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Valentine’s day 2013



This year on Valentine’s Day, I am what people would call “single”.  I don’t like that term very much. To me single means there is something missing, as if I am incomplete and separate.  However the truth is, I feel very much complete, whole, connected and everywhere I look, I see love. I have either been very blessed/lucky to love and be loved my entire life OR I always look for the love, and I find it. I prefer to accept the latter. We always find what we look for, no?

You have no right to complain!



“You have no right to complain!” This was the thought in my head all day today. What gives us the right to complain? To complain about anything. I decided to take a little breather, and go out for a while – the last few weeks have been a bit crazy, so it was great to be out. I didn’t realise though, that the Universe wanted to teach me another lesson in gratitude & about the nature of reality.

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