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Sometimes we have to stand by and watch people screw their lives up


Dr Phil says, “Show me your past and I will tell you your future!” While I do not agree with him whole heatedly – because people CAN change and DO change. But let’s face it – for change to occur you need one of 3 things. Massive pain, Having no other choice but to change and a feeling of being inspired or motivated. If one of these variables are not met – change will never happen and the person will continue to do the things he/she always did – hence Dr Phil’s statement above. In this sense human behavior is generally predictable. I have observed thousands upon thousands of people over my lifetime and I can you what a person is, how they feel, what their beliefs are and how they will react to certain situations by talking to them for 5 minutes. I have almost got it down to a science. Maybe one day I will have it published.

Take me to LALA land…


This weekend I was on a set of a locally produced movie here in South Africa. I was asked to bring in some comedy to the movie. I had tones of fun and made some awesome new friends.  Apart from doing what I love, which was performing, – the highlight of the day was when I was telling someone what I do. I was explaining to someone how I get people to follow their hearts and how I assist them to make their dreams come true.

This caught the ear of a little girl. She must have been around 10 years old. She turns to me and says, “My dream is to wake up in LALA land, can you make that dream come true?” I must admit – I just smiled and the girl and thought how sweet. However, I did not have an answer for this girl immediately. In fact, I was stumped for a few minutes.

My mind began to process what this little girl just said and my soul went on search for answers. This girl took “making dreams come true” quite literally. She was referring to “lala” land that we go to when we go to sleep. A place filled with unicorns and rainbows, candy and toys. Those kind of dreams.  The dreams we have at night. This girl was asking me this question, because she KNEW it wasn’t possible. A very smart girl.  Of course in my work, I do not make lala dreamland dreams come true. I make peoples innermost hearts desires come true – which is finding a loving partner, doing a job that they love, feeling healthy and well, enjoying happiness and joy, getting a new house, achieving goals, etc.  Most people I meet are like this girl. They come to me, very pessimistic and they do not believe in their own dreams and do not even believe in themselves. They do not believe that their dreams can become a reality; and so they only live them in lala land.  They lack hope, faith and determination.

The first key to making dreams come true is: BELIEVING. When this is lacking, it is really impossible to make anything possible. Having belief is like having a single lit candle. With that one candle you can light up a million other candles – and brighten it up such that you can see the entire picture.

Remember that it’s not really the dream we are after. It is not the car, house, partner, job, or money. It is always what these mean to us, and how they make us feel. So while I may probably not take you to lala land – with rainbows, candy, toys and unicorns – I will take you to a place where you will feel what you would feel AS IF you were in lala land.  Unfortunately feelings cannot be packaged and sold. It is unfortunate that LOVE cannot be rained upon nations and that faith cannot be channeled through taps in our homes and that enthusiasm cannot be drank as much as coffee is.  But we can do things to bring out those feelings.

For now, why don’t you let me take your hand – I will believe for you, I will hope for you, I will light the path for you – and when you are ready – you can believe and hope for yourself – because in the end, you have to decide if you want to walk the path. My dream is to make your dream come true – So I will walk besides you – but you must be the one to decide if you want this. If you REALLY want this.


Until we meet next time, sweet dreams…



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