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Be open to receive all that is yours


Good morning,

A man died and found himself in heaven with St. Paul. He was getting the grand tour when they came cross a pile of Royle Royces. He promptly asked St Paul who they belonged to. St Paul replied, “Oh, those were all for you and were scheduled for delivery but you refused to accept them.” The man was dumbfounded! He would never reject such gifts from God. “Oh yes you did,” said St Paul, “Remember all the times you dreamt of owning a Royle Royce, but instead just asked for enough money to fix your 1965 Beach Buggy? Or the time you finally decided to buy a new and concluded you could only afford a cheap second hand one?” St Paul continued giving him more proof of his refusal. The poor man held in head in disbelief. How he wished he had done things differently.

It is too late for him. But not for you! You are still here. You are still alive. God or The Universe wants to give you all you could ever imagine and more! Will you deny yourself such gifts? Are you even open to receiving? Do you think that you are deserving? Can you accept a compliment? I have told many ladies, “My word, aren’t you beautiful today!” The reply I usually get is something along the lines of “Are you mad? My hair is all over the place!” In that moment I know almost everything about that person. I know what their bank account looks like, I know the type of relationships they have and I know if they enjoy their career.

They are gifts waiting for you. When will your open them? We often think that we ask of God too much, but the problem is that we ask of God too little. You can never burden God or trouble God. God is your unlimited supply to all you could ever desire. But the mistake we make is that we think God works for us, but rather God works with us. God can only give that which you are ready to receive.

Sometimes the most beautiful thing could be right in front of us, but we reject it because we feel we have to sacrifice or give up something in order to receive that very thing. If it feels perfect go for it! Life gets better not bitter… if you open your heart to receive these precious gifts.

Here is a 2 step process to asking.
Let’s use an example for a car.

1. I AM the owner of a BMW M3 coupe.
Use I AM in your asking.
2. Thank you for my BMW M3 coupe which I have received.
Give thanks as if you have got what you wanted.

Try it. The delivery time of getting what you want depends on your ability to let go of your order. At no time do we ask for the money or dictate how we must receive. We simply focus on what we want.
Life is meant to be easy. God does the hard bit. All you have to do is LET GO.


Be Kind to yourself


Good morning,

I was preparing xmas lunch and was checking in my delicious roasted veggies in the oven….when I burnt my finger (nothing serious) .

What I did notice though was what I said and thought. Instead of the usual “Ohhh ****! You stupid ****en idiot!” I found myself saying “I’m so sorry Hitesh!”

I was so shocked at that I almost let the veggies burn.

The pain was not as bad as it usually is and the burn healed within a few hours.
Love always heals faster vs. anger, time, etc.

Our greatest enemy is ourselves. We hurt and abuse ourselves more than anyone out there. Imagine if you commited to just being kind and loving to yourself only. Your world will transform.

We are so concerned about how we treat others people and forget that we are people too! Watch what you think and say to yourself.

I love you.


To Forgive is to Forget


Good morning,

Have you ever heard someone say, “I have forgiven but I will never forget!” Perhaps that someone was you.
That statement is completely wrong because to forgive is to forget!
Forgetting is your yardstick to confirm if you have forgiven.

Listen carefully, you are about to learn so much about YOU. Things happen in our lifes. People do or say things to us which we label either positive or negative. Totally false, as all events are neutral, but let’s leave it there for now. When an event is labeled pos or neg, it has a CHARGE, like that of a battery. As you may know, your brain is an electro magnetic PC. This charge is stored in your brain as a memory, ready to be accessed 24 hours a day. You know this because when you worry you have access to this memory instantly. So let’s say someone did something to really hurt you. All you found were drawbacks without looking for the benefits to this event and you labeled it negative. This memory is now stored. All day you think about what this person did! Its runs your mind. Anything that runs your mind, ruins your life. If you take the time with someone like me to go through the event and find all the benefits, ie. You find all the positives, you bring the event into balance.

It’s like having an acid solution , which can burn your skin, and adding alkaline solute to it to make it neutral. When acid and alkaline are balanced in a solution you have a harmless substance: water.
When negatives (guilt, fear, shame) and positives (happiness, ecstacy, excitement ) are balanced in the brain (shift in perception) the memory is neutral and you have a harmless substance: Love.

When you neither see an event as pos or neg it no longer runs your mind! In other words your forget! The facts of what happen remain (as everything is stored in consciousness on some level), but not the memory. The memory dissolves! Like if you asked me 3 years ago, when did my ex and I broke up, I would say something like 23 days, 7 hours ago. Today I don’t even remember when we started dating! I have forgiven her and therefore forgot. That is true forgiveness.

It goes deeper: A course in Miracles says, “You can only forgive if you have something to blame.”
In the end you realise there’s nothing and no one to forgive. To get to a point where all you want to say to the person is thank you and I love you. Where all you want to express and feel in your heart is gratitude and love.
This is a process. Its a realisation. Its a shift. It’s not going to happen in a few seconds. This is my work and what I do with people. My message and work is all about getting to love.

Ask yourself, have you forgotten? Or have you not really forgiven? When you go through the process you will be amazed as to how many doors open up to you and how your reality changes.

Have a beautiful day.
I love you. I thank you.


Do you remember how great you are?


Good morning,

Your presence in the world is a present to the world. This is a secret many of you have forgotten when you took your first breath.

Let me take you back to the day you were born to remind you of what happened. As your eyes glimpsed the first sparkle of light, God whispered to you, “You are my greatest creation!”
Your reply was, “No I’m not…” and so began your first doubt of your own value.
You cried.
You cried because you felt alone. You confused that for the words all one.
You were never seperated from Source.
At that time you didn’t realise it…. But the wind stopped, the rain that fell on earth stopped falling, fire that danced stood still to a little flicker, the earth stopped spinning…But why? Because your birth has been patiently waited for millennia.

Legend has it that you will…
Change the world.
Spread love.
Bring joy and smiles to peoples faces.
Will show the world that they should follow their hearts always.
Will live like no king or queen has lived before.
Will do things people thought were impossible.
Will show the world how to be happy and blissful.

A few people consciously celebrated your birth. Unconsciously everyone knew it was a special day when you were born. They felt it in their hearts.

Throughout your life you were sent people to remind you of your truth. This message has found you to remind you of it again! You were always loved. Always supported. Is this not true? Someone was always there. Even if it was the the feeling of hope that echoed in your heart, “It is all going to be okay.”

You are a legend of all legends.
A miracle of all miracles.
Yet you deny yourself this truth because you cannot believe your own value.

It is time to honor your hearts song.
It is time to live your birth right.

What a privilege to know you!


It’s okay!


Good morning,

I meant to write this many weeks ago. But it’s only finding its way to you now.
There are 2 very peace bringing and powerful words you can use. You have used it all your life, but have never used in the way that I am about to share with you.
The words are: IT’S OKAY…

These words are really a suffix to a sentence you can use to bring you peace. Let’s take an example: It’s okay… I may not get what I want.
When you say the above sentence, what you are really saying is that you are okay with not being okay. You step out of resistance and into acceptance. You also completely surrender what is or surrender the worst possible outcome to Source or God. You are not giving up on what you want, but are merely allowing what you want to flow to you in a way that serves the highest good for all. The moment you say “It’s okay….” you no longer focusing on what you don’t want. You also are detaching from the outcome and the thing you want. These truths will set you free.

I believe there are really only 2 ways to live life. My way vs. God’s way.
I don’t mean to sound religious in any way. Besides God has no religion…
Let me elaborate on what is God’s way:
You get what you want without struggle. You can get what you want in an infinite number of ways. You get it when you are ready. It serves everyone. You always get better than what you asked for. You experience peace and bliss.
“My way” is the exact opposite of this.

Make your IT’S OKAY list this xmas and give yourself the gift of peace.


We live in a perfect world


Good morning,

We live in a perfect world. Our lives are perfect. Our experience’s are perfect. Our relationships are perfect.

When does it become imperfect?
That happens when we get lost in the drama. When we think we are only the actor… When are also the viewer or observer.
An actor is someone who plays out emotions. In life emotions create commotions. If we unable to control our emotions we are unable to control our life. Life becomes imperfect.

You are on this long journey on a ocean called life, on a boat called faith.
You will travel far and wide in life. In order to reach certain goals or achieve certain things you must reach different harbors.
No ship can come into a habor when the ocean is rough. A ship can only come in, in calm waters. Rough waters are signify storms. But every storm is followed by a rainbow. If your life is rough with many thoughts and emotions then you create chaos. You create an imperfect experience. Until you learn to keep yourself under control you will remain a ship out in the big ocean. Never reaching your destination. We can only do this when we stop being the actor and become the observer.

To observe yourself is to SERVE yourself in a way that brings you to what you want: peace. love. bliss.

Your ship has no engine. Neither do you need an oar. Put up your sails and let the wind of destiny guide you where you must sail too.

Trust. Be patient. It’s all coming together.

When I say I love you… I mean it. I hope that when it leaves my lips it finds your heart.

Blessed and beautiful day.

I love you.


Remain true to you


Good morning,

No matter where you go, or which city you relocate to, the world is trying it’s hardest to change you. There are external forces: circumstance, environment, friends, and media. There are also internal forces: thoughts, feelings and emotions. Strong minds and hearts never give in to either the external or internal forces. Weak minds are easily influenced and turned into something they are not.

To remain true to your self and hold onto your values, beliefs, goals, attitudes, dignity, honor…is the sign of a powerful person in a world that is continously tryning to change them or rob them of their power.

It’s important to keep asking yourself “Am I still me?” “Am I a better me?”
To be a product of the world is nothing special. You want to be you. You want to be you-nique. Don’t be a product of the world. Be a product IN the world. Imported goods are always more expensive right? And of course RARE.

Proclaim your rarity. Be unique. Stand out. Remain true to yourself. Hold on to what makes you YOU. You are loved for being you.

The world appreciates an original rather than a copy.

I love you for being the amazing and incredible person you are. Don’t change a single thing.


Change or Change?


had to share this…

I needed some change for a parking meter in Durban. So I took my R50 note and got some change at a nearby shop. A few coins to d value of R50.

So what do you learn from that?
Well… If you want change you are going to have to give up all the things that are holding you back (people, thoughts, beliefs) in order for you to receive something new. Change does not mean you lose anything. It means you transform something.

Chat to you tomorrow.
There’s inspiration in everything. We always find what we look for. Consciously or unconsciously.

I love you.


Which drink are you?


Good morning,

Yesterday I had a conversation with a friend and she says to me, “Hitesh you are like water, you are perfect as you are, you are pure, as in nothing but love, you give people life, and you restore them….” while my Ego was inflating infinitely I knew there was a BUT coming.
“but just like water you are too giving and freely available and like water you don’t realise your own value! ”

Life is such that when you divert from your destined path, someone or something grabs you by the collar and gets you back on track. A true master knows he is never the master, but always a student. And that everyone around him is in fact his own master/teacher.

Your life experience is a reflection of your own self image and the value you give yourself. So I got thinking, instead of being water in the ocean or water from the tap at home… I will be bottled water.
Still having all the qualities of water but there for those who seek me. For those who take steps to get to the fridge or that point. For those who are prepared to invest time and energy into bringing their life back to balance. Don’t be a xmas special or a buy one get one free or a discount bargain. Know your value and demand to be treated in accordance to that value.

So now the question is what type of drink are you? You can be bottled water as I am or perhaps something else, knowing that each drink has purpose and value.

Are you… :

Tea: Always there for people available in a cup or a huge pot. But often called on too much.
Coffee: People can’t start their day without you. You are rich in flavour and enjoyed.
Alcohol: You make people feel great when they need a pick me up.
Coke: Refreshing and cool. There in the good times to celebrate life.
Juice: Very sweet and provide great value.

Which one are you? No matter which you choose… Always remember the base of all drinks is….. Water.
Remain pure in heart, pure in spirit.

I love you.

Connecting to God


Good morning,

I was thinking about the things we need in order to feel connected to Source or God. You see you are either connected and you feel love and peace or you are disconnected and you feel guilt and fear. Some people describe this as feeling light or feeling heavy. You feel light because love and peace raise your consciousness. You feel heavy because guilt and fear drag you down. Everything in the Universe is energy. Emotions are energy in motion. (e-motion). All energy is matter according to Einstein’s E=mc2. All energy therefore has mass. All emotions therefore has mass! So feeling heavy and light are literal!

So we all want to feel peace and love. How do we do it? Follow the advice below:

1. Forgive. Who? Forgive yourself. Not others. You can thank others for being great teachers. But in the end only we need forgiving. Forgive yourself for the things you said or did. Or perhaps didn’t say or do. For holding onto the guilt and fear and torturing your soul. Forgive yourself because it is okay. You are done with all the pain. It’s time to let it all go. You have been holding your breath for far too long. It’s time to breathe again.

2. Send those that annoy you or hate you love. Love transforms. Besides, if you keeping having the thoughts you do about them, you will attract to you more of what you are thinking. What you think about, you bring about. Fear mutates and hurts. Love transforms and heals.

3. There is no battle for you to fight. It is only God’s battle. When did you decide to do God’s job? Was there a vacancy and you applied? Surrender it all to Source. All will be well.

4. Hold on to nothing! Here’s something very peace bringing. You can never lose what is yours by divine design according to the divine plan. It will somehow find it’s way back to you in ways least expected.

5. Stop telling people your victim story. Make up a new one. Even if it’s fake. Lie. Your word is your wand. What spell are you casting on your life?

6. Help someone else feel peace and love. If you do it for them, you are really doing it for yourself. It’s all connected.

7. Never give up on what makes your heart sing. Dreams are hungry babies wanting attention. Until you feed them you will never rest. Make them happen!

I’ll leave it there for now.

Make this Sunday one you will never forget.

Hitesh Surujbally

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