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Infinite Patience


One of my greatest mentors, Wayne Dyer, says that if you have infinite patience, you will receive immediate results. What does he mean by this?

Can you love yourself?


I recently removed all the hair from my head – leaving me quite bare on the top. This is just something I just decided to do – I love doing different and spontaneous things. It felt pretty awesome. However when my friends and family saw what I had done – the comments ranged from one of shock, to disgust, to “oh God what have you done” to one comment that led me to write this little blog post – “Can you honestly tell me you can look into the mirror and say you love yourself?”

I am that which I see


There is nothing and no one in our reality that is not a reflection of what we are. We only see things (situations) or people that reflect our inner most dominant thoughts. Think of people in your life like mirrors. When we do this, we come to see that no one does anything to us, that we do not do to other people or we do not do to ourselves – either consciously or unconsciously.

We then lose the victim role and stop blaming other people for what they do to us. When we look into the “mirror” we see that which we are, that which we judge and that which we deny ourselves to be. You will inituially see things which you will deny that are in you. Are you mean, nasty, cold, bitter, bitchy, stubborn, irritating, close minded….etc? Are you? Maybe not ALL THE TIME, but in some cases you are. These characteristics are not in the person that you see it in ALL THE TIME as well. It is only there at certain times. You will also notice that people show up in your reality around things that you judge. If you judge people who are too fanatic about their religion, you are sure to find them plenty in your reality.

They will always show up until you let go of the judgment and respect and love the people or situation. Like I always say – the Universe is only trying to get you to love yourself and to see love all around you. It will do whatever it takes to get you to do this. It will FORCE you to love. All prayer is answered, just never in the form that we want it in. What you see in another is in you. If you see success in another – that means that very success lies in you. You too have the ability to tap into this greatness that lies within you and live your best life. It would not be there if it wasn’t in you. Feels great knowing that you can be as successful as Bill Gates or Donald Trump!

Pay attention to happens and what you see when you are feeling terrible. Notice what you see when you have your heart broken? How many people around you have relationship issues? Notice what you see when you feeling down? How many people around you suddenly have more problems? Notice what you see when you feeling excited to be alive? How many people are smiling and friendly towards you?

You are that which you see…this is a magical law of the universe. I am certain this little message will help you understand your universe better.

I love you always, Hitesh

Don’t die with your music in you


I am inspired today to give you a message about how amazing you are and to remind that deep within you resonates a desire and a yearning to do something truly magical and amazing. This feeling inside, is to follow you heart. Do all you can to make your dreams a reality.

My motto is, I will make all of my dreams come true, or I will at least die trying.

Nothing is sadder than to spend your life wishing you could do things and never attempt to get them done. It recently occurred to be that while I am young at heart, and will always have the free spirit of a child and the energy of a happy dog set free – my physical body does not have forever on this planet.  When you are in your teens you think that you will live forever – as you hit your late 20’s you realize – where did all the time go? Wow! Has life gone by so fast? You start asking yourself questions that are quite life changing – like, Am I doing what I love? Am I enjoying my life? Am I living each day with celebration and joy?

For many people this is far from the case. Do you even realize that most people spend the majority of their lives stressing and worrying, working hard or just plain suffering only to retire “comfortably” at 65 and die 2 years later. We spend our entire lives working instead of living and in the end, we just never get to the real important stuff – Loving the people we have in our lives, following our hearts & taking the time to admire the beauty and wonder of our world – until it’s too late.

This is a loving reminder to you. I am asking you today – what song do you have to sing? The symphony is waiting for your cue. The world is waiting to hear your music. The curtain has risen, the lights on the on – microphone check!

Life passes us by to quick – so before you leave this world – share with all your music and touch the lives of the people, touch their hearts – because when you do what you love and simply love what you do – you unconsciously inspire others to do the same.  You want to change the world? You first.

Please do not die; with your music in you.


Your biggest fan,

Hitesh Surujbally

What if ? ? ?


The words “what if” have been used a lot from a negative or fear based perspective. For example: “what if this goes wrong? Or what if I fail? Or what if it does not work out?” I have had many people tell me to remove these 2 words from my vocabulary and at that time, I had thought that this was GREAT advice! However, some days later, I was contemplating this advice that I was given. I am not someone who just takes advice. I always listen first. If it sounds good, I implement it, but I also think about it much more.  If I had listened to everybody’s advice of the last 29 years, I would be really confused by now! No matter what you hear or read for that matter – keep an open mind and decide for yourself. That way, 2 things happen – 1. You make decisions by yourself and 2. You take responsibility for your life & therefore cannot be a victim of someone else’s bad advice if something happens to go wrong down the line.

There is no God without you, there is no you without God


Usually when I am asked to write an article or blog – I take some time to think about what message I want to share. However, when the publishers of this magazine approached me to write an article, I was very clear and certain about what I needed to write about.

The initial thought that came to mind was “There is no separation between you and God.”  I have studied all of the worlds prominent religions and all of the messiahs that came to earth, from Bhuddha, Jesus, Allah to Krishna; all said in some form or the other that not only are we all One, but we are also One with the Divine. 

One of the worlds greatest poets that ever lived, William Blake, once said

To See a World in a grain of Sand

And a Heaven in a Wild Flower,

Hold Infinity in the palm of your hand

And Eternity in an hour.”


What if I said to you that not only are you in the Universe, but the Universe is in you? What if I said to you that not only is the drop in the ocean, but the entire ocean exists in the drop.  From all the text I have researched and studied, there is no doubt in my heart that within you lies a force so great and powerful that you cannot imagine, perceive or understand it with the human mind.  There are no adjective words that we can use to describe what this is, inside each and every one of us.  Although there are 2 words that give you a small glimpse into what this is: Love & Truth.

You Are a Miracle


Imagine, it’s a rainy cold day. You family and friends are all together. All are weeping. “Why did he have to go?”

They each pay their last respects to the deceased in the coffin. Who is this person that they morn for?


Yesterday you passed away in hospital due to an illness. However, it does not matter how you died. It matters that you are dead. So, that is it then. It’s all over. Your days on earth are no more. Something tells me that you are not too happy. You are not ready to go right? I mean, there is so much for you have not done. What about that fight you just had with your best friend? You didn’t have a chance to apologise after storming off and not talking to her? What about your dreams? You just need one more year to make it all one. Perhaps just one more day to make amends for all the wrong you did.Alas.It is too late my dear friend. I will see you in heaven one day.

Now, stop imagining. WAKE UP. The power that be has given you a second and last chance. You are reborn!  CONGRATULATIONS!

How great do you feel knowing you are alive again? I keep saying again and again, that most people are afraid of dying; I think that you should be more afraid of not living.

Parenting: Taking a fresh look at an old issue


Parents claim to love their children. But quiet frankly do they? A parent is parent until a child is able to think and made sound decisions on their own. There comes a time when a parent loses that role and then the child becomes an adult. There is no parent to child relationship anymore but a person to person relationship.

Let’s start by defining what a parent is. A parent is someone who nurtures their child, instilling good values, beliefs, ethics and morals into them. As well as providing for the basic needs of the child, visa food, shelter, education, clothes and love.

Once this role of a parent is over, all that is needed to be given is love.

Parents sometimes give a little too much their desire to “love” or give becomes over excessive and this turns into spoiling. The parents’ want to prevent their child from getting into danger becomes over protectiveness and interferes with their need to explore the world.

This is more a case of being in control and becomes overbearing in the latter years of the child as they become independent. The parent wants to resume this role of being PARENT. So they continue to try to protect, control and force what they feel is right over the child. They want their child to always want their help.

“Whether you’re 8 or 80, I’m still your mother and I know what’s best for you!”

In reality there is only Love


An atom will only bond with another atom if they either have electrons to give or they need electrons to complete their electron shell making them complete. It is a give and take situation. The amount of energy and time needed to form a bond is less compared to the vast amount of energy and time required to break this bond once formed. 

Is the above a lecture on high school chemistry or is it out of a book on a guide to love?

In reality, what are human beings? We are whole, then we can be broken down to the various systems, the systems are made up of organs, the organs comprise of tissue, tissue is further broken down to cells, cells are made up of macro molecules, then you get micro molecules and then atoms. So, you and are merely atoms that are interacting with one another, forming and breaking bonds.

However we are much more than just atoms randomly interacting in some space and time dimension. Human beings are far more complex. They have the ability to feel various wonderful and disastrous emotions, they can cognate, philosophise and do this thing called thinking.

Actually, I don’t know the key to success


“I do not know the key to success, but I do know the key to failure, and that is trying to please everybody” Bill Cosby

What type of person are you? Are you the type that focus’s on pleasing yourself and others? Are you the type that pleases yourself only or are you the type that’s always trying to make others happy?

Let’s be frank. It is really a task trying to satisfy everyone with a decision you make or an opinion. Well you might think that you are right, they will think you are wrong.

What makes a right right? And a wrong a wrong?

Right and wrong are both philosophical polarities that have been interjected into our belief systems by our parents, the church, our peers and society.

Have you ever taken the time to think about how your actions may be right or wrong?

If I told you that if I could send you back into time to save all the victims from the tragedy of the Titanic would you do so?

“Well of course yes I would Hitesh. Why is that even a choice?”

So you go ahead and you save them all and this is what happens:

Your mother might have fallen in love with one of the survivors and married him instead of your father. You would not have been born.

One of the survivors on that ship went on to become a serial killer and a rapist.

Because of your heroism you became famous and of course with fame come wealth. You do wish to return back your present time and leave your wife and kids with no husband and father.

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