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Aaaaah it’s oveeeaaas


1 in 10 people will go out and make today epic.
9 in 10 will think they are not 1 of the 10.

Reminding you it’s Chooseday.
I gotta feeling today is going to be a good day.  I gotta feeling…


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Ordinary vs Extraordinary


Let’s say that there are 2 types of people in the world: Ordinary (O) and Extraordinary. (E)
How do they differ?

O: Waits for Friday to be happy, usually hates Mondays.
E: Doesn’t know what day it is. Each day is party day. Each day is a day of celebration. Monday is a beginning of something amazing.

O: Has a million excuses.
E: Takes daily and consistent action towards their goals.

O: Looks for problems.
E: Looks for solutions or opportunities.

O: Selfish.
E: Selfless.

O: Thinks outside the box.
E: What box?

O: People pleases.
E: Self pleases and people servers.

O: Will open the door.
E: Will open your heart.

O: I don’t know how to dance.
E: Dances anyway cause it’s fun!

O: Visit a new country.
E: Visit their neighbour.

O: Says I love you.
E: Shows you that they do.

O: Finds a reason to be happy.
E: Never need a reason to be happy.

O: Goes to work.
E: Goes to work on their dreams.

O: Lacks faith.
E: Surrenders to a magnificent plan.

O: Complains abt everything.
E: Counts everything as a blessing.

O: Lives today
E: Loves today.

O: Thinks they need fixing.
E: Accepts themselves completely.

O: Worry about worrying.
E: Finds peace looking at a dew drop.

O: Will not share this message.
E: Will share and inspire others.

Are you ordinary or extraordinary?


Are you present?


On the treadmill at gym.
The machine stops. Gives me a very clear message:

“User not present on machine. Contact technician for assistance.”

I was in the future thinking about something. You can hide from yourself but the truth always reveals itself to you.
You take your stuff wherever you go.


Love is a bottomless well of infinite possibilities.


Foreigner asked,  “I wanna know what love is…”
Tina Turner asked,  “What’s love got to do with it?”
Haddaway asked,  “What is love, baby don’t hurt…”

Ok fair enough, what these singers are asking, is not the Love I speak of. But the questions are pertinent ones. Questions that have been asked by the greatest thinkers, philosophers and poets of our earth.

Love is the invisible golden thread that weaves a blanket of miracles.
When love is present, so is God.
Rumi said it perfectly, he said “Fear knocked on the door, love answered… No one was there.”
Hitesh Surujbally says it in this way, “Love is the answer, what is the question?”

What is love?
Love is Love.
How do we find it?
Just love.
How do we feel it?
Just Love.
How do we mend a relationship?
Just Love.

Love is not love if it’s not unconditional.
Shakespeare said, “Love is not love when it alters when it alterations find or if it bends with the remover to remove.”
I speak of Love not love. As I would speak of God not god. love and god are concepts and ideas. Love and God is.
Love is.
God is.
You cannot say anything more. It just IS.
Your cannot define it. You cannot put it in a box. You cannot label it. You cannot quantify it. You cannot find it.
So strange it is…yet it brings peace.

Love is the doorway to the pathway of peace.
No matter what you say to me I will commit to loving you.
No matter what you do I will commit to loving you.
The more reasons people or my mind give me to hate you, I will commit to loving you even more.

Love sets you free.
Lighthouse Family sang, “I wish I knew how it felt to be free…” The answer is simple. Develop a deep and unattached and unconditional and unexpectational Love for everything and everyone. Love is a bottomless well of infinite possibilities.

To love you is to love me. To give love to you is to give it to me.

Now when I always tell you how much I love you. You know why.

Love you more. No… I LOVE YOU MORE.


Hold onto love


People, objects, things, beliefs…
As long as we claim to own them, they actually own us.
So the master becomes the slave and the slave the master.
We only come into the world with love. It is the only thing we own. We have so much of it, that it has to be shared.
If you are going to clench and hold onto anything in this world, hold onto love. Become the slave to love and your life becomes filled with fields of miracles.


Life, a colouring book


There are colours in the light spectrum that we cannot see. We cannot see ultra violet or infrared. Just because we cannot see it, does not mean it does not exist.
What if your thoughts had colour?
Again I say to you: Just because we cannot see it, does not mean it does not exist.

Life is often compared to a book. With each page a new day and each chapter a new phase in your life. 
Maybe that book is a colouring book.

Are you making your life beautiful or are you simply colouring because you are bored or because the teacher said you must? Are you following me? Understand?

Perhaps you want to keep everything within the lines or perhaps you could create your own lines and colour those in!
Are you colouring a picture according to how other people expect the picture to look or are you creating your own masterpiece?

Are you sharing your book with people? Or are you keeping your joy to yourself?

Your thoughts create the life you have. Make your life spectacular. Maybe it’s been too much brown and grey for you.
Perhaps you have not even opened that crayon box. Did you even know you had a box full of other colours? Or are you just using what was handed to you?

You have a box full of thoughts. Each thought is a colour. What you think and how you think will determine your experience of life. Having a thought is one thing, picking up the crayon to colour is another!

May you be the Picasso of your life!

I’m hopelessly in love with you.


I am God’s hero


I grew up thinking God was my Hero.
And then I recently, secretly learned, that I was God’s hero too.


Searching for problems


Yesterday I was at my best friend’s place helping him sort out his computer. I got home and had to fix my own computer. It gave me this error message which roughly translated into “Hard drive error, click ok to fix error.”
So I clicked OK. Then I noticed something really odd! It began a search with a progress bar, which below it said, “Searching for problems”

I had a WOW moment! I realised this computer thinks and operates like most humans I know!
We think we have a problem, and when we find there really is no problem we go looking for something to be wrong. We look for a problem. We spend most of our lives looking at what’s going wrong rather than focus on what’s going right. Ingratitude kills your great attitude.
Maybe gratitude is great+attitude greatattitude. (copyright Hitesh Surujbally) 😉

So instead of looking for problems today…
Look for joy.
Look for bliss.
Look for happiness.
Look for love.
Look for peace.
Look for ease.
Look for satisfaction.
Look for fulfillment.
Look for understanding.
Look for forgiveness.
Look for tolerance.
Look for support.
Look for laughter.
Look for fun.
Look for inspiration.
Look for God.





What does that mean?
Some people think its ‘Hello’  in Hindu. Just a greeting like a lovely ‘Good Morning!’
Namasthe is not a greeting. It is way of connecting to another person.
There are many interpreta
tions of Namasthe, but they are really all variations of the same theme.
“The Divine in me sees the Divine in you”
“The God in me recognises the God in you”
“I honor and respect the soul/spirit in you, that exists in me as well”

Namasthe to me is a single word that when used,  breaks all barriers between you and the other person. It crushes the ego, looks beyond the body or mere appearance, and destroys all hate between two people.
Namasthe connects 2 hearts. It is a temporary agreement that we are one. Just for a moment we remember we are not separate. It is “I see you”  for what and who you really are. It is “I see me”  and as I would not want to hurt or harm myself, I would not want to harm you.
It really is the union of not just hearts, but spirit as well. 2 spirits engaging in a beautiful dance.
Namasthe reminds us of our truth. That we are beings of love. Connected eternally.

All of this happens in just half a second.



Nothing is real


When we sleep, we dream.
When we awake, we are still dreaming.
The only difference is, we think one is real and one is not, and so one appears more tangible and more permanent.

There’s nothing more real here. It’s all a projection of consciousness. A never ending dream, until we realise self.


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