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Deep inside you is a treasure undiscovered. This means there are 3 types of people in the world:

1. Those that have burned their treasure map.
2. Those that cannot read their treasure map.
3. Those that don’t even know they have a treasure map.

The first thing is to figure out which type of person you are. Just be honest with yourself. You will know.

If you are person type 1:
You have given up on your dreams. Perhaps along the way it got a bit challenging for you. You did not know what to do next. You were scared of failing. You may have been ridiculed or laughed at. Whatever the reason, it does not matter. You may have given up on your dreams, but your dreams never give up on you. It’s never too late to try again, love again, believe again.

If you are person type 2:
You do not understand the purpose of the life you have been given. You wonder where to next. You wonder how to next. You wonder why to next. To ask such questions means you are searching. Life may very well be like an exam. Except in life we are given the answers and we need to come up with the questions. Great questions lead to an incredible life. Keep asking the questions. You are closer to being life literate than you know!

If you are person type 3:
You have very little self worth and love. You constantly think that world owes you as you are always giving of so much of yourself, you expect to be appreciated but are not. This expectation leads to a lot of sadness and frustration. You settle for what you are given. You feel that your life is beyond your control and that you are a mere puppet. These people are usually bored and seek external things for their happiness. However when these people find out about their treasure map, you best get out of their way… As nothing and no one can stop them.

What is this treasure?
It is different for everyone. But there are a few I can mention to you so you may recognise it when you find yours…


I would like me to help you find your treasure. Email me at


The world owes you nothing


I can complain the world served me a sour fruit. However, I can only come to know it’s sour if I ate that fruit. The world, the people of the world, will serve you all kinds of attitudes and words and actions. You can choose to eat that fruit… Or not.

The world, and the people of this world, owe you nothing. Not even your God owes you anything. Where does it say you that the world is indebted to you?
If anything you owe the world…

This life you were given. How do you even begin to put a value on that?
The complimentary oxygen you are given daily. Do you ever ask where that debt should be paid?
The free daily sunrises and sunsets. Undoubtedly the greatest show on earth. You get front row.
A swimming pool called the ocean which you never clean or can ever swim end to end.

And the world owes you? People owe you? No one owes you anything. You have been given too much. When you begin being grateful for all that you have, you don’t have more things to be grateful for… You simply begin to see how much more you already have.

No one owes you a thing. You are solely responsible for creating what you desire. You are are solely responsible for being great. Support yourself. Be there for you. Be the hero you need. No one is coming to save you. But you can save yourself, and this is the greatest truth of them all and will set you free.


2 realities


“At any given moment there are always 2 realities running concurrently. The first reality is what is happening. The second reality is the meaning you attach to what is happening. The reality you choose, determines your experience.” Hitesh Surujbally

Lessons I learnt from baking a cake


I rather cook than bake, but here are the life lessons I took away from baking a cake:

1. You need a recipe. Invest in your self development by reading books or attending courses. It points the way to the next step.

2. You don’t begin with the cake in hand. What you start off with is a few ingredients that do not even closely resemble a cake or for that matter taste like a cake. Try eating raw flour. Life will give you people and circumstances that do not seem like they are helping you get to greatness, and they are indeed yuck, but hang in there, it’s a vital ingredient to where life is taking you.

3. All ingredients must come togther as one. You need the support of others to succeed. There is no doing this on your own. Success is a team effort. Do not try to do life alone.

4. You need an oven. A really hot oven. Life gets really challenging and at times you may feel like you cannot handle the heat. Do not give up! You need the heat to become a success.

5. You need time. Even when all of the ingredients come together, you do not have a cake. It needs to be placed into the oven for 30 to 45 minutes. Be patient with your life. Do what you need to do and then let it go.

6. Do not check the cake by opening the oven too early. If you do this, your cake will flop. Do not keep doubting your decisions and plan. Doubt will be your biggest flop. You have done the hardest bit, now just trust.

7. Cakes can be molded to the container you place it in. It can be round or square or star shaped. You can be your own unique shape and define your life by being authentic and true to you. No snowflake is the same and no human being will be the same. In fact your success is largely dependant on you being you.

8. Share your creation. If you eat it yourself, you may put on extra weight or feel sick. Your life is for sharing. Share your skills, your knowledge, yourself with the world. Sharing is Caring. Not only does it show you care, but people will care for you too.

9. You eat a piece one bite at a time. You do not gobble it all in one bite. Take life one bite at a time. Handle what you can today. What you cannot, can be done later or tomorrow. You do not have to fix your entire life in a year. Life never gets fixed anyway, it’s just constant maintenance.


Be the instrument


“If you allowed yourself to be the instrument, instead of trying to create the music, you might just play the greatest symphony of your life.” Hitesh Surujbally

Live. Love


“Live in such a way, that when you are gone, they feel your presence by emulating the way you lived. Love in such a way that when you are gone, each moment they Love, it’s as if you never left.” Hitesh Surujbally

Solve for X


I often hear people say, “Mathematics was such a waste of time subject in school! I never solved for X in all my adult life!”

Now I will be the first to stand up and admit we learn little in school that teach us how to live, but I will also be the first to say you may not be right about your statement. Albert Einstein was brilliant at maths, but he was not a mathematician. Einstein was a philosopher. Simply because mathematics is more of a philosophy than a science.
When you solved for X,  and were stuck on a particular equation, you had to go deep for a solution, you had to find a possible way, to arrive at an answer that was possibly right! I remember on most days creating some interesting ways of arriving at the answer! It was never about solving for X, it was about the process that occurred while solving for X. It was getting your mind to function in a certain way.

Unfortunately no one got graded on being creative, thinking outside the box and making the impossible possible. You passed based on arriving at an answer. And so you grew up thinking you failed and then labelled yourself a failure. This belief you then carried into your relationships, your finances, your health, your everything else.

Have you ever heard this: “Just because it says NAME BRAND on the box, doesn’t mean it’s NAME BRAND in the box.”
Well just because you labelled yourself as failure, doesn’t mean you are one!
You have been using the process to solve for X all your life and you don’t even know it! It is how you survived up until now.

What else have you learned in school that is not true about yourself? What other lesson have you misinterpreted? Life is always teaching and showing us amazing things. But if we don’t take the time to look beyond what appears on the surface, then that’s akin to looking up at the sky on a cloudy night and claiming stars do not exist. You may be missing out on some of the most beautiful things in life.

So the next time you hear someone say I HAVE NEVER SOLVED FOR X ALL MY LIFE, you know exactly what to share with them.


Be the instrument


“If you allowed yourself to be the instrument, instead of trying to create the music, you might just play the greatest symphony of your life.” Hitesh Surujbally



“Meditation is when the mind dissolves, the heart evolves and the soul resolves to nothingness.” Hitesh Surujbally

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