You can smile. 
You can enjoy each moment… 
regardless of what you achieve, accumulate or conquer, regardless of attaining anything.

Since you enjoy playing the “suppose” game. Let me give you a suggested list of supposes to consider. 
What if your life is just supposed to be as it is? 
What if you are supposed to be single right now? 
What if you are supposed to experience this challenge right now? 
What if you are supposed to endure the hardship? 
What if you are supposed to only be financial free at 45?

If the above was declared normal and ‘okay’ then you would not be feeling miserable and sad about your life. 
So now I ask, Why not declare it then? 
You are the only person that has authority and power over your life. You can set the rules and live by them, or follow the rules and die by them.

The choice is yours to make. 
There’s nothing wrong with you or your life.

Mohan H 

Christ-MISS 2014


Christmas is that one day in a year that shows that human beings are nothing more than Love. People move into a space of giving and forgiving, sharing and caring, enjoying and rejoicing. This is all our natural state. It is the true nature of our being. 

Why does this happen once a year globally? It is simply because we all connect to Christ consciousness. When we do this, we become Christ like. We echo his thoughts, his words, his actions. 
We allow the Christ energy to be reborn inside of us. This is the true definition of Christmas. It is the birth of Christ consciousness within you. Christ = Love. He is the personification of Love. It is Love that becomes present within you. 

Energetically Christ has never left earth. I connect to him when I feel the need too. Such a beautiful and loving master. When my own consciousness melts with the Christ consciousness then one remains. That of Love consciousness. This is when you become Christ. When you allow him to work through you and everything becomes a love to serve and serve with love. 

I would like to end this message with a play on the word Christ-mas. (Christ-MISS) 

This Christmas, do as Christ would do. 

Christ never MISSed the opportunity to love. 
Christ never MISSed the opportunity to serve. 
Christ never MISSed the opportunity to heal. 
Christ never MISSed the opportunity to be kind. 
Christ never MISSed the opportunity to forgive. 
Christ never MISSed the opportunity to celebrate life. 
Christ never MISSed the opportunity to share his wisdom. 
Christ never MISSed the opportunity to surrender. 
Christ never MISSed the opportunity to share his meal. 
Christ never MISSed the opportunity to be the light in people’s lives. 

I wish you a blessed Christmas. Remember the real definition of Christmas. Gifts such as Love and Sharing cannot be wrapped or bought or put under a tree with lights. They can only be put in hearts, where the heart will light up. 

Bless you with unconditional love. 

Mohan H 

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