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10 truths about God


Good evening,

I feel its been days since I sent out a message. I been so busy and very focused on making a dream come true.

Allow me tonight to remind you on 10 truths about God.

1. God loves you infinitely and unconditionally.
2. Now matter how things may be, God really is on your team.
3. God actually wants what’s best for you.
4. Every thought, word and deed is the will of God.
5. That WILL, will not take you, where the grace of God will not protect you.
6. What is, is. So just be. Its God’s plan.
7. Its safer to tell God “As you will” than to give God instructions. God is the driver. No need to tell Him how and where to drive.
8. The urge to control things and people, and the spinning out of control emotions stem from ego. And ego is Edging God Out.
9. God is closer to you than your jugular vein. Closer to you than your own breath.
10. God is waiting for you with open arms, waiting to receive and carry your heavy burdens and worries. As much as we want to serve God, God wants to serve you. Do you understand how much you are loved?

Before you go to sleep tonight, I want you to remind yourself, how wonderful and amazing you are. You don’t need to sell how great you are. Those that you matter to already know. Those that need convincing, don’t matter.

Sending you all love.


Prayer of Love


Good morning,

My message is a message of Love. I have always told you this.
I have also told you that Love is the greatest healer, pain dissolver and conflict resolver.
There are many things in life that happen to you that we really have no control over. People get sick, people are horrible and mean to us. people leave us, we lose all our money, we get our hearts broken…you know all the things that happen to you that make you feel uncomfortable.
I always say, when there is nothing you can do, then do nothing. If you feel powerless in a situation, then perhaps it is time to let the power of God flow through you. “The Will of God will not take you, where the Grace of God will not protect you.”
So this morning. I have written out another prayer for you. Prayer for me is not a meaningless chanting or voicing of words with your hands put together, as you beg and plead to a God outside you. Prayer is the complete surrender to what is, and the knowing that God within is guiding you.
Dear God:
Dear God, I have no idea what to do
So I completely surrender my life to you
There are things that are happening beyond my control
Please bring peace and comfort to my soul
Dear God, there are people I love who are not well
Heal them, the way you healed me when I once fell
It is so hard to go to sleep at night
Show me to way to love with your guiding light
Dear God, there are people who are just so mean to me
There is nothing I did to deserve this adversity
I release all anger and hurt that I feel
I forgive them for what they do, for only love is real
Dear God, there really seems like there is no way
I ask that you bring some sunshine to my day
I know what is to be, is all of your will
Just this knowingness, will help me keep still
Dear God, I give into your divine and beautiful plan
From this moment my life is in your hands
Dear God, even if there is no one, I know there is you
Let’s do this God, help me get through!
Blessings and Love to you all,

Never the same…


Good morning,

This weekend I drove to Stanger. A little town on the north coast of KZN. This used to be a place I used to frequent, in fact I even stayed there for a while, as I ran a business there, and my ex girlfriend lived there too.

I’m telling you this because as I drove into the town, I realised I wasn’t in the same place I was before. I may have been physically there – but this place was different. How I felt inside was different, how I saw the town was different. I had the realisation that YOU CAN NEVER BE IN THE SAME PLACE TWICE. There is no going back on this journey in life. No reverse. Only moving forward. Even if you find yourself standing in the same spot you did 10 years ago, it is not the same. Its almost like we experience a new reality. A few years ago for me, driving into that town would be one of excitement and butterflies in my tummy. But this weekend, it was just another town. A few years from now, I will experience a different town based on where I will be then.

I realised another thing as well. I attended one of the most life changing courses this weekend. It was a workshop on Atma Kriya Yoga. In summary for me it is a science of realising who you really you, which is an embodiment of Love. When I met the teacher or Guru who was teaching the course, I did not recognise him. Until my friend said to me that the Guru says “he knows you from many years ago, you designed a website for him.”
I almost fell of my chair when it all came back to me! This was a doctor I had did some work for. So the second thing I learned was, YOU CAN NEVER EXPERIENCE THE SAME PERSON TWICE. People change, for better or worse. But people change. Who you knew then, is not the same person you know now. They are different in a billion ways. It really is a whole new person. A leopard does not change its spots, but humans do! The person that hurt you in the past is not the same person that you met again NOW. That person is gone. (Unless you are still vibrating with the same fear based emotion and you attract this person into you life to cause you pain)

Think about those 2 realisations I am sharing with you this morning.

1. You cannot be in the same place twice.
2. You cannot experience the same person twice.

Life is an ever flowing river and water you see in the river now, if not the same river you see tomorrow.

I love you very much.


Come as you are


Good Morning,

Last night my friend sent me a song by Nirvana, titled “Come as you are.”
I fell in love with that title right away.

What a beautiful thing it is to be loved just as you are. I’m not sure how many of you really understand the magic in those words. COME AS YOU ARE.
Those words are saying it does not matter what your hair looks like, how much makeup you have on, what scar you have, what you know or don’t know, what fears, insecurities or baggage you have, what car or house you own, what job you have, your sexual preference or what clothes you wear – You are loved and accepted exactly as you are. No need to change, no need to get any better, no need to be wiser – just as you are. ‘As you are’ means exactly as you are in this moment. In this now. Not your past you, not your future you, just YOU as you are right now.

When someone tells you to “Come as you are” they do not care about what the world thinks, they just want you there with them. What a beautiful thought that is. You are Appreciated for all you are. You are Accepted for all you are. You are Allowed to be all you are. AAA.

I sometimes go to the shop in my bedroom slippers. No one really cares hey. We judge ourselves more than any else. If you knew the truth about how much people really thought about you (in a negative sense) you would be pleasantly disappointed. People really are too consumed by their own life than you spend time thinking about all that’s wrong with you. But we magnify what they think about us don’t we?
So be you. Be free to be you. As I may have said to u before:

You don’t need to prove to anyone how awesome you are. You don’t to prove to anyone how special you are. You don’t need to prove to anyone how great you are. If they haven’t see it already, they never will. Rather give your time &  energy to people that do see you for who you really are, as u are.

Its 5am in S.A. Fancy an icecream?
Its ok, Come as you are.

I love u!

Love and Serve


Good morning,

Everyone comes to earth with a genuine and unique purpose…but I believe that there are 2 things we MUST do.
That is to Love and to Serve.

It is impossible to love without serving. And if you try to serve without loving – then that is not service at all. So to love is to serve and to serve is to love. They are both the same. A seed and a tree are both the same really. The seed is Love, filled with the possibility of all things. The tree is Service, where its serves unconditionally providing shade for people regardless of what and who they are and whether the people can give them something back or not. Even if you take it’s fruit, it will never stop you from enjoying it’s shade.

This is the true definition of Love and Service. Are u ffg?

I shared this with you before, some of you might remember, but its worth sharing again. “The greatest love is planting a tree whose shade you will never enjoy.”
That’s the act of selfless love and service.
Yesterday (and many days as well…)  An opportunity was presented to serve a girl. I’m so excited about this. There is no money involved, just a deep desire to want to facilitate the  awakening of the magnificent being that lies dormant within her. I’m not getting anything back from her, except the knowing that I loved and served.
Some people might think she is lucky, but I feel more lucky and blessed. Just fills my eyes with tears of gratitude that I can be an instrument in this girls life. I’m so happy I have her to serve.

The value of loving and serving does not always amount to mountains of gold. But there is at least a feeling of being fulfilled, alive, purposeful and connected to Source.

When the days draw closer for you to take your last breath, you will find that will ask yourself, “How many people did I serve? Did I feed someone?  Did I hold someone’s hand? Was I just there as a friend? Did I listen? Did I give them my place in the queue?

Pls my friends, Love & Serve




Good morning my dear friends,

Short and sweet today…

As long as you are relying on someone or something outside of you to make you happy, you will never be happy.

The period of happiness that you gain from the thing or person, (especially the person) is determined by how much they live according to your values, how much they live to your expectations and how long they live according to your lopsided perception of them being “only good”. (nice without mean, sweet without cruel etc)

Expectations, values and perceptions are always broken and lead to disappointment, pain and unhappiness. Never let anyone become the reason for your smile and happiness.  it is often said that when you make someone your everything when they leave you have nothing.

Real happiness comes from a place deep inside of you. You are the source of you happiness. And because the real YOU is an infinite source of love, you can be assured that this happiness will always be available for you. If you can find the same qualities in you that you find in “them” that make you happy or that you love – then you have unlocked the door to self-worth, self-value and self-love. The moment you own the traits, “they” become inseparable from you in the fact that what they are, is in you. There is no room for disappointment and unhappiness now.

Again – its all about owning your own power. Stop making other people more important than you. You are the main attraction! You are the star of the show! You are the reason the sun rises every morning! YOU YOU YOU.

Have an Terrific Thursday!

I’m on my way to judge some story telling by eThekwini @ Botanical Gardens. Looking forward to learning some speaking tips from the kids.


Home is where the heart is


Good evening,

“Home is where the heart is.”

Didn’t have a chance to send a message this morning, so I want to share with you a little message now.

This morning I had breakfast at the Beverly Hills Hotel in Umhlanga. It was fantastic to be served with love, by people who want to truly serve. The most perfect moment was watching the dolphins swim by and then take a walk on the beach.

This evening I has supper in the middle of Durban City in an Indian (I mean indian from india) restaurant called Little Gujarat.
What an beautiful end to the day. The food was just delicious as it always is. The owners always have a smile and serve with love.

I honestly don’t see a difference between these 2 places. I didn’t quite feel any different sitting in a place worth millions vs a place worth thousands. I also didn’t see the see the difference in the food. Honestly, a salad is a salad. Eating in a carrot in a 5star  hotel tastes the same in no star place.

Home definitely is where the heart is. Whether you are wealthy or not so wealthy,    you find happiness or sadness wherever you are. You find peace if you choose to find it. You find love where you choose to find it. You find trouble where you choose to find it.

You can be comfortable/uncomfortable where ever you are. Today was wonderful to see  how 2 groups of people serve the same. No one was better or worse than the other. All were just human beings – all having hopes, dreams, aspirations. Some bigger than others, others perhaps a little smaller.

3 things in life, I believe you should never forget.
1. Never forget where you came from.
2. Never forget where you going.
3. Never forget where you are.

Keep one eye on the past, to keep you humbled, to one eye on the future so you keep moving forward. But keep your heart in the present so it keeps you connected with God.

I give gratitude today to be able to share this human experience with some amazing people. #peace #love #joy




I’ve Got the Power


Good morning,

“It is not that we need to take back our power, it’s that we give power away.” Unknown

To give away your power is to give away your right to choose how you think and feel. You give away the choice of what you possibly want to do. In order words, you become a puppet in the hands of other people. This renders you becoming a victim of your history instead of a master of your destiny.

Power giving is a great hobby of most people of know. I know people that serve it like a buffet. It’s easy to identify power givers. They will find ways to talk about their misery. Just last week someone says to me “Life is very hard hey?” I thought how strange a question. Life is neither hard or easy. It just is. But on the other side of the scale, do you realise that no one says, “Life is beautiful hey?” Did you ever hear that in a conversation in the middle of a mall? Where is our focus? The more energy we give something (and power is energy) the more it expands. The more it expands the more of that we get.

With great power comes great responsibility. How many people do you know want to be responsible for their own life? Its easier to be a victim and look for blame and fault than own your mistakes and imperfections and grow from them. Power scares people. The same way that money does. 10% of the population earn 90% of the worlds wealth and the same can be said about power. We don’t have power or money, cos we are too afraid of how magnificent we can be. We are scared of our own light.

People who give away their power do not live in Love. They experience a world in which no one cares and loves for them. This is not true. It is just how they perceive it. They are usually single. 9/10 single people I meet claim to be happy single. I read people like an open book. They are lying. They yearn for a partner. Stepping into power gets you one step closer to finding/attracting a partner.

Own your Power. Do not let others decide your state. IT’S YOUR LIFE.


All in good time


Good morning,

There is an ancient Chinese proverb that say the best time to plant a tree was 10 years ago, and the second best time is now.
Last week I was thinking that we have been conditioned to do things in life at certain cycles/period or times in life and feel pressured to live by these conditions.
We have to have gone to varsity and completed it by the age if 24. We have to get a job by  the age of 25. We have to get married by the age of 27. We have to have kids before 30. We have to own a home by the time we 40. We have to retire by the age of 65. We have to die by the age of 90.
Somehow, if we missed those landmark ages, then we are considered failures, and we carry immense guilt and shame about it.
It is like you have a sell by date. You have an expiration date and become spoiled.
As I had mentioned to you before, life is a journey not a race, and there is no prize for the one the completes this journey first. Different things happen at different times to different people. Some will marry at 18, some will marry at 40. Some will retire at 65, some will retire when they die. Some will finish studying at 21, some will begin studying at 50. There are no late bloomers in life. People bloom when they are ready. Human beings have gestation period of 9 months. Elephants have more than 2 years!
Things happen when you are ready. It is a perfect moment when you are ready. One of my favourite quotes is, “There is nothing more beautiful than an idea whose time has come.” Yes time is an illusion, but the rhythm and perfection at which things happen is both an art and a science. There is a time for laughter and a time for crying, If you try to roast vegetables faster than the time it needs by turning up the heat, the result is burnt food.
Do not rush anything. We all going to one destination anyway, taking nothing with us. Do not fee guilty of what you have not done or achieved yet. Just like the sun, who rises at the break if dawn, goes unnoticed, so too will you go unnoticed when it is your time to shine. Right now you are being prepared for the greatest love, the job you will love, the health you will celebrate, the story you will share. I have always said to be people that even though my life has been filled with so much pain, some day in the future, I will make a profit out of it. Everyone wants a good story. I might as well give them what they want! It turns out…I already am.
All that is yours will be yours, in the time that is perfect for you to receive it.
This is an unchangeable law of the Universe.

God is a Taxi Driver


Good morning,

Yesterday I found myself thinking too much, and my mind was filled with thoughts that disturbed me. So I did what I usually did when I find myself in that situation. I went to the beach to meditate.

There are 4 reasons why I do this.

1. Being so close to a body of water is healing. You are mostly water.
2. The ocean has a high salt content, and salt clears out your aura and has being shown, scientifically, to draw to it negative ions.
3. I enjoy laying down flat on the sand, as I allow my entire body to be supported by nothing more than trillions of grains of sand. That thought humbles me. Connecting to earth also grounds me. 
4. The sound of the waves and seagulls are like a free live meditation CD I can listen too. 

So I fell of to sleep within seconds. In that deep sleep I had the following thought come into my mind, “There is nothing you need to do, no answer you need to find, it’s all just perfect the way it is.”

My response to that was an initial, “oh.”
What if there was no answer to find?
What if there was nothing to do?
Imagine, if you fully surrendered and allowed the magic to unfold. The image of going down a slide at uShaka here in Durban comes to mind. You can fight going down. You will hurt yourself and make the time seem longer on the slide by resisting and not wanting to be there and have a horrific experience. OR you can lay back relax, enjoy, and let the slide take care of you. Both options above result in getting to the same destination. In the end you get splashed into a pool.  Who rides the slide to get splashed in the end? NO ONE. You do it for the ride/journey. Life is all about the journey isn’t it? No one is doing anything to you or making you feel in a certain way. Only you can flip the “I’m miserable” button inside you ON.  I find when I stop trying so hard, and stop wanting things so bad – I experience miracles.

On the way back home, I read a taxi sign that said, “Can’t you see, it’s meant to be?”
I believe that there are messages all around, at any given moment. Pay attention. I get most of my messages from Taxi’s. If I told you how many decisions I have made based on taxis you would be shocked!  Sounds a little silly to base my life on Taxi graphics. But here’s a thought –
“What if God was a taxi driver?”
Would you mind Him cutting in front of you, or stopping anywhere? You know the answer to this. Perhaps God is a taxi driver.

God is also the billboard, God is a dj, God is the magazine. God is the thoughts you have. Listen. See. Feel. You are being guided and guarded all the time.

I love you.


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