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Love is the reason


Good Morning,

Love is the reason a rose blooms in spring.
Love is the reason, a bird in summer sings.

Love is the reason that rain falls on earth.
Love is the reason, that you were given birth.

Love is the reason you seek to help another
Love is the reason that you are a spiritual warrior

Love is the reason you have dreams in your heart
Love is the reason God & you cannot be apart

Love is the reason a mother cares for her child
Love is the reason why Lions are found in the wild

Love is the reason to be a part of something great
Love is reason that it is always never too late

Love is the reason, that all your wishes come true
Love is the reason, I write this message to you


PS.I know my poems are a little corny and a bit silly, but there’s love and wisdom it the words…pay a little attention to the message. Funny the paradox in life is that when you don’t PAY attention, it actually COSTS you.

PSS. Hitesh love you, remember that

Today is Beautiful


Good Morning,

Today is beautiful.

Yeah, today is beautiful.
Not because the sky is blue.
Not because the sun is out.
Not because I have food to eat.
Not because I have the best friends I could ask for.
Not because I am in love with the most amazing girl in the world.
Not because I have money in my pocket.
Not because I am loved and supported by the Universe or Source.
Not because I can see and hear.
Not because I am advancing confidently in the direction of my dreams.
Not because I have awesome brothers.
Not because I have understanding and supportive parents.
Not because I have so many opportunities to share my message of love.
Not because…

Today is beautiful. Because it just is…


Beautiful Mistakes


Good evening co-creators,

So, haven’t sent out a message today, as I have been really focused on writing, and then a journalist ended up interviewing me for more than 2 hours #:-s You can check out the main section of the Sunday Tribune for that.

So, I’m about 65% done with the new book.  🙂
Estimated date of Launch: November 2013.

I’ll share a quick message with you today.

I have realised that I have made some beautiful mistakes in my life.

I call them beautiful mistakes, because they are things I had initially regretted, but soon found the most amazing blessings in them.

We often find ourselves making mistakes – dating the “wrong” person, making a “wrong” decision etc. Instead of thinking of them as mistakes, commit to finding the value in them. The “best” decisions in my life have been the most beautiful mistakes I made.

I hope to make many more beautiful mistakes and I trust you will be joining me too.

Back to writing. I just wanted to give you some love. I just love you, you know that?


Morning Prayer


As the night gives way to the day
It’s a brand new start, so let’s all pray

Dear God, not that I want to tell you what to do 
But my little heart has this to say to you

There are those who are angry and hurting today
Show them that love and forgiveness is the way

There are those who have a broken heart
Show that soon another will walk with them on this path

There are those who seek to harm, those that seek to hurt
Help them please, from fear to love convert

There are those who have lost everything, they have even lost hope
Give them to strength, so no matter what they can cope

There are those who hate themselves and even hate others
Show them the truth, that we are all sisters and brothers

There are those who are lost, and some who even don’t want to be found, 
Fill their hearts with courage and faith so they find themselves home bound 

Finally I say to you God thank you for everything, the good and the bad
The times I was I was happy and the times I was sad

I am who I am  becos of all I have I been through
I wouldn’t have it any other way too

Hey God, if you ever need to talk, I am always right here
I may not be able to fix the world’s problems, but can always lend and ear

God…I love you so much.

Your buddy…

PS. If you get yourself a twitter account, you might get a whole lot more followers. Follow me @thetaxidriversa

Are you nspired?


Its 8:38pm in South Africa.

I have to send this message out because I feel inspired.

Inspired? What does that mean? How do you know you are inspired?

1. The hairs on the back of your neck stand on end
2. Your eyes fill with tears
3. You no longer believe in God. U now KNOW God
4. You have energy and can keep going all night (#clears throat)
5. You lose all excuses
6. The only thoughts you have are one of love
7. You feel thoughts and ideas flowing through u like a raging river
8. U feel powerful
9. You dance (and its not the vodka making u do it)

Leave it at that.

I love you – so much.


Natures Idea, Letting GO


Good morning,

In your inability to let go, you soon discover that you LOSE more than you think you GAIN. This pattern appears more than once in nature. The truth of life can all be revealed to you by sitting quietly, (in mind) and simply observing what you see around you – or within you.
Man has searched the coldest mountains and deepest oceans and widest corners for truth or God – but the answers are but just a breath; a heart beat away…

1. It is impossible to grasp water with your hands. In fact the harder you try to keep the water in your hands, by closing your hand, you are left with nothing. It becomes very clear after a while that the water cannot be possessed by you, and you may only enjoy it if you allow it to fill your hands without any struggle on your part. You simply open your hand, and let the water fill that space. It is not yours to own, only yours to satisfy your thirst NOW.

2. The story about the butterfly is well known. Ill summarize it here for you. If you chase a butterfly, it will elude you. In fact the more you chase it the FURTHER away it gets from you. However, if you sit in that very garden, if you are patient and let go of ever catching a butterfly- it will soon fly over to you and sit on your hand. You still cannot own it, you can only enjoy its company by allowing it to be.

3. How many times have you been out, and suddenly the weather changed from sunny blue skies to dark clouds and before you know it, it was raining harder than you ever knew. When this happens most people try to run out of the rain, they resist it – and the more they do they more drenched they get. You see its either you feel the rain, or you just get wet. If its raining, just enjoy it. Why deny yourself this fun and enjoyable experience? Which child do you know runs out of the rain? Have we forgotten what it is like to be a child? To live without resistance? To be in flow? One of my favourite quote is “Life is not about waiting for the storm to pass, it is abt learning to dance in the rain.”

Just remember, anything you try to own, will eventually own you, as you becomes its slave, torturing yourself over when and how you shall have it, robbing you of peace and a good nights sleep. Freedom is total detachment.

I only teach what I need the most. Very few teachers of this art will readily admit that. For it admits faults, vulnerability and imperfection. I want the world to know, I am just human. That even though I have access to the words that pass through me to you, I am on the very same journey you are on. Life is a journey, not a race. There isn’t a prize for enlighten and if you race through, you will miss the beauty.

All my love,

No attachment No expectation


Good morning,

Knowing spiritual law is one thing. Actually integrating it to be become part of you – IS a whole other thing, which can really only be accomplished with meditation.

Byron Katie is well known for teaching, “Loving what is”. To expand on that – To love what is, you have to accept what is, to accept what is, you have to make peace with what is, to make peace with what is, you have to surrender what is, and know that what is, is perfect and good for your higher self.

Any conflict or issue that you have with another person or situation is really only one with yourself. Therefore the only person you need to forgive and make peace with is really yourself.

Loving what is, means loving without reason, and loving without condition, and even more importantly – loving without attachment. It is merely being present with all that is in this moment, the way it is, never wanting to change a single thing. You look at the person, and you neither want or demand a single thing from them. You look  at situation, and you neither want it any differently or feel uncomfortable.

Today, commit to – no matter what anyone has done, or not done, said or not said, or no matter how the situation may appear – simply allow it to be. You see, when you do this, you become the most powerful person on earth. Your emotions are not allowed to create commotions. You come to know peace. You experience peace. You are peace. It is from here, that the doors to your every heart’s desire open. When I say here is mean -that vibrational state-

To Love what is, implies you have no expectations. No expectations on people. No expectations on outcomes. To expect is to attach, to attach is what the ancient Vedas and the Buddha said, brings about suffering.

There is only suffering in expectation and attachment.

We all want 3 things, to feel love, to feel peace and to feel bliss. Those 3 can only be attained in LETTING GO, and it is so easy.
Just decide. Make a choice. I have a zen like quote that says “When there is nothing you can do, then do nothing”
Be with what is. Love what is. and watch your world transform.

I thank a certain person, for really making me realise this. There are no paths that cross without reason. But always, let that reason be Love.

To this person I say – Namasthe – “The Spirit in me, respects and honors the Spirit in u”


Add a little Hope


Good morning,

This week has been a bit of a mixed response to my messages I had sent out.
Many enjoyed it, but most of the feedback I was receiving had the following 4 words:

“I have no HOPE”

So I got thinking about the role of hope in ourselves and what hope is, and where it fits in, into what I call the heirachy of infinite possibilities. 

Let’s look at this heirachy:
Hope > Belief > Faith > Know > Love

Clearly, one can see that Hope is the first step in this process. Hope says “I don’t know how, but it might be possible.”
Hope will whisper “Go on, give it a try.”
If a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step – then if you do not take the step, there is no journey. The strange bit about life is that we take the OBVIOUS for granted. Hope is that first step.

Hope is simply a dream that we have that something may be – just may be possible.
I believe that the very trait that makes us Human is that we have hope and we have dreams. No other animal has hope and dreams. Ask your dog. Go on…see told you! We stop being human the moment we lose hope and stop dreaming. We might as well be an inanimate object. The human spirit itself is HOPE.

If you have lost hope, you have allowed the eternal flame inside you to go out.
When a flame goes out, you are in darkness. You cannot find your way.

So does that mean you are hope-less?
Let’s not kid ourselves. The answer is YES.
But only for a moment. You see the moment that flame goes out there a thousand angels, if you will, some human, making their way to you to rush you to the ER to have an h-ope-ration.

There you will have a triple Hope bypass and ignite that flame of hope again.

HOPE, as defined by the Taxi Driver Dictionary is:

E*ternal Being

Got it? Good. Restore hope into your life. It’s the birth of all wonderful and fantastic things.

Add a little Hope, receive a lot of miracles.


How do you know your partner is the “RIGHT” one?


Good morning,

How do you know a partner is good for you? How do you decide if you should spend the rest of your life with them? How do you know if you are with the “right” person.

I love giving my top 10 tips, so here we go again.

1. Your partner will support you. No matter what it is you do. Even if the decision you are making might be crazy, they will honor and respect it.

2. Your partner will bring out the best in you. They will make you feel invincible, inspired and incredible. They bring out the best side of you. They make your light shine even brighter.

3. Your partner will do the things you love, even though they might be things they hate Simply because it is not the THING that matters, but simply being present with you to see you happy.

4. You would not require your partner to say the right words to make things better. Holding you is enough.

5. Your partner will communicate with you instead of assuming you read minds.

6. They know exactly when to give you space and exactly when to come back.

7. Your partner takes your side, and not their moms.

8. Your partner will show you off to their friends and publically declare their love.

9. You know all the good things about your partner and the most annoying things as well. But cannot live a day without them.

10. You start your prayer off with “Thank you god for my (partners nick name here) .

So – tis almost Spring…Love is in the air.

I love you.


Love today, deal with life tomorrow


Good Morning,

There are 2 things I really don’t like.
The 1st is the habit of smoking. The reasons for this are quite obvious so I won’t elaborate on that point. Just note I said the habit and not people!

The 2nd thing I don’t like, possibly a lot more than I hate the habit of smoking, is when people say:
“I’m will be staying away from relationships for a long time after this heartbreak!”

I just really don’t get that line. It assumes that every person you date is going to break your heart.  If you felt or believed otherwise then you would not say that. Each person and relationship is different.

To be in love, to fall in love, to experience love, to share love, to make love, is the most beautiful thing. There is nothing greater.

What joy is there is smiling, holding hands, kissing, staring into each others eyes, laughing, walking on the beach, sharing a sunset…

Don’t wait to get over your pain today to experience love tomorrow. Why do we do it in that order? Can’t it be the other way around?

Love today.
Laugh today.
Smile today.
Celebrate today.
Enjoy today.

Deal with your shit tomorrow.
(I do tell it like it is)

Stop dealing with your crap today and hope to experience the true gifts of life tomorrow.

If you only knew how powerful and valuable what I’m sharing with you is. It’s worth millions.

My prayer: May the person reading this experience the most heavenly love in their life.


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