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Wheat Grass or Tequila


We reject the things that are good for us and accept the things that are bad for us.

Let’s use an example you may easily relate to. If offered a shot of wheat grass vs. a shot of tequila, what would you choose? If you were me, there isn’t a choice there, it’s wheat grass all day, any day. Yet most people would opt for the shot of tequila. Why would anyone want to put that poison in their body knowing full well its harming them? When you don’t know that you don’t know, then you are excused. But if you know that you know, then what is your excuse?

Whether it is wheat grass or tequila, you choose your poison over the medicine in which ever example you may think off in which ever area in your life.

People are so deep in the illusion that darkness is normal. If you were born blind, you wouldn’t miss seeing. Similarly if you were born into a world that is filled with so much negativity, then this becomes normal to. You don’t know any other way. A Beyonce concert sells out faster than a self development workshop. People are into temporary joy than life long bliss. The moment you see truth, love or light, you kill it. Of course you will as this is foreign to you. The light has become the monster. We want to fight it.
Imagine your eyes are blind folded for an hour and then I removed the blindfold. How will the light feel? It will hurt! You would want to close your eyes again. We do that with life. That which supports us, shows us the way, guides us to becoming more conscious beings, we shame and label stupid or we simply ignore. Marianne Williamson said it perfectly, “.. It is not our darkness but our light that most frightens us…” I understand that now.

The light, the truth, the love, will set you free. Open your eyes. See. Your eyes will hurt a bit. But you will awaken to a whole new world.

Its time to make different choices, choices that heal your life rather than steal your life away from you.

Wheat grass or Tequila sir?


Commit to living each moment with purpose


Imagine if you could commit to living each moment filled with definite chief aim and purpose. These ideas or concepts were introduced many decades ago by Andrew Carnegie and Napolean Hill. 

I would like to just briefly on those concepts by extending them to every waking parts of our lives. 

Imagine if you could breathe, but breathe with a purpose. Breathe as if every breathe you took saved another’s life. This would mean you be would grateful for each breath and the the breath you took would have such powerful meaning. It would also mean you become extremely present. 

Imagine if you could walk, but walk with purpose. Imagine walking from the bed to the bathroom, as if you were collecting the cheque for a milion dollars? Imagine walking from the desk to the printer at the office as if you owned the building you worked in. Can you imagine the grace, the manner, the power? What a strong, invincible state you will put yourself in. Make every step mean something. Make every step count. 

Imagine if you could speak, but speak with a purpose to inspire and empower. Every word uttered could transform an individual. You know that moment when you really needed someone to be there and there was nobody? Well, here is your chance to be that somebody to someone else. Speak with intention to create magic in another human beings life. Change them forever. 

Imagine if you could serve, but serve with such a purpose to leave a legacy that would echo a million years after you are gone. After all, “you die 3 times – the day your physical body dies, the day you are buried and the day your name is last uttered” – Unknown. Life your life such that you only die twice. You can live forever, through the way you live your life now, the way you serve and the way you love. 

Do everything in life with a definite purpose, have an aim to even the most tiniest of tasks. Imagine cooking a meal, as if you were Master Chef 2015. Perhaps you can only boil an egg, but make it legendary. Imagine driving as if you were Michael Shumacher, maybe not speeding, but drive like a champion, like a winner. Imagine playing soccer with your child as if you were Maradona. Imagine doodling on a piece of paper as if you were Picaso. Imagine adding the prices on the shopping list as if you were Einstein. 
Be the genius, the master, the legend of your life by making each moment purposeful. Live a life driven, by purpose, power and passion. 


Money sure can buy you some happiness


“If you think money cannot buy happiness, then you need to ask for more money.”
Hitesh Surujbally

I am sure many of you may want to disagree with me and send alot of hate my way, but you really have to unpackage that to understand it fully.

Some may say that money will not make me happy if I lost someone I love dearly.
You would be 100% correct on that. The statement says “Money can buy you happiness” it does not say “money can replace something in your life.” Money is not a substitute for anything in your life, especially a person.

I believe that money cannot make you a happy person, but simply make you a HAPPIER person. If you are miserable with your life now, then when you become a millionaire, you will be a miserable sod in a Porsche. You will just be a stylish miserable person.
However, on the other side, if you always are filled with gratitude and love for your life, and then you become a millionaire – there is a good chance you will quadruple your happiness levels.

Money CAN buy happiness. Here is what money CANNOT buy: Love, Peace, Joy, Bliss & Contentment. I call those the Big 5. As they are not emotions.

Someone who does not have the the basic necessities of life such as Food, Water Shelter, will find it difficult (yet not impossible) to find Love, Peace, Joy, Bliss & Contentment. When you are comfortable – and money does make us very comfortable – then you can focus on the inside, you can focus on finding contentment. In order to be content you have to be happy. In order to be at peace, you have to first surrender. Money can make you happy. Am I saying money is the source of all happiness? No way. Money is probably the last on that list. But can it? Yes it can!

Money is the vehicle in which you may experience happiness. It is a great vehicle that supports your experience of happiness. If I put a million dollars in your hand right now, will you be sad? Will you be emotionless? Do you want to say to me that that very thought does not put a smile on your face? Of course it did.
For how long will you be happy though? Well that is the question, isn’t it? The answer is you will be just as happy or miserable as your were about 2-3 months later. You always return to your average happiness. UNLESS you shift your average.

This is just to get you thinking –


You cannot make everyone like you


Trying to get everyone in the world to like you is as possible as a 2 year old coloring in the lines of a colouring book.

Even if you somehow managed to colour in the lines, they won’t like the colour you used. Even if you used the right colour, they won’t like the picture. Even if you used the right picture, they won’t like the brand of crayon used… It goes on and on…

No matter what you think, say or do, some people will still not like you.
Here are my 6 reasons people may not like you:

1. You remind them of someone they already do not like.
2. The misunderstand what you said or did.
3. You do something that they think they cannot do.
4. They judge you based on their moral and religious upbringing.
5. They see themselves in you, and have rejected that part of themselves and so reject you.
6. They just simply do not like you for no reason at all.

Instead of spending all your time and energy wanting to be loved. Spend all of your time and energy simply loving. You see, you cannot stop people from not loving you but people cannot stop you from loving them.

It was never really about colouring in the lines. It was always about expressing yourself through the medium of art and colour. It was about having fun and being creative and discovering how your world works with colour.

It was about not confirming to live restricted by the lines. From a young age you were limited to only draw between the black lines. Why? Break free! Colour outside. Who said it was wrong? Who taught you that? Who said life has to be like this or like that? Colour outside and be free.

Oh, people will label you stupid or silly or mad. But that’s okay, your painting is an expression of you. Never apologise for being you.

Just colour. Just be you. The more you are supported and loved, is closely followed proportionally by a percentage of people that hate you and want to bring you down. The voice on the outside is a lie. The voice on the inside is truth.

Only listen to the voice of the heart. The voice of the outside is temporary, while the one on the inside is eternal.


It isn’t easy but it is worth it


I have a client who is in a marriage that is not working out. All of the signs point to simply getting a divorce. She wanted to move forward with the process, when suddenly one day she says she wants to go for marriage counselling and save the marriage.

This is okay, as it is her choice to make and everyone should always do what feels best for them to do. However, I left her with one question, and that is “Do you want to save your marriage or save yourself from a divorce?”

I believe that when it comes to making big decisions in life that have a major impact in our lives, we tend to go with the less painful option. The choice of least trauma and difficulty. It is frightening. I know that. But the light is at the end of the dark tunnel. If you keep standing where you are, you will never move forward or get to the other side.

The Chinese have a proverb, “Rather live one day as a tiger, than a lifetime of living as a sheep.”

Do something incredible with your life. Make life worth living. What frightens me the most is living an ordinary and plain life. I remember reading (and I paraphrase) that religion is for those who don’t want to go to hell, life is for those who have already been there.
Heaven exists on the other side of “hell”, you have to go through life’s battles in order to experience “heaven”, joy, peace, bliss….

Do the thing you are scared to do. You will be supported and guided. Choose to finally live an authentic life. You only remember living once, why not make it a damn great memory?

It’s adventure time!


The sound of frogs


The sounds of 2 or 3 frogs are having an argument outside my bedroom window. It is the most annoying and irritating sound ever! Found myself getting upset…

Until I began to be grateful I could hear frogs making a noise. Suddenly noise turns to music in a nanosecond.

Where else in your life are you confusing noise for music?

May you live consciously, present to love at all times.


There is Pain in Wanting


I can guarantee you of one thing. That one thing is that all the pain you feel has its root in wanting something. Pain can only be experienced in the presence of a want. If you cease wanting then pain goes away.

It does not matter which area in your life you are working on or what the desire is. As long as you want something, then the absence of the thing over a period of time brings pain. Whether you are sick and want to be well, whether you are lonely and want a relationship, whether you are broke and want money, it does not matter.

Your happiness seems to be dependent on something that you need to have. Happiness is not a collection of things. The more you have does not necessarily mean you will be more happy. The richest man in the world is not the one who has everything, but the one who wants nothing.

In wanting nothing, pain disappears and is replaced by peace. You are at ease with what is. You accept what is and nothing is needed to change your internal state.

This does not mean you should not desire and dream and wish for things. It simply means the things you wish to own, do not own you. Having the item is an option not a necessity.

Are you in pain? Perhaps it’s time to let go of wanting and step in peace. Get to this space and you no longer have to want, because everything you need will be simply given to you.


Bless you.


I created it all


What you think about me is your problem.
How I feel about that thought, is mine.

What you do to me is your problem.
How I react is to that action, is mine.

What you say to me is your problem.
How I interpret that word, is mine.

So yesterday my dog got into my bedroom and peed on the bed for the 46th time. As you can imagine I was super pissed off and so I really shouted at him. While in the middle in my fiasco, my heart kicked into and began to override my mind. It whispered, “Isn’t this an opportunity to love unconditionally?”

I had to walk away and take a breather. I was making myself a victim of my history instead of being a master of my destiny, as Dr Demartini would say. After all who was responsible for the created experience? Who was responsible for the interpretation of the experience?

It was all me. No one was doing anything to me. Everything was and is happening through me. My life is nothing more than a projection of my own consciousness. If you stand in front of a projector you will see that the moving images and story are not real. It is just millions of pixels of coloured light put together. It is not real. So why get upset with a projection? Will you not watch a George Clooney movie again because he broke someone’s heart in the projection? Of course you would. You KNOW that neither the projection nor the story is real. So why do you react so negatively to your own life? Why do you believe the projection and the experience is real? If you are going to live, you might as well love.

I cuddled with my dog a little. I apologised. I did not need to forgive him. I created this after all. I forgave myself for being a victim. I thanked him for being there for me to love unconditionally.

When love fills your heart, miracles follow close by.

Practice and Live LOVE in every waking moment.

I love you.


Always choose Peace first


Do you know that story about the King who offered one son a million dollars and another a magical suit case with only one dollar, that doubled each day for a month?

At first it appears that the best choice is to take the whole lot of cash, but if you take the magical suitcase, you have half a billion dollars by the end of the month!

I will pretend to be the King today, and I have 2 options for you. I will grant any desire you wish, or I will bestow upon you peace. Think wisely before you make a decision.

Let me summarise the lesson for you.
The things you want may not bring you peace, but when you are at peace you will be surrounded by the things that support your peaceful state.

You never get what you want, you get that which you are. If you are anxious, more things and circumstances show up to match that. If you are at peace, more things and circumstances show up to mirror that.

Choose peace over the thing or object and you will receive far more than your heart could desire.


Be the best you can be in this moment


“You cannot become the best. You can only remember that you are.”
Hitesh Surujbally


I always believed that it was ideal to “be a better person, in which ever way, than you were yesterday.”
However I had the revelation last week that there is a fundamental metaphysical flaw in that statement. Can you see it?
I cannot believe I missed it!
You cannot be better than yesterday, simply because there is no yesterday. There is no tomorrow either. There is only now!

You can only be the best person you can be in this moment, now.

Trying to be better than you were yesterday is also very stressful and a fantasy because your body has an internal biorhythm, physical, mental, emotional. You cycle these rhythms over a period of time from weak to strong. Some days you may be physically strong, and another physically weak. Some days you may be emotionally strong and then mentally weak.

This means you cannot be better than yesterday, not just because there is no yesterday, but also because you were a different person yesterday. Just be the best you can be now. Give it your everything now, go the distance now. Comparing yourself to a perceived past is sure to set yourself up for disappointment. Go to bed knowing that today your gave 100%

You see, no matter what numbers or stats you are after… losing 2 more kgs, running 30 seconds faster, earning 500 dollars more, travelling 250 km further… These have NO VALUE.
What has real value are the things no instrument can measure: Courage, Strength, Determination, Perseverance, Commitment, Passion, Power, Love

Be the best you can be in this moment.

I love you.


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