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How we lie to ourselves



How many times have you said to yourself “I wish I had time for my family or I wish I had time to play soccer with my friends”
or a variation of the above?

No time hey? Life is just too busy? I mean I have I no idea what u have going on in your life right? Where are you going to find the time??

Let me tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. Human beings behave in exact accordance to their values. You honor your highest value first and find excuses to not honor the your lowest values. In other words, you always find the TIME, SPACE and ENERGY for the things you LOVE. There are no excuses. You are never too busy to do what you love or spend time with people you love.
So while you might THINK you love your family, are you spending time with them? Or is work and career higher on your values? Remember there is no judgment on you. U are not a bad person based on what you value more. But it helps you really understand who you are, and what you values are. As Dr Demartini says, “the heirachy of your values, dictate your destiny”

What is really awesome is that you can reprioritise your value, and shift them to live the life your want. BUT I ask you not to be frustrated that you do not have time to do the things you love. Because the truth is, you already are doing the things you love. Human beings love being victims. Its great to not live out dreams and complain about how miserable our lives are. Well, that’s what we lie to ourselves. Little to we know, the greatest joy lies in living out our heart’s desires.

So stop lying. Get real about your life. Stop making excuses.

Here’s an important realistion:
You have not got what you always wanted, because if you really wanted it, you would have already got it.


Love is always present


Hello my friends,

Today’s message is one very close to me. I write this from the South West corner of my heart.

The idea that you gain and lose love, is the biggest lie that you have been fed. Your experience of having and not having is a perceptual one, which is co-related to how much guilt & fear vs how much love & gratitude you feel. Anytime you have love and gratitude fill you heart – you are connected. Connected to what??? Connected to yourself, Connected to God, Connected to every human being you have known, know, and will know. In other words, there is this eternal bond you share with people. Even if you feel that you are not experiencing love, know that the love you seek is on its way. Rumi says it so beautifully, “What you seek is seeking you.”

Everyone you meet is a perfect expression of that part of you which you either express or suppress. So there is no running away from yourself. The truth is that when there is love flowing through you, its mandated by the law of the universe, that love flow to you! However you must keep CONNECTED. If you believe you have lost, you will experience “loss” You will experience loneliness, you will experience separation, you will experience heart break.

If time and space are both illusions as I have talked about you before. Then isn’t it true to say, that even if the person you love is in Dubai, in another country miles away, and it would take you 7 hours to get there… are actually always with them? And that as I always say, Love is the bridge that connects you to I, therefore we say I love you. Love is always present. Love is so beautiful and love never hurts.

Treasure each moment you have with someone, and be present in the moment that you share with them. I once spent a day with the most amazing person.
Before I left, I said to her, “I have spent 8 hours with you today. In some place in this universe, time is moving so fast that the past 8 hours, was a lifetime and if we were there, I have just spent a lifetime with you, and I will never have it any other way. I love you”

True lovers never go in search of each other, because true lovers know that each other already is within them. If you get that, you will be awed.

I love you,

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