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Peace is letting go


Good Morning friends…

The greatest freedom is in the knowing that no one is ever doing anything to you.
This spiritual law then makes the following statements/questions null invoid:

“How could they/he/she do that to me.”
“Why did they/he/she do that to me?”
“I don’t know why they/he/she treats me like that.”

The quicker you come to the realisation that it is all you, the sooner you start to take more responsibility of your feelings and circumstances in your life. We teach people how to treat us – and as you may already know communication is 70% non verbal.

The degree of “love and support” that u allow yourself to receive from the people in your life is directly proportional to the amount of love and support you give yourself.

Now replace the words “love and support” above with any of the ffg:
respect, attention, time, energy, confidence, opportunities, peace…and it goes on.

People can only reflect to you that which is in you. That which is you. 

So in reality, there is no one to forgive but yourself. There is no one to be angry with, there is no one to hate, no one to curse…

Wayne Dyer says “Infinite patience gives you instant results.” What this means is not that you will immediately receive what you want, but when you have infinite patience, you let go; peace becomes yours permanently. Isn’t peace what we all really want anyway? Really. Because when you have all the money in the world, all you may want is a good nights peaceful sleep without having to worry about who will take it all.

Make peace with yourself & you shall make peace with world.

Peace. Peace. Peace.
Or as it is said in Hinduism…

Om shanti shanti shanti


All about the heart


Good Morning!
The Heart. <3

Here are things you may not have known abt the heart:

1. It has more neurons than the brain. Neurons are brain cells. So when Master Jesus said “As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he.” He knew what he was talking about.

2. The Heart has a bigger electromagnetic field than the brain OR any other organ for that matter. Ur heart has the capacity to power up an entire city for Days. Remember the Matrix? Remember Duracell? Remember what the Aliens used us for? There is nothing fictional in that Movie.

3. The heart is where the soul sits. It is where the real you is. That is why when people ask “Who are u?” U place your hand on your heart area n say “I am the most magnificent being alive!” You would never place your hand on your belly or your head or your nose or your bottom! (Hehe bottom – Despicable Me 2)

4. When your partner leaves u, ur heart doesn’t break. That thing can take a pounding! Trust me! If it broke you will be dead. Heartbreak is a dis-ease in the body due the lack of the hormone dopamine. In other words you are having withdrawal symptoms. You’re an addict. With time u chemically readjust.

5. Ur heart gives out a vibrational pulse that determines the things, people & resources that u draw to u.

6. When we say “Follow your heart” what we mean by that is: Your soul is a minute essence of God. A particle of God. A cell of God. No wait,hold on, I’m writing this all as it comes through: Who is to say that it is a small part of God? The word small is a SIZE. Size is a variable related to time and space. We cannot find God in time and space.  How do we know how big God is? How do we know how small God is?
God is as big as the universe (which is ever expanding) God is as small as planks constant (smalled know size to man). So, it may just be, as the ancient texts says: GOD is really in ur heart! NOT JUST a part of him!  Follow your heart = Follow God within

There’s so much more! Attend my seminars or workshops to hear more about the heart. Ill leave it there for now!


No such thing as being alone


Good Mor….ok Good Day!

I’m not late, I’m on time. Exactly the time this message needs to go out. 😉

How do I decide what to share? It’s simple. I close my eyes. I become still. I receive a feeling or single thought, & I start writing.
It is when we are silent that we hear the most.

How many times have you heard someone say: “I feel so alone.” Or “I feel so lonely.”

This is the biggest lie we tell ourselves. You have trillions of cells in your body supporting you. All screaming GO HITESH GO! (Insert your name). There aren’t even a trillion people on earth. Yet look at your fan base! & all of them doing all they can to keep you alive. To help u live with purpose & power!

The word alone is another lie in its description. I just realised as I type this that ALONE, really is ALL-ONE. It means in your moment of feeling alone, you have an opportunity to feel one with everything & everyone!

You build walls around you and box yourself out from the world & on top of it all you burn all your bridges. But that’s okay. You wanna know why its okay? Because even though the river the bridge that was made to cross is raging and filled with crocodiles and tiger sharks, there are at least 2 people who just jumped in there to swim to you! Why? Because even though you don’t know it, they just love you. Why? They don’t need a why. They just do!

Human beings aren’t meant to be alone. You see love is bridge that connects you to I. That is why we say I love you. If both people stand on either end, sooner or later I will come to you, or you will come to me. Human beings are like that.

You aren’t alone. In fact you are crowded! All you need do, is reach out.

And sometimes, all it takes is a little…

Have a Funtastic Friday! Enjoy the Durban July to those attending.

Remember: If you driving don’t drink, or if you drinking, find me there to share!


Hello 🙂

I don’t know


Good Mornings!!!

There are 3 words I hear everyday, by most people I engage with. Unfortunately the 3 words aren’t “I love you…”

In fact the 3 words that I do hear, are probably the most annoying sound us human beings make. So what are these 3 words? It is:


When someone says this horrible horrible sentence, what they really mean is “I am scared to make a decision,” or “I am too scared to accept the truth.”

The moment you say or affirm you don’t know, you immediately become a victim of things, people and circumstances by default. Ignorance is bliss to the extent that what you don’t know won’t hurt you. The food is always delicious at a restaurant, until you look at the kitchen.
However if you don’t know and you remain ignorant, do you realise that nothing happens in your life? It stops. There is no growth! When people ask me what I do, I usually reply by saying, “I give people information that leads to inspiration, that results in transformation”

It starts with being informed. Information or KNOWING is the first step to change. If you don’t know that you don’t know, you can be excused. If you know that you don’t know, then what is your excuse? BUT if you know that you know…there is no excuse!

When you say “I don’t know” then who knows? Well, someone will know. That someone is the person that will make decisions for you, and I can’t promise that you will like what they decide for you. If you say you don’t know then you are denying yourself of a life experience of something you could enjoy.

I asked someone that I went to the movies with (Man of Steel, check it out, LOVED IT!), if they would like popcorn. They replied, “I don’t know” It turned out that the person did want popcorn, but did not want to wait in the long line. So, after I decided I WANT POPCORN, I took out my S3 (Love this too), and I opened up app and drew a line and I said to the person “Never let a stupid thing like a LINE (pointed to it) deny you from having anything you want. Can you see how much power we give away? And we give it away to really silly things.

See if you can catch yourself saying “I don’t know” and when you do, ask yourself what are you afraid of? Its always some fear. Get into the habit of knowing.

What would you like to order?
I don’t know. (Wrong answer)
What are we watching?
I don’t know. (Wrong answer)
What are doing with your life this weekend?
I don’t know. (Wrong answer)
Can you help me?
I don’t know. (Wrong answer)

I never want to hear these words again.




Good Morning,

99% of what I share with you I make up when I wake up each morning.  We each live in our world, and my world, which you all get a peek of almost ever day, is really quiet interesting. The way I see things and engage with the world is really exciting.
For eg…I wish you could see the beauty of your spirit; how your light shines – especially in times of adversity.

I also look at words and decode them. I think we speak a language so we can be understood, but one that we have never taking the time to UNDERSTAND.

Have you looked the word –

Let’s break the words up.
EX – something from the past
PER – an allocated time in space
I –  an illusion of separateness from the world
ENCE – an engagement of the senses

So, to give you my definition of this word: An experience is an activity which has taken place in the past, in which you thought affected only you, that you have committed to memory because you have linked one of your senses to the activity: sight, hearing, smell, taste, touch.

By this definition, you can never ever experience something in the present moment, EXCEPT – peace & love.

Peace & Love immediately connects you to people. You forget you are separate. When you lose all your senses, the world seizes to exist, what is left is Love. Love is a product of being present and is not something of the past.

I am sharing this with cos in this absolute moment, you cannot experience heart break, you cannot experience being broke or without money, you cannot experience being unwell, you cannot experience being disrespected or used.

“Oh really? bull s***!”

Yes really. How many of u really taken the time to be present? Try it.

Its beautiful.

Look at how bright colours are.
Feel how crisp the air is.
What a blessing to hear a baby laugh.
How amazing to see clouds.
Mmmm…the smell of morning coffee.

The experience of your past does not teach you anything about the future. It was an experience based on your then vibrational state. Not the truth. Eg. Your partner cheating on you, does not mean, all partners will cheat on you. Now please understand, touching a hot plate in the future will burn your hand, playing in traffic again, will break your bones!
That is fact. Your experience with the world is a fluid like unstable state of infinite possible truths that change to fit the shape of your consciousness. Shift in consciousness, shift in the experience.

So be here. Be here now. Be here now in this moment. Be here now in this moment becos it is all you have.


How you see things


How are you seeing things today?

I have said this before, n I will say it again. If I could choose to teach one thing in this lifetime, it would that “perspective is everything.”

At any given moment, you see yourself from any of the following perspectives:

1. How others see you
2. How u think others see you
3. How you see yourself
4. How you think you see yourself
5. How you REALLY are.

Go through the 5, and ask yourself how u are seeing yourself in the moment. How u see yourself is determining how you FEEL in that moment. If you don’t like the way u feel, keep moving through the 5, until you reach number 5.

Here’s what I think about numbers 1 & 2. For those of you that know me n have attended my seminars, know that I’m free n open, so I’m going to be me here. What people think of me, is none of my business. The truth is, opinions are like assholes, everyone has one, some bigger than others. I don’t give a flying fuck about peoples thoughts about me. (I am open to constructive criticism though)

Number3: How you see yourself, is based purely on the believes, values n morals you have accumulated over the years. Change that and how u see yourself changes!

Number4: as per prev message. I don’t believe everything I think!

Number5: You were born to be you! So be you! The magnificent being you are. 2 special people in my life call me a magician (Besides the fact that I actually am), but they call me that becos I know that everywhere I go n in everything I do, I create magic. Not because I believe I am awesome, but because I know it.

Have a perspective changing day!

I love u,

Who will cry..when you die?


Good Morning,

Robin Sharma wrote a book called “Who will cry when you die?” I haven’t had a chance to read it yet but isn’t that an interesting title?

If you knew that today you would die, what would you like to say? I asked myself that question and I would only say 4 things. All alignment with the Ho’oponopono teachings.

It would be:
1. I’m sorry
2. Please forgive me
3. Thank you
4. I love you

This is to all the hearts I have broken. But I’m only a little sorry, for I know that that which breaks into pieces, can be put together to make a beautiful mosaic. This apology is also to those I have been rude to, mean, cold & have hurt unconsciously and especially consciously. It was never ever you. I must have been having a bad day.

This is to myself. Hitesh, you did the best the best you could, and for all the times you pushed yourself and were too hard on yourself, I forgive you. You never needed to be the best in the world. You only needed to be the best you could be. Dude, I don’t care what anyone says, YOU ROCKED!!!

This is the hundreds of teachers who have come to my life in various forms. Especially all the kids in the various orphanages I have had the chance to visit. You have shown me that the most precious thing in the world is a hug. Thank you. When you hug, your heart connects with another. Literally.

To myself. To my parents. My brothers. My grandmothers. My family. My friends. I have only as many friends as there are letters in the word FRIENDS. To those who have believed in my dreams, and to those that didn’t, for both have pushed me towards achieving them. To those that have dared to dream. To those who have decided to follow your heart. I am your biggest fan.

So that’s it. It’s your turn.

Who will cry when you die?
If you knew today was your last day on earth what would you say?

Hitesh Surujbally
Human Being & Dream Maker

Finding Peace


Good Morning,

Sitting in my flat here, in the middle of the CBD, all I hear around me is noise. Cars and trucks moving up and down. Hooters being put to their best use. Brakes being tested. People shouting. Its mayhem out there. Yes it alive, but its just crazy!!!

However, I make one other observation. That while total chaos goes on, on the outside…I sit still, in the lounge, literally on the inside. The only noise being the traffic of a few unwanted thoughts.

I could easily allow the chaos to drive me to feel anxious, annoyed & frustrated! How do I meditate with this noise! Damn these people! OR I could detach from the story in my head. Instead of allowing people outside me, circumstances outside me to dictate how I feel, to dictate my experience…I could bring the focus to me, focusing on each breath I take. Feeling my heart pump life force through my veins. Feel the subtle energy of aura around me.
Suddenly, the noise on the outside begins to quieten. Peace fills my being. I become the calmness I seek.

Why let the stories in out head control how we think and feel? Why let the NOISE of circumstances and people take away our freedom; Freedom of peace. Bring the attention back to you. Own your thoughts. Own your feelings.

Peace is the stillness between thoughts. The place where no thought exists.
When you no longer are plagued with thoughts of ” DO something, BE someone or HAVE something.” It is when you just are. No story. No people. No situation.

You can experience peace right now. Focus completely on breathing in. Notice the journey of the breath. Into your nose. Through yourr nostrils, down your neck, into your lungs, feel it reaching your abdomen.
Now focus completely on the journey of the breath out.

You mind can only entertain 1 thought at a time. Focusing on breathing, means it cannot think of anything else.

So you can’t think of a pink elephant and think of work.

Unless you think of a pink elephant at work with you


My Dictionary


Good morning!

You must have heard or Webster’s Dictionary, or even Oxford Dictionary…but I bet you haven’t heard of HS Dictionary.

HS, obviously named after me \o/ contains 2 sections. Part 1: Words that Empower. Part 2: Words that Disempower.

I want to share with you a few words from
Part 2, as well as their definitions/how it is used/description.

1. IF: a word used at the beginning or middle of a sentence to give you the biggest BS story and excuse as to why a task/project/dream has not been achieved.
2. BUT: any words used prior to this word are considered null in void. People who use this word love to waste time n always find a need to justify themselves. No one cares. Say what you must, be honest n move on.

3. MAYBE: In a nutshell, what this person is saying is “I’m too scared to make my own decision, because I always screw up. I will let you decide for me, so when I don’t get what I want, I’ll have an extra excuse as to why my life is miserable.” OR “I’m too afraid that my answer will upset you, so I rather have you always like me and keep my thoughts bottled up, carrying guilt & shame, than deal with the truth.”

4. TRY: a weak attempt at something you don’t really want to do. Becos if you really wanted to do it, you would just damn do it & not try! This is the most horrific word any person can use.

5. VICTIM: a person who continuously accuses, blames & complains about their life, without seeing the hidden blessings & taking responsibility for their own life.

6. PROCASTINATION: a form of masturbation. In the end you only f****** yourself. Just telling it like it is!

7. CAN’T: a total disbelief & lack of faith in oneself to do something everyone else knows they can do.

8. FEAR: a group of thoughts about the future and a false perception that something is more negative than positive, has more pain than pleasure, more drawbacks than advantages.

9. FAIL: the result/outcome of something based on 1 possible way of getting it done. This does not include the other 999999999 ways.

10. LUCKY: a false belief that God does special favours or the stars were in the correct alignment, or the accumulation of good deeds done in the past or past lives.
Being Lucky really means you are prepared when an opportunity arrives and you take action to support yourself.

HS Dictionary. Available at all good stores.


Have faith in the Universe


Good Morning!

When you go to bed every night, how do you know you will wake up in the morning? Well, you really don’t know, do you? How about this question, “How do you know that you woke up?”
Life is nothing more than a perpetual dream. What dream are you dreaming? OR perhaps this dream you dream is a nightmare.
How do you know that the car you drive will not stop in the middle of the freeway with all four wheels spinning off in 4 directions? You don’t know.
How do you know the roof that you see above your head, will not, in the next 5 seconds, collapse on your head. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5…Sjoe! That was close! You didn’t know for sure either.
How do you know that the the R100 000 that you have in your bank account, is still there, and your account has not been hacked? Well, again you don’t know.
How do you know that your partner that you are dating or married to for 10 years is committed to you? Well, you don’t know for sure, can you?

I can go on, but I think you get the point by now. There are 2 important points of note here. 1. Nothing in life is ever certain and 2. You just got to have Faith.
Isn’t it strange how we trust the Builders who build our house, but fail to trust in the process of life? Isn’t it strange how we trust Mercedes to bolt on the wheels, but fail to surrender that even this hardship you experience will pass? Isn’t it strange how we have complete faith in the bank to look after our money, but doubt that The Universe / God is taking care of you like the most precious thing in the Universe?

We all have faith and trust in something. Perhaps too much of trust in the things that really don’t matter.
Never doubt that you being looked after, even in the moment of total mayhem and adversity. It is especially in these moments that you are given love and support. Pay attention to the people that you have brought into your life. Look at the resources that have suddenly become available to you. What about the thoughts and ideas that have popped up from “nowhere” Is it nowhere or is it coming through you rather than from you.

There is nothing certain in life, expert that it is certain you will be taken care of.
Faith is the belief that no matter what your past experience dictates, and no matter what the outer voices say, or the voice of fear whispers, you KNOW all will be well.

Have a beautiful day.


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